Who is m0NESY? CS2 Player Profile

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Who is m0NESY? CS2 Player Profile

M0nesy has to be one of the most interesting CS2 players , so allow us to show you everything about it. He is a name that stands out.

There are many different world-class CS2 players, but it’s safe to say m0NESY CS2 has to be one of the most impressive names right now. Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov is just 18 years old, but the Russian player is already among the best in the world. 

Despite his fragile age, the m0NESY CS2 stats reveal that he has been a part of the professional scene since 2019 when he was just 13 years of age. There is a lot to talk about this CS2 prodigy, so let’s dive in.

Who is m0NESY CS2? – Career Details

The Monesy CS2 stats show that this is an 18-year-old AWPer that has a lot of experience playing for several teams. Before starting his professional path in CS2, m0NESY started playing in the FPL when he was just 14 years of age. As for Counter-Strike, his first steps in the game were when he was just 5 years old. 

His professional career began in NewBALLS, where he only spent 3 months. After that, he became a part of S-Gaming, followed NaVI Junior.

If you check the m0NESY CS2 steam, you will see that he was a part of Natus Vincere Junior until early 2022. After that, he joined forces with G2 Esports and quickly became one of the world’s leading players.

In the current m0NESY CS2 team, he is the AWPer, and a lot of people consider him to be the best in the world. Also known as The Flash for his crazy speed, the 18-year-old has a crucial role in his team’s success.

m0NESY CS2 Settings

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A lot of people are looking for Monesy CS2 settings for a good reason. Considering he is among the best players in the world, people want to know what types of settings he’s using. Our team has one some research, so here is what you need to know.

  • Mouse of choice – Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
  • DPI – 400
  • eDPI – 800
  • Polling Rate – 1000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 2
  • Raw Input – On
  • Zoom – 1

Although we don’t have the CS2 m0NESY sound settings, we have access to his specific crosshair options:

  • Sniper – 1 
  • Gap – -3
  • Size – 2
  • Style 4
  • Thickness – 0
  • No Dot
  • Alpha – 200
  • Outline – No
  • Color – Yellow

m0NESY CS2 Stats

Despite his fragile age, the m0BNESY CS2 rank and his incredible performance so far allowed this player to win many different team and individual rewards. Starting with the personal ones, CS2 m0NESY has been the MVP of one tournament so far – BLAST Premier: World Final 2022. He also has an award for Rookie of the Year, Highlight of the Year, Esports PC Rookie of the Year, and much more.

Moving on to the player’s tournament achievements, m0NESY won a lot of big tournaments in the last couple of years. Here is a list of some of the more important victories:

  • BLAST Premier: World Final 2022
  • Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2023
  • Intel Extreme Masters Cologne 2023

He and G2 also have a lot of top 3 finishes in various other tournaments. Overall, it’s safe to say that the CS2 m0NESY team is among the best in the world, and the results prove it.

Final Thoughts

Whether you wanted to know more about the CS2 m0NESY launch options or something else, there is no arguing this player is different. He is one of the youngest and most successful players in the game right now. It’s safe to say m0NESY will be one of the players that all Counter-Strike 2 fans will keep an eye on.

Who is m0NESY? CS2 Player Profile
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