6 Vital Nuke Smokes To Learn In Counter-Strike 2

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6 Vital Nuke Smokes To Learn In Counter-Strike 2

Here’s a list of six highly useful Nuke smokes to use in CS2

Counter-Strike fans rejoice as one of the most iconic maps from the franchise is finally added to the map pool in CS2, the latest addition to the long line of iconic FPS titles by Valve. Veteran fans of the series know the significance of Nuke. It is one of the first maps to place the bomb sites vertically on two floors. Being this unique from the rest of the maps allowed players to make versatile utility line-ups. These setups made the games on Nuke more strategic and entertaining to play.

Six Vital Nuke Smokes To Learn In Counter-Strike 2

But for Counter-Strike 2, the line-ups used and made the standard are useless. Due to its revamped properties and graphic improvements, many aspects of the map have been changed. This allows players to make new line-ups and possibly revolutionize the way Nuke is played. As a lot of these line-ups have not been discovered yet, we have come up with a list of six very helpful smoke line-ups for Nuke.

Dual Nuke Smokes Access to Secret for Terrorists

T-Spawn to Secret Entrance(Red Container)

These two smokes allow for the T-sided players to quickly push Secret and make their way to the B-Site. The problem with fast executing this avenue without utility is that due to the open nature of the path, it is very easy for CT players to pick off the pushers from Blue, Small-Box or even CT-Spawn. So it is necessary to have cover for this execution.

image002 3

Credits: NartOutHere

This double smoke from T-Spawn allows players a safe passageway to walk into Secret. Due to the new volumetric smoke physics in CS2, this can easily be done with just two smokes thrown by one player. Due to the effectiveness of this line-up, CT players have a much harder time denying entry into the B-Site and picking off players in the open.

Immediate Effects

Passage from Red to Secret Entrance is protected. Thus, CT players are not able to hold down or protect the B-Site from a high-speed rush. Even after having superior positioning, the Counter-Terrorists have no vision of the players behind the smoke. T players can easily take B or use this setup as bait to fake a rush.

Available Options

  • Rush B-SIte.
  • Fast Open bomb plant in the B-Site.
  • Fake B Rush and walk A to plant.
  • Flash through smokes if CT players push smokes.

A-Site Tetris Smoke

T-Spawn to Front of Squeaky

Rushing the A-Site is much easier from Main compared to Lobby, as CT players can push and take control of Lobby quite quickly and fortify the site. The only two spots to be worried about while pushing A-Site are Vents/Squeaky and Heaven. Out of the two, Squeaky can be quite easily smoked which allows easy access to the site.

image003 4

Credits: NartOutHere

Immediate Effects

With Squeaky blocked off players from Hut will be hesitant to push. Thus any immediate retake attempt or opportunity to peak will be denied. The only issues will be the players isolated in A-Site and it to be crucial to kill them off as fast as possible. If those CTs get away with even one kill, it may initiate a quick retake from the players outside of the site. So it is vital to clear them using flashbangs and Molotovs.

Available Options

  • Fast push towards A-Site.
  • Open plant in A.
  • Push Hut/Heaven.
  • Flash through Vent smoke, toward Squeaky for extra kills.
  • Fake A and rotate towards B-Site through Vents.

Lobby Push A-Main Smoke

A-Lobby to A-Main

In case of a T-Side push towards the A-Site through Lobby rather than Main, it is necessary to block off vision from outside A-Main. As the CT players will try to enter A-Site through either Heaven or A-Main it is crucial to block these off for a successful execution. If not done properly, Counter Terrorist players may walk in to deny the bomb plant. It is better to block the path with a smoke to avoid long angles being held Garage.

image004 5

Credits: NartOutHere

Immediate Affects

This smoke will isolate the players inside and outside the site, making the ones inside very easy to take out. Due to the lack of vision inside and entry denial, the CT players must wait for the smoke to fade to attempt a retake. Without support from A-Main players from other angles tend to wait for a full post-plant situation before making any moves. So it is very safe to walk to default of A-Site.

Available Options

  • Push up to Heaven.
  • Default set up in A-Site.
  • Fake to B through vents.
  • Push through Main with flashbangs.
  • Lurk through Yard and flank CT players.
  • Pair with Molotov to deny slow push through main smoke.

Heaven Smoke Through Lobby Window

Roof Silo Above Lobby to A-Heaven

From the last line-up, it is quite easy to understand how crucial controlling A-Heaven is to plant in A. The entire site is visible from Heaven and players can also walk up on the Crane on top of the room from there. These angles give the player a higher ground and an easier chance to go by unchecked. So it is very important to control A-Heaven to hold onto the site.

image005 4

Credits: NartOutHere

Immediate Effects

Cuts off all possible entries into the site, leaving the bomb plant uninterrupted. As the vision for the CT players will be blocked from all avenues it becomes very risky to go for immediate retakes without any information. This also allows the T players to cut off noise or fake A by dropping down vents to the B-site. As the stray CTs stuck in the site will be isolated and pinned they will be easy to take down as well.

Available Options

  • Push heaven and flash through.
  • Hold from above Crane.
  • Hold above Hut.
  • Flash through Main to catch CT-Side off-guard.
  • Lurk to B and fake A.

Lower B-Site Doors Shut Down

Ramps to Double Doors/Decon

The B-Site is pretty easy to take if pushed fast enough unless the CT sides hold the hallways outside the doors on either side of the B-Site. So it is necessary to block those off not just to deny entry to stop the site take but also to hold off retakes and any lurking defender.

image006 3

Credits: NartOutHere

Immediate Effects

The site will pretty much be locked down and any stray CT will be stuck inside and easy to isolate. As the lower doors will be blocked off, players can access the upper rafters and hold from above. It will be easier to look for lurkers from the high ground. Adding to that holding ramps will also be easier.

image007 2

Credits: NartOutHere

Available Options

  • Open plant in site.
  • Push through smokes to crumble the retake.
  • Hold rafters to pick off retakers.
  • Walk down through Window to flank the lurkers.
  • Walk up secret to fake B and rotate to A-Site.

With more maps being added to Counter-Strike 2, our library of utility line-ups is updated constantly. Be sure to check out more setups to help your performance in future matches.

6 Vital Nuke Smokes To Learn In Counter-Strike 2
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