Three Best Ninja Defuses in Pro CS:GO Matches

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Three Best Ninja Defuses in Pro CS:GO Matches

Here is a list of Three Sensational Ninja Defuses by pro players in CS:GO history.

CS:GO is filled with unbelievable plays and epic moments by professional players on the biggest stages. These moments shaped generations of players for the future and have defined the game's history throughout time. Some of these have been stated as timeless and get the blood pumping for players even today. Moments like this have enriched the esport for ages to come and will be adored by fans as time goes on.

One such play that always gets the viewers and players excited to see is a Ninja Defuse. This is essentially when a CT player defuses the bomb sneakily right under the noses of the T players while they are absent-minded. These plays can not only rile the fans and pick up the momentum of the players but also affect the game as a bomb defusal can result in significant economic advantages in the game. It is easily one of the most epic ways to clutch a round when no one is expecting a win. So it easily be seen how this high-risk-high-reward play has grown close to the hearts of Counter-Strike fans.

So we have compiled a list of three such Ninja Defuse plays that have been etched in history as some of the most hype moments in CS:GO pro-play.

Three Incredible Ninja Defuse Clutches in CS:GO

Professional CS:GO has its fair share of such Ninja Defusals. Some of these plays have been engraved in the history of CS and are cherished by fans to this very day. No have been able to surpass the amount of bragging rights given to someone who can pull off something like this, especially in the biggest tournaments against the highest level players.

So let's take a look at three of these plays that we believe are some of the best in the category given below:

Olofmeister Burning Ninja Defuse

This can easily be recognized as one of the most heroic moments in professional CS:GO. Back in 2014, Fnatic took on Team Dignitas in ESL One Cologne in a best-of-3 series on Overpass. After Fnatic took the first map 16-11 with a strong finish, Dignitas looked to mount their comeback in the second with a monumental 4-11 first half on the CT side.

Three Best Ninja Defuses in Pro CS:GO Matches

Credits: Liquipedia

With momentum down low, Fnatic fought tooth and nail to bring back the score and win the series. They were able to take it to a 14-14 scoreline. When the stakes were high, on the 25th round of the game when Dignitas were looking to take the lead and the momentum, CS veteran Olofmeister pulled off one of the most exciting Ninja Defuses in the game's history

After Dignitas planted the bomb in the A-Site and used utility to deny its defuse with a well-placed Molotov, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson decided to stick the defuse while being burned by the flames. As the timer was ticking down to zero, he was approaching closer and closer to death. Just as soon as the bomb got defused in the nick of time, Olofmiester burned to death but won the round for his team. The extraordinary moment brought back life to Fnatic and led them to a map win and a 2-0 series win on Overpass. The moment is forever kept alive in the game with Valve placing a graffiti on the bomb site showing respect for this play.

Three Best Ninja Defuses in Pro CS:GO Matches


Dupreeh Hiding Behind the Silo in Nuke

Another moment that is considered a classic in the history of CS:GO. Many claim this was one of the first ninja defuse moments in professional CS. Back during the Fragbite Masters in 2014, Team Dignitas faced off against LDLC in a best-of-3 series. With the first map being on Nuke, both teams looked to set a tone and assert themselves in a dominant position early on. The side of LDLC took off their first half in a commanding fashing with a 13-2 scoreline as they swapped to the T side.

Three Best Ninja Defuses in Pro CS:GO Matches

Credits: Liquipedia

Despite losing out on so many rounds in the first half, the players of Team Dignitas did not falter. They mounted a comeback and brought the score to 14-8. That's when the magical moment occurred. With LDLC winning the previous round, the economy for Dignitas was very flimsy. Knowing their advantage, LDLC charged for a rush to the B-Site to get the bomb down, the players of Dignitas couldn't do much to hinder the plan, so they decided to place their bets on a trump card, Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann.

The future 5-time major winner was tucked behind the silo of the B-Site and as the bomb plant went down, in the cover of a smoke dupreeh jumped in immediately after and started to stick the defuse. The LDLC players realized too late that the bomb was being defused. Despite trying to spam the smoke, they were unsuccessful, giving the round to Dignitas.

The round was enough to rally the CT side against their opponents and continue their ambitious comeback. In the end not only were they able to take the map of Nuke 16-14 with an impressive showing but they won the whole series 2-1. Slowly throughout the years, dupreeh found his footing at Astralis where he went on to win a total of 4 majors of which 3 were back-to-back.

Happy Goes For a Ninja Defuse Next to ChrisJ

This one is by one of the most legendary professional players to touch the game of CS. Vincent “Happy” Cervoni has been playing the game since 2007 and has achieved some amazing titles during this time. He has also displayed his potential many times through heroic plays as well. But this Ninja Defuse on Train during the IEM Oakland EU Closed Qualifiers in 2017 has to be one of the best.

Three Best Ninja Defuses in Pro CS:GO Matches

Credits: Liquipedia

Happy was on EnVyUs Esports and was playing against mousesports in a best-of-3 series. After winning the first map in Inferno with a 16-7 dominating scoreline, their opponents at MOUZ decided to pick themselves up for a comeback win to take it to the third map. With an 11-3 scoreline in their favor, EnVyUs had to pick up the pace in the next half to keep their opponents from winning. They showed great resilience as they were able to bring it back to a 14-10.

But with MOUZ getting the spike down in the 25th round, it looked like they were going to take it to match point. But Happy decided to go for a sneaky play, as he hid in the smoke. As soon as the bomb went down at the hands of ChrisJ, Happy stuck the defuse. The timing was so perfect that ChrisJ, who was standing right next to Happy, had no idea that there was someone in the smoke defusing the bomb. They were made aware of the incident when Happy finished defusing the bomb and the round was won by EnVy.

This boosted the morale of the team as they charged on to win the second map on Train by 16-14. This also gave them a 2-0 series win against the likes of ropz and ChrisJ.

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Three Best Ninja Defuses in Pro CS:GO Matches
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