Best 5 Valorant Agents To Win Games With in Patch 8.02

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Best 5 Valorant Agents To Win Games With in Patch 8.02

Valorant Patch 8.03 arrived a few days ago, and it brought a lot of interesting changes. Here are some of the best agents to get right now.

The Valorant Patch 8.03 changed a lot of things about the game we all love.  Following the changes, we’ve learned that Chamber received several buffs and we also got changes to the eSports feature, as well as numerous bug fixes. This made Valorant even better than it was.

With that said, the new patch also means that there is a change in the balance of power between Agents. That’s why we’ve decided to show you 5 Valorant agents that you should pick if you want to win games in patch 8.02. We believe these options are better than the rest, so let’s dive in.


The Initiator role is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Valorant agents who can win games on their own. Sure, they are incredibly strong, but they usually need a team to shine. While this is also true for Fade, we believe she is among the best Valorant agents to win games with in Patch 8.02.

Fade is one of the best characters you can use if your team is just not good. She can punish enemies that don’t know how to position themselves. Also, her ultimate allows her to make really good solo plays that can be enough to win the round.

Another thing that people forget is that the hero is very underrated. Fade can do a lot of damage and 


When talking about the best Valorant agents to win games with in Patch 8.02, the first name we want to include here is Omen. He happens to be one of the best agents you can get in the current meta. His utility is incredibly important and makes a difference across all ranked brackets. However, since he is a controller, not that many people decide to use him.

We believe Omen is one of the best overall solo-carry Valorant agents you can get in Valorant Patch 8.03. The agent is great at pushing and rushing, but he is also incredibly strong if you decide to lurk. His teleport makes him unpredictable, so we highly recommend learning how to use this ability. Many people underestimate it, but it can do wonders when playing alone.

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Overall, Omen is among the best Valorant agents to win games with in patch 8.02. Besides being strong on his own, he can also work incredibly well in conjunction with his team because he has the needed utility.


Valorant Yoru

Yoru is most likely not the first option that comes to mind when talking about the best 5 Valorant agents to win games with in patch 8.02. However, if you are playing alone and you need someone to carry you and the team, this is definitely a solid pick.

Yoru has the ability to set up team fights, and he has the firepower to carry them. As long as you have a flash and a teleport, you can do all sorts of things. We have had many games where the agent creates space for the entire team and carries them, but the bad news is that this is easier said than done.

Yoru is probably one of the Valorant agents with the highest skill cap in the game, so you really need to know what you are doing to be successful. You will need to spend a lot of time to learn how to use him properly. Sure, some people play with him every now and then, but they can’t utilize what he has to offer.

There is a reason why some of the world’s best Valorant players focus on Yoru when playing. If you really want to win your games, we highly recommend learning how to master this agent.


Best 5 Valorant Agents To Win Games With in Patch 8.02

The third of the best Valorant agents to win games with in patch 8.02 probably doesn’t come as a surprise. As mentioned, Chamber was one of the agents in Valorant that received buffs. Following the newest update, his Hedhunter bullet now costs 100 credits instead of 150. Also, the fire rate of Tour de Force is now 0.9 instead of 0.7. Even though these two things may not seem as much, in reality, they make him a lot better.

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Chamber is excellent when it comes down to holding a given point, similar to other Sentinels. He can gather a lot of information, which allows you to repeek and land an easy kill. On top of that, Chamber is great against eco rounds. He is also an excellent option when you want to use the Operator because of his ultimate. 

The advantages he has due to his guns make him a very solid pick when you are ranking alone. Not many people focus on him, but we suggest giving him a try because he can definitely carry his team.


The last of the best Valorant agents to win games with in Patch 8.02 is Cypher. He is one of those agents that is incredibly strong in every meta, and this one is no exception. One of the big reasons for Cypther’s high win rate is his ability to punish people. He is great at those things and is one of the best picks for maps like Breeze and Sunset.

Another reason why the hero is great is because of his amazing lurking skills. He is as good as Chamber because his traps allow him to kill enemies and force others to play a lot more carefully.

Cypher is one of those heroes that people underestimate because he is not that flashy. Sure, he may not get as many kills as other agents, such as Duelists, but believe us when we say that he is among the best options you can have.


These are some of the best Valorant agents to win games with in Patch 8.02. Of course, you can also experiment with others, such as Jett, but our tests have shown that these are just better than others. Make sure you follow us for more information. 

Best 5 Valorant Agents To Win Games With in Patch 8.02
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