Ugliest CS2 Skins You Have Access To

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Ugliest CS2 Skins You Have Access To

If you are not familiar with the ugliest CS2 skins what you can get, this article will help you. Here is what you should know.

A while ago, we showed you the best CS2 skins in 2024 that you can get right now. This list will most likely change in the future, but there is no arguing that the skins there are worth it.

Sadly, not all CS2 skins are that good because some just do not look great. Calling them ugly might be too much for some people, but the options you are about to see are just not looking good. Join us as we unveil some of the ugliest CS2 skins you have access to and why you should avoid getting them.

Contrast Spray for Famas

Let’s face it, Famas is one of those CS2 weapons that does not look that good. There are a few skins that make it more appealing, but the Contrast Spray is definitely not one of them. 

This skin adds a camo spray all over the gun that some of you may like, but we believe it looks worse than the default option.

What made this CS2 skin even worse is the arrival of the new Source 2 engine. Instead of improving it, the skin started looking even more dull. This, combined with the fact that you may have to pay more than $2 to get it, makes this skin not worth it.

Those interested in learning more should know that it became available after the Office collection in 20213.

Death By Kitty P90

Ugiest CS2 Skins You Have Access To
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Death By Kitty for P90 is one of those CS2 skins that some will love, whereas others will hate. This is not ordinary skin by any means because it includes tons of different colors and sketches. Many people will like the choice of colors and flashiness, but others will consider it too much.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means that some of you may find this option attractive. If you are like us, however, you won’t be a fan of this CS2 skin, especially when you learn that it costs around $40.

In case you do not know, this weapon became available following the eSports 2013 Case, so it’s 11 years old at this point.

Bone Mask for P250

Even though pistols in CS2 often have some of the best skins in the game, this isn’t true if you take a look at the Bone Mask for P90. This skin looks very similar to the Constast Spray for Famas. This means itis boring, and many people may find it even more boring than the default option.

The paint job that went behind this skin makes it look weird. Despite being somewhat popular before, today, most people use this skin to trade it for something else.

This skin started at around $1 in price, and it became available in 2013.

Copperhead for AUG

Ugiest CS2 Skins You Have Access To
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The AUG in CS2 has a lot of interesting skin, some of which are also really expensive. However, there is one option in particular called the Copperhead, and it is often regarded as one of the ugliest CS2 skins you can get for this weapon.

Available from the Dust Collection from a few years ago, a lot of people find this skin boring. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that this is among the CS2 skins that can cost north of $110, making it one of the most expensive options in the game. People who get this skin and want to trade it for something else can expect to find interesting alternatives.

Freehand Shadow Daggers

The Shadow Daggers must be among the most recognizable cosmetic items in CS2 and CS:GO. These daggers change the way a player uses his knife and make it al ot more interesting.

Nowadays, users can find many different variations of these Shadow Daggers, and each one is interesting. However, the Freehand option has to be one of the worst CS2 skins you can get, considering the price and how it looks.

This skin’s finish is usually good, but since these knives are relatively small, ht does not look that good. In fact, some people will find it too busy and messy, which is one of the reasons we believe it’s skin that is not worth it.

The worst part about the Freehand Shadow Daggers is their price. If you get a pair in good condition, you can expect to pay north of $140, which is just not worth it. There are other options around this price that are much better.

AWP Acheon

We can’t talk about CS2 skins and not mention the AWP, one of the go-to weapons for many players. There are tons of top-tier skins for this gun, but the AWP Acheon is definitely not one of them. 

Added in 2018, this is one of the skins that makes the default option look better. The Factory New variation can cost around $2, but even this amount is not worth it. The skin is extremely boring and features a beige/grey color pattern that is just not good. 

UMP 45-Corporal

Let’s face it, the UMP-45 is not one of those weapons that many people use. Nevertheless, this gun has some pretty good CS2 skins. Sadly, the Corporal is not one of them because many players consider it one of the worst CS2 skins you can get.

Corporal became available from the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case, which includes a lot of amazing options. Sadly, this is not one of them, which explains why you can get a Field-Tested variation for around $0.20.

Final Thoughts

These were just some of the ugliest CS2 skins we could think of, and we believe most of you will agree that neither looks good. Nevertheless, some players may like using them, so we recommend checking them out before deciding if you should get them. Keep in mind that some of the alternatives here cost a lot of money.

Ugliest CS2 Skins You Have Access To
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