4 Super Useful Utility Line-ups for Overpass In CS2

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4 Super Useful Utility Line-ups for Overpass In CS2

Six utility line-ups for Overpass in CS2 which are very useful in competitive games.

As CS2 continues to grow and players swarm the servers for high-octane matches, the need for utility line-ups grows ever more. With the reworked nature of the map and graphical improvements, all pre-existing utility setups for the map have changed or been lost. As the game of Counter-Strike heavily emphasizes utility like HE grenades and Molotovs, the community is stirred to discover new ways to use them and improve on previous line-ups. Due to the passageways and verticality of the map, Flashbangs and Molotovs are used frequently in various gray areas. Teams try to get control of these areas by engaging in gun fights and using utilities for success.

Four Super Useful Utility Line-ups for Overpass In CS2
Credits: Esports.gg

As finding success in a map like Overpass requires high levels of consistent utility, we have come up with our list of line-ups that can come in handy in many situations to attain control, flush out hiding enemies or even execute site takes or retakes. If used correctly in certain scenarios these line-ups can help snatch critical rounds or help take fights much easier in a match.

Early-Round Banana Molotov in CS2

T-Spawn to Mid-Banana

As the map of Overpass is more CT-sided, it becomes hard for the T side to get rounds in their half. The best way to passively take rounds is through winning eco rounds and crumbling CT economy. Things like planting bomb and taking 3-4 frags while stealing weapons also contribute to building money. So it is necessary to use utilities to win out on these eco-rounds while dealing with stronger guns.


Credits: NartOutHere

But during buy rounds, it is very difficult to win in straight one-versus-one gunfights. So it is useful to throw out some utility which makes it easier to win those fights. This early Molotov from T-Spawn is a great example as it does a great deal of damage to the players from CT rushing out to Mid thinking they have the weapons advantage.

Immediate Effects

Sets flame to the path from CT-Spawn to mid. It covers all of the path and even creeps into toilets. If thrown fast enough it can catch players while they are rushing towards the Mid area trying to take gun fights. Since it falls straight down and leaves no openings for the players, a lot of damage is inflicted on the CT players. Even someone walking through toilets will get chip damaged. This will either hold back the rush towards Mid Fountains or damage the players enough to make them easier to kill.

Available Options

  • Rush towards Fountain and fight damaged players.
  • Push to B-Site and plant for money.
  • Flash out of Connector to fight damaged players.
  • Aggressively rush A-Site for an easier site take against low-hp CT players

Party Molotov

Outside Ramp to Party/Balloons

Balloons is another avenue for CT-sided players to fight or position themselves on their opponent's eco-rounds. As they know they have a weapons advantage, they play fast and aggressively. So by throwing this nade, one of the avenues for them to hold will be blocked off. Anyone positioned there will be forced to back off or take a lot of damage, either of which will make the fight more even for the saving T-sided players. As Party/Balloons is the first point of contact for the Party player, it will be an easy kill and a ticket to either get some damage done on the opponents or counter-push them towards the A-Site.


Credits: NartOutHere

Immediate Effects

The player positioned in Party will be forced to fall back and unable to support his teammates in Mid. If this line-up is combined with the previous one in Mid-Banana, then the gunfight in Fountains will be much easier. Even if the player decides to stay and fight, they will be severely damaged and will be easy to pick from deep inside Connector even before the T players have gotten out. This allows the Terrorists to take control of Fountain and Mid much easier.

Available Options

  • Push Mid and fight damaged players.
  • Push A-Site to force bomb plant.
  • Divert to B for open site and easy plant.
  • Push through half-wall to A-Site.
  • Rotate quickly to B through Connector.

Truck/Optimus Molotov

A-Long to A-Site Truck

The A-Site is very difficult to take, considering the deep long-ranged angles and all the positions to hide in. Pushing this site and planting the bomb can be very hard to do. One of the strongest positions to be in here is behind Truck. This allows a single player to dismember the site control and deny the bomb plant leaving it in the open. Players can also play deep inside here with an AWP and not even let the Terrorists enter. So it is necessary to clear this.


Credits: NartOutHere

This Molotov does exactly that. It covers all of behind Truck and forces anyone positioned there to get out. Trying to stay there in the Molotov can even kill off the player. This will allow players to take control of the A-Site and execute safely.

Immediate Effects

The Molotov will cover the entirety of the area behind Truck. This will not allow any stragglers to hide there and pop out later during the retake. Combined with smokes in Bank and Bins and flashbangs to do the entry, this Molotov will help the terrorists walk into the A-Site very easily.

Available Options

  • Take out the player hiding behind Truck.
  • Clear Truck.
  • Default bomb plant in the A-Site.
  • Apply more aggression by flashing into Bank or Bins.
  • Open plant for passive bomb plant.

A-Site Default Flash

Mid/Fountains to A-Long

As we have mentioned numerous times, the entry for T players into the A-Site is extremely difficult and without good utility, it is near impossible. The positions of the Counter-Terrorists on the site make it too strong to penetrate. So proper line-ups are a must to successfully execute this site with minimum casualties. A good flashbang is the key to a strong entry. Being able to flash all the players on site gives the entry players a few seconds to get inside.


Credits: NartOutHere

This flashbang line-up from Mid to A-Long allows you to set up your team for the best entry into the A-Site from A-Long. Combined with proper smokes and Molotovs, this can be a dangerous combination.

Immediate Effects

This Flashbang is best used to enter the A-Site through A-Long. After entering through Rocks and placing smokes and Molotovs in the site, it will allow easy execution into the site. Anyone holding close angles at the A-Main Entrance will be blinded and easily killed. People near Bank and Bins will be forced to fall behind smokes.

Available Options

  • Fast-entry into A-Site.
  • Push towards dice to default plant.
  • Block off Bank and Bins.
  • Take control of Van and Truck.
  • Flash through smokes for additional control and frags.
  • Open plant for passive post-plant.

Make sure you check out our super useful guides for more utility line-ups in CS2 as we constantly stay up-to-date with the latest strategies.

4 Super Useful Utility Line-ups for Overpass In CS2
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