More Apex Legends Global Series Events Altered due to COVID-19

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More Apex Legends Global Series Events Altered due to COVID-19

The Apex Legends Global Series continues to be affected by COVID-19.

Electronic Arts have altered more of their Apex Legends Global Series events. Last week, they officially postponed the Major One, which was due to take place last weekend. Now, the GLL Paris event is also postponed with the potential for other LANS to follow suit.

Apex Legend’s Global Series has taken a significant beating in their first year of esports. The next event planned after the Major one is the GLL Paris event, scheduled for April. Yet France’s heightening threat of COVID-19 forces the country into lockdown. So, the GLL Paris LAN has no choice but to postpone it.

With this cancellation, the Apex Legend Online Tournament Two will once again change. The event will still run as planned. Although, it will no longer provide seeding to the GLL Paris event. Instead, the event will provide ALGS circuit points. ALGS circuit points provide entrance to the reserved major slots. Online Tournament Two will run from March 21st to 23rd, with signups still available. But hurry, they close two days before the event begins.

The Online Tournament Three sign-ups will still go ahead as planned on March 24th. This will lead to the Online Tournament on April 4th to 6th. This tournament will provide invited the PGL Bucharest Apex Legends Premier event. There is currently no delay in this event, although, EA will still track the situation. If this event goes ahead then EA will begin rescheduling the canceled PGL and Major One events.

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It seems unlikely that the PGL Premier event will run. Other esports have already canceled their esports events in May. Rainbow Six Siege's Pro League Finals in May is the most recent example. Although the biggest scalp of all the May events is League of Legends’ MSI. It appears there is still no end for esports event cancellations. COVID-19 continues to affect the Apex Legends calendar. There is no reason to suspect that the PGL Bucharest event will go ahead.

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