BLAST Premier Grand Final Format Revealed

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BLAST Premier Grand Final Format Revealed

It has been confirmed that the BLAST Premier grand final format will be the same for all tournaments arranged by the organization in 2024

Best of five will be the go-to BLAST Premier grand final format in 2024. That means, all three BLAST Premier LAN events we are about to see this year will decide their victors via bo5 battles. 

The Counter-Strike community has enthusiastically embraced the announcement. Calls for major tournaments to end with best-of-five matchups have been growing, particularly after the debut of Counter-Strike 2 and its implementation of MR12, which altered match durations.

Which Will Be the First BO5 BLAST Premier Grand Final?

The BLAST Premier Spring Finals is the first BLAST Premier event on the calendar this year, which will take place from June 12 to June 16. The OVO Arena Wembley, therefore, will host the first bo5 BLAST Premier grand final on June 16. 

BLAST Premier Grand Final Format Revealed

Credit: BLAST Premier

BLAST joins the ranks of ESL in adopting a best-of-five format for its grand finals!  This mirrors ESL's approach with their premier tournaments, IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne.  However, unlike ESL which utilizes a best-of-three format for smaller events like IEM Chengdu and ESL Challenger stops, BLAST appears to be extending the best-of-five format throughout its entire circuit.

Is It Only a 2024 Change?

The future of best-of-five BLAST Premier grand finals beyond 2024 remains to be seen. While details haven't been confirmed, the excitement surrounding this format suggests it might become a permanent fixture.  In the meantime, BLAST has already unveiled a packed schedule for next year, featuring six events spanning a significant 70 days on the calendar.

BLAST Premier Grand Final Format Revealed
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