Apex Legends: TSM Wins NA’s Online Tournament 2, Becomes Five-Time Champions

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Apex Legends: TSM Wins NA’s Online Tournament 2, Becomes Five-Time Champions

TSM is now a five-time champion after their victory in North America’s Online Tournament Two.

Over the weekend, TSM has managed to become a five-time champion in Apex Legends. TSM conquered the North American Online Tournament 2, earning themselves yet another trophy and reconfirming their dominance over the title.

The Online Tournament Two featured hundreds of teams throughout the world, each competing in their distinct region. Up for grabs was ALGS circuit points, which later had prize pool added for the top ten of each region.

It was in the North American Tournament that TSM emerged victoriously. Throughout the finals, it was clear that TSM was a mile ahead of their competition. They successfully claimed the first-place spot in three rounds and constantly contested the most kills in nearly every round. They even managed to claim the most kills in a round throughout the NA Finals. TSM was straight up on another level this final. TSM finished the tournament 19 points ahead of the second-place NA team.

This marks TSM’s fifth final victory since the Apex Legend’s release. So far TSM has won both Apex Legends Online Tournament 1 and 2 in NA. TSM also won the GLL December Series, the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational and the EXP series Minneapolis. Their domination has been on-going since August 2019. There seems to be no stopping TSM now.

Hopefully, the Apex Legends Major One can be rescheduled soon. The dominance TSM had right now is on point. The next Major will no doubt send a message to the international community that they are on top. Not too mention that a Major victory is what they deserve.

Over in the other major regions, no team can hold on to the top for long. Alliance became the Online Tournament Two winner in Europe. Although, they don’t seem too consistent Alliance finished 38th in Online Tournament 1. Whereas the previous EU winner isn’t a team anymore. This puts in to place just how consistent TSM is in a world where other teams can slip and slide in different positions.

With that in mind, TSM’s dominance over the title cannot be understated. They are the best team in the world, and there are no signs of that slipping anytime soon.

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