CSGO Map Guides Dust 2, Train and Mirage

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CSGO Map Guides Dust 2, Train and Mirage

CSGO is the world’s most popular shooter in eSports, and there is a reason for it. The game has been around for several years now, and it is the latest version of Counter-Strike, one of the most famous game titles in the world.

Similar to the previous versions of this franchise, CSGO has numerous maps that players can choose from. Some of them are only used for fun, whereas others are played in different events, as well as in matchmaking. Needless to say, most of you are probably interested in the latter, which is why we’ve decided to create this map guide.


Once you read everything here, you will know some information about the most popular CSGO maps. Make sure to put them to the test because you need to learn everything about them to be successful.


CSGO Train guide

The first map we’d like to mention in this guide is controversial because some people do not like it all. Nevertheless, Train was very popular in CS 1.6, and it has tons of fans in CSGO, even though the map is not always a part of big tournaments.

One thing that makes Train a popular option for many CSGO players is its AWP-friendliness. The map has long sightlines, which means that Ts and CTs who know how to use the “green weapon” can utilize it to its full potential.

Speaking of both sides, this is one of the Train’s biggest weaknesses. Although Valve tried to make it as balanced as possible, the map is definitely better for the CT side. In fact, this is probably the most CT- favored popular CSGO map ever. The two bomb sites are fairly close to each other, which means CTs can rotate easily.

If we take a look at B, for example, the Ts can go there via two small doors. Needless to say, all CTs need to do is throw two Molotovs, which will be more than enough to keep them out of play. There are loads of other examples of why the map is CT- favorited. Every chokepoint can be fatal for the Ts, so they need to know what they’re doing.

CSGO Mirage guide

Mirage is one of the world’s most popular CSGO maps, and for a good reason. According to some professional players, this is the most balanced map and something that requires skills to be effective. Nevertheless, a recent controversy started by HObbit indicated that some players want this map out from the pool. 

Unlike Train, which is a heavily one-sided map, Mirage has a classic overview that includes an open mid and four other main areas. The map is so good that Valve barely made any changes in CSGO. In other words, this map looks a lot like the one found in CS’s previous versions.

Both bombsites are important, but what really matters on Mirage is controlling mid. This allows the given team to be more flexible and rotate their players when needed without taking any unnecessary risks.

Interestingly, Mirage is a better map for CT AWP players because they can peek window or use the connect quicker than their opponents. That’s one of the reasons why some T teams on rarely decide to rush mid once they know their opponent has an AWP.

Speaking of the Terorrirsts, we must mention that getting a hold of the A site is usually not easy. Players can go there via Ramp or Palace, but both places are dangerous because they can be defended from multiple angles. The good thing about this bombsite is that if the Ts managed to get control of it, CTs would have a lot of problems bouncing back.

CSGO Dust 2 guide

After including two popular CSGO maps, it is finally time to address the elephant in the room and talk about Dust 2. This is undoubtedly the most popular map in Counter-Strike and one of the reasons why so many people started playing the game. The map still has tons of fans that play CS 1.6, but the same applies to CSGO.

When talking about Dust 2, we have to mention the iconic mid area where AWPers had the chance to test their skills. Unfortunately, the map changes no longer allow this to happen as easily as before, but it is still something that should be noted.

While we are talking about Dust 2, one of the important parts to keep in mind is that this map favors Ts. Valve made some improvements to make it more balanced, but it seems like Ts usually have the lead. In fact, many people think it is the most T-sided map in the competitive pool.

Everyone is familiar with Dust 2’s bomb sites. The A-site is more extensive and a lot more difficult to control because Ts can use their Flashbangs when entering. Of course, CTs can use Molotovs and Grenades, but most players who know what they’re doing on the T side should be able to get a hold on this side.

As for the B-site, it is safe to say that this is probably the most famous place out of any CSGO map ever. T players can do different things if they decide to take control of the bombsite, but most prefer to rush. Doing this is always risky because a CT player can easily get an ace. However, it can also be gratifying, especially if Ts get lucky and land a few quick headshots.

Final thoughts

This guide’s idea was to give you a quick overview of some of the popular maps that you can find once you start playing CSGO. Keep in mind that Valve tries to improve the things it offers, so it may include several map changes in the future.

CSGO Map Guides Dust 2, Train and Mirage
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