Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

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Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

Apex Legends is no stranger to creating amazing skins. The Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event has brought forward multiple amazing skins that we’ll be ranking.

The Urban Assault Collection Event not only brings new gameplay elements for Apex Legends but also amazing skins for our Legends. Every skin that has come out in this event is top tier and we will be ranking all of them here. We will not be adding this collection event’s Prestige skin.

Ranking All the Legend Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

We’ve included all ten Legends skins that are available in this Collection Event. The Epic skins can be bought from the Urban Assault Event store for 1K Apex coins or 800 Crafting Materials while the Legendary skins are going for 1.8K Apex Coins or 2.4K Crafting Materials.

10. Seer Modern Flare

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

While we praised the overall quality of the skins featured in the Urban Assault Event, it's hard to ignore the lackluster nature of the Epic Seer skin. Unlike its counterparts, this particular skin fails to deliver anything remarkable or innovative. Its design feels uninspired and fails to capture the essence of the streetwear theme that the Urban Assault Event aims to embody.

Its lack of distinctiveness makes it a disappointment for players who were expecting something fresh and exciting from this event. In a lineup of top-notch skins, the Epic Seer skin falls short, failing to offer any new features or visual elements that would make it memorable or desirable. Overall, it's a missed opportunity to elevate the Urban Assault Event with a standout skin that truly embodies the theme and captures players' imaginations.

9. Horizon Sunset Racer

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

While the Horizon Sunset Racer may share similarities with Seer's skin in terms of its overall impact, it manages to elevate itself slightly with a few notable features. Despite not deviating significantly from the typical Epic skin formula, it succeeds in capturing attention through its clever use of color contrast. The vibrant orange against the sleek black creates a striking visual effect that draws the eye.

Additionally, the incorporation of Japanese texts along the sides adds an extra layer of interest and cultural flair to the design. While it may not completely break the mold, the Horizon Sunset Racer demonstrates a commendable effort to inject some uniqueness and character into its design within the constraints of the Epic skin category.

8. Catalyst Skin Pastel Sync

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

Catalyst's Epic skin exemplifies successful execution within the Epic skin category. While retaining her base skin model, the skin introduces refreshing changes to her attire. Adopting a pastel pink palette, it seamlessly integrates with Catalyst's character, lending a soft yet vibrant touch to her appearance. A notable alteration includes replacing her central black leather-like shirt with a fishnet-like fabric, which effectively contrasts against the predominant pink hue.

Furthermore, the addition of pastel blue highlights, particularly on her ferro fluid tubes, infuses the skin with a captivating girl-pop aesthetic. These blue accents are thoughtfully integrated throughout the skin, ensuring consistency and enhancing its overall visual impact. In essence, Catalyst's Epic skin stands out among her other Epic variants, thanks to its harmonious blend of color, texture, and thematic elements.

7. Vantage Suburban Ranger

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

Vantage's Suburban Ranger is the first Legendary skin under discussion, and it sets an impressive standard. This skin stands out with its distinctive design elements. Resonating with a Power Ranger gone streetwear aesthetic, Vantage dons a striking mask that immediately captures attention and evokes nostalgia. The cropped jacket she wears is adorned with a captivating techno blue and neon green pattern, infusing the ensemble with a futuristic vibe.

Complementing this is a black skirt with white highlights, intricately embellished with blue techno patterns, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures. The meticulous attention to detail, from the mask to the intricate patterns, underscores the craftsmanship evident in this skin. Vantage's Suburban Ranger truly exemplifies the quality and creativity synonymous with Legendary skins, establishing itself as a standout addition to the game.

6. Newcastle Techware Tough

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

Newcastle's Legendary skin, Techware Tough, epitomizes its name with a portrayal of the character as a technologically enhanced policeman. Breaking away from the convention of masks, Newcastle adorns a sleek cyberwear visor, adding a futuristic edge to his appearance. The skin showcases a teched-out bulletproof jacket, emphasizing his role as a formidable figure in the game. As a nod to the collection's theme, Japanese text adorns his thigh, serving as a vibrant contrast to the dominant blue and black hues of the skin. Overall, Techware Tough not only embodies the toughness of its namesake but also integrates seamlessly into the futuristic streetwear aesthetic of the collection.

5. Rampart Acid Hype

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

Rampart's outfit proudly displays her British heritage, incorporating iconic elements of British streetwear. Her handkerchief-like mask, reminiscent of traditional British fashion, adds a unique touch to her appearance. Layered cropped jackets enhance her ensemble, with a vibrant neon yellow outer layer complemented by a yellow ochre inner jacket adorned with white patterns that echo the mask's design.

The coordination extends to her bucket hat, seamlessly tying the look together. Completing the outfit, her baggy black pants feature neon yellow highlights, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic throughout. Rampart's attire not only celebrates her cultural background but also showcases a stylish fusion of tradition and modernity, making her a standout character in the game.

4. Loba Rooftop Runway

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

The Loba Legendary Loba skin, Rooftop is a spectacular addition to Loba's character model, featuring a brand-new hairstyle that has not been seen before. Loba is canonically a model and thief. The skin’s name and overall design highlight the aesthetic greatly. From the cropped leather jacket to the red mask, everything on this skin makes it stand out from the rest.

The skin also comes with a set of impressive features that add to its appeal. One of the most notable changes is the addition of gun holsters on Loba's thighs, which is a unique and visually striking addition. Additionally, the skin includes a first-person model with eye-catching red gloves that make Loba's character model stand out even more.

3. Valkyrie Downdraft Demon

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

Valkyries’ Downdraft Demon is a Legendary Skin that blends her Japanese heritage with modern streetwear. Valkyrie is seen sporting a unique streetwear fit that blends traditional Samurai aesthetics with modern-day fashion. Although all the Legends in this collection Urban Assault Event wear masks, Valkyrie stands out with her Oni mask which not only adds an element of mystery but also showcases her Japanese heritage.

Moreover, she has a headband that sets her apart from the other Legends and reminds us of the Samurais. The attention to detail in Valkyrie's outfit is remarkable and truly represents her fearless and bold personality.

2. Revenant Painted Death

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

Revenant emerges with the standout Epic skin of the Urban Assault Event, arguably surpassing even some Legendary counterparts in quality. Despite its Epic tier classification, the skin delivers a remarkable level of detail and innovation. Revenant's body features a striking spray-painted graffiti pattern that adds dynamism and flair, a hallmark of Epic skin design. What truly elevates the skin, however, is the introduction of a new face model.

Departing from his usual faceplate, Revenant now sports a demonic visage that exudes both menace and allure, enhancing his overall aesthetic. This transformation not only captures attention but also adds depth to the character, making him more captivating and memorable in the game. With its combination of intricate design elements and bold changes, Revenant's Epic skin stands as a testament to the potential of the Epic tier to rival even Legendary offerings.

1. Wraith Street Smart

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event

The standout skin in the game undoubtedly belongs to Wraith, with her Legendary Street Smart Skin setting an exceptionally high standard. This skin stands out as a masterpiece, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with a ninja-inspired theme. Wraith's portrayal as a modern-day ninja is nothing short of breathtaking, as the skin expertly captures her dynamic and agile essence. The vibrant red cropped jacket and stylish baseball hat not only reflect Wraith's sporty demeanor but also exude confidence and flair.

What truly sets this skin apart is the meticulous attention to detail, particularly with the inclusion of two sleek blades on Wraith's back. These blades not only enhance her ninja persona but also serve as a striking visual element, adding an extra layer of depth and intrigue to the skin.

Ranking All the Skins in Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event
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