TSM Announces $25K USD Apex Legends Invitational Tournament

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TSM Announces $25K USD Apex Legends Invitational Tournament

TSM to kick-off Apex Legends Season 5 with an invite-only tournament consisting of popular pros and content creators.

Team SoloMid (TSM) has announced that they will be hosting a $25K USD Apex Legends tournament. The tournament will be invite-only and feature 20 teams. Each team will be led by a team captain and their roster consisting of pros, content creators, and of course, all of your favorite TSM members. Dubbed the 2020 TSM Invitational: Apex Legends, the tourney will kick off on Sunday, May 17, at 1 PM PT.

This news comes amid the global pandemic surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). EA and Respawn Entertainment have been forced to either postpone or cancel all planned LAN events. This crisis has been detrimental to Apex Legends in particular. In a game that has struggled to establish an esports scene, things were finally starting to turn around. These cancellations forced many teams such as Team Reciprocity to drop their players and exit the esport entirely.

TSM has had quite a presence in the Apex Legends community. Their dominance as a team has been unrivaled. Back in March, they became five-time champions. It’s amazing to see an organization such as TSM doing what they can to prop up the game during this unprecedented crisis.

The May 17 date is no coincidence. Apex Legends has seen tremendous hype surrounding the upcoming Season 5.  The launch trailer garnered over 8.4 million views in a mere five days’ time. Season 5 officially arrives on May 12. TSM is clearly looking to boost off the new season’s hype.

Look for more details on the TSM Invitational as the week progresses. This includes team rosters and the scoring format. Stay tuned to ESTNN and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Apex Legends news and updates.

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