IEM Chengdu 2024 – Teams, Dates, Prize Pool and More

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IEM Chengdu 2024 – Teams, Dates, Prize Pool and More

Here is everything you need to know about IEM Chengdu 2024 like teams, dates and the prize pool

With the first major in Counter-Strike 2 completed, we’re looking forward to the next big event in CS. This will be IEM Chengdu, which will be happening in China in early April. The new season of competition will begin with this event. With 16 of the best teams participating in a heated tournament, it is safe to say that the Wuliangye Chengdu Performing Arts Centre will be quite action-packed for the next week.

With all the hype surrounding the event, let's take a look at some of the more intricate details about IEM Chengdu 2024.

IEM Chengdu 2024 – Overview and Format

The tournament will primarily have two stages, a group stage and a playoffs stage. The group stage will have 2 groups, each with 8 teams. Both groups will have a regular double-elimination format. Losing one match will send you to the lower brackets and losing in the lower brackets means you’re eliminated from the whole thing.

IEM Chengdu 2024 - Teams, Dates, Prize Pool and More

Credit: IntelExtremeMasters

However, there is a unique twist when it comes to qualifying for the playoffs. Each group will have 3 teams qualifying for the playoffs stage. The two teams that can reach the Upper Bracket Finals will automatically be qualified for playoffs. Meanwhile, the team that wins the Lower Bracket Final will also qualify for playoffs. But the team that wins the UB Final will be automatically placed in the playoffs Semifinals. The other two teams will be sorted into the Quarterfinals. That means the group winners will have to play one less match and easily advance to the grand finals directly from the semifinals.

The six teams in the playoffs will fight in a single elimination bracket until one team is left standing to receive the 1st place prize. The tournament winners will also be directly invited to participate in the next IEM Cologne.

IEM Chengdu 2024 – All Participating Teams

A total of sixteen teams will participate in the tournament. The sixteen will be divided into two groups of 8. The teams include organizations partnered with ESL, qualifiers from six regions and top-ranked teams in the world based on ESL ratings. Here is a list of all the teams in each group:

Group A

The teams sorted in Group A are:

  • G2 Esports – Partnered Team
  • Heroic – Partnered Team
  • FURIA – Partnered Team
  • MOUZ – Partnered Team
  • 9z Team – South American Qualifier
  • Team Liquid – North American Qualifier
  • Lynn Vision – Chinese Qualifier
  • TYLOO – Asian Qualifier

IEM Chengdu 2024 - Teams, Dates, Prize Pool and More

Credit: IntelExtremeMasters

Group B

The teams sorted in Group B are:

  • FaZe Clan – Partnered Team
  • Astralis – Partnered Team
  • Cloud9 – ESL World Ranking (01/08)
  • – ESL World Ranking (01/08)
  • Nemiga Gaming – European Qualifier
  • Monte – ESL World Ranking (01/08)
  • FlyQuest – Oceanic Qualifier
  • Wildcard Gaming – North American Qualifier

IEM Chengdu 2024 – Prize Pool

The event will have a grand total of $250,000 as its prize pool. This money will be divided among the 16 teams based on their position at the tournament's end. The prize pool division can be better understood from the list below:

  • 1st Place – IEM Cologne 2024 slot – 1400 BLAST Premier Points – $100,000
  • 2nd Place – 1000 BLAST Premier Points – $42,000
  • 3rd-4th Place – 600 BLAST Premier Points – $20,000
  • 5th-6th Place – 400 BLAST Premier Points – $10,000
  • 7th-8th Place – 300 BLAST Premier Points – $6,000
  • 9th-12th Place – $5,000
  • 13th-16th – $4,000

IEM Chengdu 2024 – Dates & Schedule

The tournament is set to start on April 8 and end on April 14. That means over 7 days we will see 16 teams battle across 29 matches. The group stages will finish in three days, from April 8 to April 10. Then after a one-day break, the playoffs will start from April 12. The Grand Finals is set to happen on the last day of the tournament, April 14.

IEM Chengdu 2024 - Teams, Dates, Prize Pool and More

Credit: ESL

IEM Chengdu 2024 – Where To Watch

The tournament will be streamed across multiple platforms for the world to watch. Here is a list of all the ways you can watch IEM Chengdu 2024:

  • Twitch – ESLCS
  • Youtube – ESL Counter-Strike
  • IEM
  • Douyu
  • Huya
  • Bilibili

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IEM Chengdu 2024 – Teams, Dates, Prize Pool and More
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