Apex Legends Showcases New Upheaval Update

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Apex Legends Showcases New Upheaval Update

The new Apex Legends Upheaval update brings back the Solos game mode, introduces a new Legend and changes to the Outlands.

The next major Apex Legends update is bringing a new map, a beloved game mode and the battle royale's latest Legend: Alter. The full season primer was posted on the official EA website, which detailed all of the exciting changes in Season 21.

The game's about to change, so we're going through the biggest things to come in our Season 21 article below!

Apex Legends Upheaval Update

New Legend: Alter is Here

Alter is a dimension-hopping force of chaos who uses her Void tech to usher in an apocalypse in every realm she visits. Seeing an opportunity to start the biggest world-ending event of them all, Alter travelled to our dimension to see her wishes fulfilled.

Legends like Alter work together in trios to combine their unique combat abilities and win. That said, knowing everything about a character's toolkit is essential to getting that W. Here are all of Alter's abilities.

Apex Legends: Alter Abilities:

  • Gift From the Rift (Passive): Alter's passive lets her take items from nearby death boxes, except shield cores.
  • Void Passage (Tactical): Alter uses her Void tech to create gateways that can pass through ceilings and ledges. Players briefly become phased after exiting.
  • Void Nexus (Ultimate): Alter creates a nexus to which teammates can return and regroup.

Solos is Back!

Solos are finally coming back to Apex Legends! In the new Solos Takeover event, players can expect pre-kitted weapons, health regen, Second Chance mechanics and more once the beloved game mode returns for another two-month run.

Apex Legends's action-packed battle royale is normally played in trio 60-man map rotations. That said, ‘Mixtape' mode lets players experience new ways to play the game. One of these is Solos, which lets you play in an army of one.

Solos Takeover runs from May 7, 2024, to June 24, 2024. 

Apex Legends Showcases New Upheaval Update
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

New Apex Artifacts

The Cobalt Katar is getting more customization options in Apex Legends Season 21.

The Mythic item is set to receive a ton of new skins, particle effects, emotes and more, giving players 200 unique combinations with the Katar base. 


The purple “Nitride” variant is a new Season 21 design tier which unlocks once you acquire all five customizations. That said, all of these upgrade components can easily be collected by buying the Exotic Shards which are also in the Apex Battle Pass.

New Season 21 Map Changes

Lastly, Season 21 is changing the way Broken Moon looks, and adding new points of interest (or POI) in high-value areas. Here are some of the changes:

  • Quarantine Zone was condensed for tighter skirmishes.
  • Breaker Wharf is no longer secluded by tall ridges.
  • Space Port is now more boxed-in, and holds more loot.
  • Cliff Side is an improved site for rotating to/from Stasis Array.
  • Solar Pods gets new architecture to speed up firefights.
  • Underpass is now the safest drop spot.
  • Experimental Labs gets more buildings for more dynamic rooftop action.

New Map Rotations in Apex Legends Season 21:

  • Quarantine Zone > Hazmat Tunnel > Terraformer
  • Terraformer > New Anchor Point > Stasis
  • Cultivation > New Zipline Cave > Cultivation & Terraformer
  • Quarantine Zone > Covered Bridge > Underpass
  • Space Port > Added Space > Perpetual Core
  • Perpetual Core > Checkpoint > Quarantine zone
Apex Legends Showcases New Upheaval Update
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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