Valorant Ghost Guide – Here’s How To Win Your Pistol Rounds

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Valorant Ghost Guide – Here’s How To Win Your Pistol Rounds

After reading this Valorant Ghost guide, you will know how to win your pistol rounds and dominate with this gun.

Like in CS2, the pistol round in Valorant is really important, and it can set the tone for the next couple of rounds. Winning means you will have more resources for the next round, which will increase your lead even more. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are aware of what they need to do in this round, especially when using the Ghost.

One of Valorant’s most popular pistols offers a lot of utility and can be an excellent tool to deal with your enemies. However, you need to know what you are doing, which is where this Valorant Ghost guide comes into play. 

Valorant Ghost Guide – Overview

Before diving into details about the gun and how to use it properly, we need to address some important aspects of it. To make a long story short, you should know that the Ghost is a low-cost semi-automatic pistol with a large magazine. The gun also has a silencer, which means a lot of people consider it to be more accurate than other options. 

Ghost is a pistol that costs 500 creds, and it has medium wall penetration. Interestingly, it has a silencer, which means that tracers aren’t visible. This semi-automatic pistol also has the following stats:

  • 6.75 rounds/sec Fire Rate
  • 5.73m/sec Run Speed
  • 0.75s equipment speed (among the fastest guns in Valorant)
  • 1.5s reload speed
  • 15 magazine size and 45 reserve

In terms of the damage output, the Valorant Ghost guide shows that it deals 105 damage to the head, 30 to the boy, and 25 to the leg if you are within the 0-30m range. Once you go past that, the damage to the head goes down to 87, the body is 25, and the legs is 21.

This pistol may not seem as dangerous as the Sheriff, but you can do a lot of damage if you know what you are doing. Let’s learn a few things that you can do to maximize your effectiveness. 

Shooting too fast is not always working

Due to the fact that this is a pistol, a lot of Valorant players start shooting really fast when they get it. Some get lucky and hit random shots, but most have problems and are not as accurate as they could be. That’s one of the reasons why they need to control their recoil.

Players who start paying attention to the way they shoot while using the Ghost will become a lot more effective than the rest. That’s one of the reasons you can see a lot of people try to use the “tap fire” shooting style.

Long range shooting

Valorant Ghost Guide - Here's How To Win Your Pistol Rounds
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Among the things we need to discuss in this Valornat Ghost guide is the pistol’s long-range shooting style. A lot of people don’t think about the drawbacks of using this gun in such situations and try to win duels against the likes of a Sheriff or even a Vandal. Unless you are really good and lucky, winning this kind of duel is almost impossible because this is not one of the best pistols you can have for such a situation. Besides the damage falloff, the gun is just not that effective when you compare it to some of the other Valorant weapons. 


Learning how to manage your resources in Valorant is extremely important, no matter which role and gun you are using. Even though we’ve mentioned that the Ghost is pretty cheap for what it is, if you want to get it, you may need to make some compromises.
Usually, you have to choose whether you want to get this pistol and its ability and make it stronger or get some kind of utility. This decision is key, and it can make a huge difference when playing, so think carefully before you decide what to do. 

If you know that your opponents do not buy armor, it is probably better to focus on this pistol and try to make the most of it.  With that said, playing against armored units means that you should probably focus on the Sheriff. It is a lot more effective and deals substantially more damage, which is what makes a difference. 

The skins you can use

Another thing that we want to mention in this Valorant Ghost guide is the skins. Many people play the game because of them, and this pistol happens to have a few intriguing options. Some people don’t think that this gun has some of the best Valorant skins, but if you check things like the Reaver, you may disagree.

The Ghost  Sovereign is also a pretty good pick because it makes this pistol look way more classy than usual. It has a sleek and shiny design that will appeal to a lot of players.

With that said, the best Valorant Ghost skin you can get, in our opinion, is the Magepunk. It makes this gun stand out because it transforms everything about it. That’s probably one of the reasons why many streamers are using it.

Valorant Ghost Guide – Here’s How To Win Your Pistol Rounds
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