Valorant Patch 8.03 PBE: Chamber Buff, Esports Feature Update and Bug Fixes

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Valorant Patch 8.03 PBE: Chamber Buff, Esports Feature Update and Bug Fixes

Discover all the details about Valorant Patch 8.03 PBE, including the highly anticipated Chamber buff

From being the most overpowered agent in the history of Valorant to barely getting picked in ranked games, the journey of Valorant's 4th Sentinel Agent, Chamber, has been a rollercoaster.

Fans, especially the former Chamber mains, have been asking for a Chamber buff for a while now. With Valorant Patch 8.03(PBE) being revealed, their prayers have finally been answered, as a huge Chamber buff is getting tested for the game’s live version. For further details on the agent changes and other upcoming game updates, continue reading!

Valorant Patch 8.03 Agent Changes- Chamber Buff

In the aftermath of the 5.12 Patch that nerfed Chamber to the ground, the only significant buff he received was in Patch 6.11, where the range of Chamber’s Trademark(Trap) was increased. However, the current indications from the PBE Valorant Patch 8.03 suggest a far more substantial Chamber buff. Here's the information disclosed thus far.

  • The cost of Chamber’s Headhunter (Q) bullet will be decreased to 100 Credits (previously 150)
  • The fire rate of Tour De Force(Ultimate) will be increased to 0.9 (Previously 0.7)

Both changes are massive. The reduced bullet cost will now enable the players to purchase up to eight bullets on Pistol rounds or opt for six bullets along with the Trademark. It can prove highly advantageous in Ecos as well as Pistol rounds.

Regarding the Ultimate, it was once deemed Valorant's most overpowered utility. Prior to the nerf, it essentially was an Operator with the fire rate of a Marshal. With the planned 0.9 fire rate, it will reclaim its status as an overpowering Ultimate, particularly great in Eco Rounds, where it alone has the potential to sway a round in a team's favor decisively.

While not a complete reversal, these changes are poised to bring closer to the formidable pre-nerf state witnessed during the early days after his introduction.

Valorant Patch 8.03 – Esports Feature Update

  • Previews of the Capsule Bundle for every team have been added.
  • Users can now obtain the bundle and directly demonstrate support for their favorite team through Esports Hub.

Valorant has introduced a new Esports feature where the players can keep track of the VCT Leagues set to start for all four regions in the upcoming weeks. An additional update to the game's Esports hub involves each team receiving a personalized Capsule containing a Classic, Gun Buddy, Player Card, and Spray. These Capsules will be purchasable during the VCT season through the Esports tab, with 50% of the proceeds directed to the respective teams.

Valorant Patch 8.03 – Bug Fixes

As usual, a few bug fixes are also being tested. Those are as follows:

  • Addressed a problem in the Competitive game mode where the end-of-game summary incorrectly rounded up kills per round.
  • In the Premier section, there was a previous issue where Standings did not consistently default to your Division. This problem has now been addressed and resolved.

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Valorant Patch 8.03 PBE: Chamber Buff, Esports Feature Update and Bug Fixes
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