ESL Pro League S19 – Teams, Dates, Prize Pool & More

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ESL Pro League S19 – Teams, Dates, Prize Pool & More

Here is all you need to know before going into ESL Pro League S19 like teams, dates and the prize pool

Buckle up as Counter-Strike is going back to Malta for Season 19 of ESL Pro League. After very successful events like the first major in CS2, PGL Copenhagen and IEM Chengdu, EPL S19 is set to begin inside InterContinental Malta in Saint Julian’s. With 32 entering to compete in a heated tournament for the massive prize pool on the line, we expect the next 3 weeks to be filled with intense Counter-Strike by some of the best players in the game.

So let’s take a deeper dive and learn all the details of ESL Pro League S19 before the event starts. This article will cover all the details related to the tournament such as the participating teams, the prize pool and the format of the whole event.

ESL Pro League S19 – Overview and Format

EPL S19 will feature 32 teams initially divided into four groups in the group stage. The group stage will have a total of 64 bo3’s which will give us 4 qualifying teams from each group. The 16 qualified teams will compete against each other in the playoffs. Each group will have three brackets, an Upper, a Middle and a Lower bracket. Losing in the Upper bracket will demote you to the Mid bracket and losing there will send you to the Lower bracket. Losing in the Lower bracket means you’re eliminated from the event.

ESL Pro League S19 - Teams, Dates, Prize Pool & More

Credit: ESL

The two teams who reach the Upper-bracket finals will qualify for the playoffs. Alongside them, the two teams that win the Mid and Lower brackets will also qualify. Now the playoff seeding for each team is based on the group-stage standings of the qualifying teams. The seeding is explained below in detail:

  • Upper Bracket Finals Winner seeded in Playoffs Quarterfinals
  • Upper Bracket Finals Loser seeded in Playoffs Round of 12
  • Mid Bracket Winner seeded in Playoffs Round of 16 High Seeds
  • Lower Bracket Winner seeded in Playoffs Round of 16 Low Seeds

This means that the Upper Bracket Finals Winners will have a massive advantage as they can directly play from the Quarterfinals and qualify for the Grand Finals by playing only two matches. Teams seeded in the Round of 12 will play the winners of the Round of 16, who are comprised of Mid Bracket and Lower Bracket winners seeded as high and low seeds respectively. The winners from the Round of 16 will go on to play against the teams who qualified as Upper Bracket Finals Winners in the Quarterfinals. So the higher seed you have in the qualifying positions of the Group Stage, the easier time you will have in the Playoffs.

Speaking of the Playoffs, all matches will be bo3’s with an exception for the Grand Finals which will be a bo5. The Playoffs will also be Single Elimination meaning if you lose one series you’re eliminated. This will continue until there remains one team that will take home the first-place prize and an invite to the next IEM Cologne alongside FaZe Clan and Team Spirit.

ESL Pro League S19 – All Participating Teams

The event will have 32 teams going in and initially divided into four groups of eight. These include qualifiers from six regions across the world, top teams based on ESL ratings and partnered organizations. Here is a list of all the teams in each group:

Group A

The teams sorted into Group A are given below:

  • FaZe Clan – Permanent Partner
  • Imperial Esports – South American Qualifier
  • Eternal Fire – ESL World Ranking (01/08) 
  • Astralis – Permanent Partner
  • – ESL Challenger Atlanta
  • Fnatic – Permanent Partner
  • 3DMAX – ECL S46 Europe

Group B

The teams sorted into Group B are given below:

  • Team Vitality – Permanent Partner
  • Sharks Esports – South American Qualifier
  • BetBoom Team – ESL World Ranking (01/08) 
  • M80 – ECL S46 North America
  • Team Falcons – ESL World Ranking (01/08) 
  • The MongolZ – ECL S46 Asia-Pacific
  • TYLOO – ECL S46 Asia-Pacific
  • G2 Esports – Permanent Partner

ESL Pro League S19 - Teams, Dates, Prize Pool & More

Credit: ESL

Group C

The teams sorted into Group C are given below:

  • MOUZ – Permanent Partner
  • Bad News Kangaroos – Oceanic Qualifier
  • GamerLegion – ESL World Ranking (01/08) 
  • ENCE – Permanent Partner
  • Furia Esports – Permanent Partner
  • Team Liquid – Permanent Partner
  • FORZE Esports – ECL S46 Europe
  • Monte – ESL Challenger Jonköping

Group D

The teams sorted into Group D are given below:

  • Complexity – Permanent Partner
  • Pera Esports – European Conference
  • HEROIC– Permanent Partner
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas– Permanent Partner
  • BIG – Permanent Partner
  • BOSS – ECL S46 America
  • FlyQuest – ANZ Champs
  • Natis Vincere – Permanent Partner

ESL Pro League S19 - Teams, Dates, Prize Pool & More

Credit: ESL

ESL Pro League S19 – Prize Pool

EPL S19 will have a total prize pool of $750,000 which will be divided among the 32 participating teams based on their placement. The individual prizes for each positioning are given below:

  • 1st Place – IEM Cologne 2024 Slot – 2,000 BLAST Premier Points – $170,000
  • 2nd Place – 1,400 BLAST Premier Points -$80,000
  • 3rd-4th Place – 750 BLAST Premier Points – $45,000
  • 5th-8th – 275 BLAST Premier Points – $32,000
  • 9th-12th – $23,500
  • 13th-16th – $17,500
  • 17th-20th – $12,000
  • 21st-28th – $7,000
  • 29th-32nd – $3,500

ESL Pro League S19 - Teams, Dates, Prize Pool & More

Credit: ESL

ESL Pro League S19 – Dates & Schedule

The Group stages are set to begin on April 23 and finally end on April 28. That means 64 best-of-three’s in 6 days. The Playoffs are set to start on May 7 and end with the Grand Finals on May 12. This means the event will go on for a total of three weeks with a nine-day break in between stages.

ESL Pro League S19 – Where To Watch

The event will be available for viewers to watch across multiple sites and platforms around the world. Here are a few ways you can watch ESL Pro League S19:

  • Twitch – ESLCS, ESLCSb, 1PVCS
  • Youtube – ESL Counter-Strike, MCN Esports
  • Pro ESL Gaming Website

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ESL Pro League S19 – Teams, Dates, Prize Pool & More
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