Apex Legends Major One Postponed due to COVID-19

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Apex Legends Major One Postponed due to COVID-19

EA announces the postponing of the Apex Legends Global Series Major One due to COVID-19 concerns.

Electronic Arts (EA) and Respawn Entertainment has announced that they will delay the Apex Legends Global Series Major One due to the spread of COVID-19 / coronavirus. The publisher joins countless other major events and esports organizers on March 6th by canceling their big events.

The Apex Legends Major One was due to play from March 13 – 15 but will be postponed to a later unannounced date. The publisher cites that the general health of the public, staff and players are at the front of this decision. This would have been Apex Legend’s first official major on the new esports calendar format. This is a major disappointment, but an understandable response due to the spread of COVID-19.

However, the Apex Legends Online Tournament Two will still go ahead on March 21 – 23. The event is an online open-access tournament, designed to qualify teams to the GLL Apex Legends LAN event later in the year. The event was previously postponed due to EA and Respawn changing the rules for the Online Tournament Two.

Other Cancelations

EA joins Psyonix who canceled their Rocket League event in Texas just yesterday. Also, publishers and other companies like Riot Games, Twitch and FLASHPOINT and more all canceled or altered their events across North America and Europe on March 6th.

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EA has also made changes to other esports titles in its portfolio. CONMEBOL eLibertadores Online & Live Event is postponed, which was due to start tomorrow. FUT Champions Cup Stage V and PlayStation Licensed Qualifying Event have been canceled outright.

However, the biggest issue for Apex Legends is that the event was only partially funded by EA. The top 20 teams got their flights and accommodation paid for by EA. The other 80 teams attending the event are all self-funded.

The biggest issue is that some organization-less teams had to self-fund their attendance to the event. Furthermore, bigger orgs like REC have already paid for boot camps for this week. With the event postponed, these teams will currently have to pay for their trip once again.

This a disaster for Apex Legends esports. CLG’s Jack “NiceWigg” Martin went on his stream to say that his manager only found out the event was canceled on March 5th. This postponing causes a number of financial issues for teams and may cause a decline in the esports scene as a consequence.

Keep your eyes peeled for another announcement on the Apex Legends Tournament One schedule.

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