Best Ways To Rank In Valorant Without Spending Countless Hours Playing

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Best Ways To Rank In Valorant Without Spending Countless Hours Playing

If you want to know how to rank up in Valorant but you can’t play for countless hours, this guide is for you. Keep reading to learn more about some of the secrets.

Ranking in Valorant is one of the most satisfying experiences, especially when you start reaching some of the highest ranks in the game. We have already shown you how to escape from every Valorant rank, but the truth is that not a lot of people have tons of free time to spend while playing. That’s why ESTNN’s team has gathered and come up with a few interesting ideas you can implement if you want to rank in Valorant without spending countless hours playing.

Every player is different when it comes down to the hours that person can commit when playing. Some people can only do that on the weekends, whereas others have no more than 1 or 2 hours a day. No matter the situation you are in, these tips will help you improve, so let’s begin.

Try warming up

One thing that the best Valorant players have in common is that they all have some kind of warm-up routine. If you are wondering how to rank in Valorant and why some people are succeeding more than others, it is because they only queue for a competitive match once they feel confident.  

The easiest way to be confident while playing competitively is to warm up. Many people underestimate this activity, but it is key in every shooter, including Valorant.

Developing a warmup routine is something that everyone has to do for themselves. Some people like playing Deathmatch, whereas others prefer playing against bots and playing multiple rounds.

Something to remember when it comes down to how to rank in Valorant and develop a warmup routine is to use different weapons. A lot of people will only focus on the Phantom or Vandal, but we recommend using both, as well as other guns, if possible.

Ideally, you can combine playing against bots with Deathmatch, but this will only work if you have at least a few hours on hand. Since we are focusing on efficiency, you may have to choose one of the two.

Try maining up to three different agents

Valorant Controller Agents: Best to Worst

Valorant is a game where people have access to many different agents. Some of them are better than others in specific situations, but each one can shine, depending on the map and the meta.

Ideally, you should be good with all agents so you can adapt to the specific situation. However, since our goal is to utilize the little time we have and learn how to rank in Valorant, your goal should be to be really good with around 2 to 3 agents maximum. By doing this, you will have a large enough agent pool to react when needed, and you will focus your time on agents you are good at.

Once you decide which are the agents for you, it is time to start mastering them. Every Valorant agent has specifics, depending on his role, so you need to be aware of it before choosing your main.

When it comes down to choosing what you want to play with, we recommend sticking to agents from the same role. Sure, playing a Duelist in one game and a Sentinel in the other is more fun, but our experience shows us that you must dedicate more time to be good at both. Considering you do not have the luxury to do so, it’s probably better to choose one and stick to it.

Ideally, people who want to know how to rank in Valorant should come up with their own playstyle. Once done, they should adapt it according to the agents and the meta.

Sometimes, you may copy a given pro player’s playstyle

Even though we are not big fans of copying someone else’s playstyle in Valorant, there is no arguing this can save you a lot of time. What’s more, you can learn a lot of tips and tricks a lot faster than normal and use this to rank faster.

The problem with copying someone is that you have to adapt to the specific person’s style and binds. Since not a lot of people can do that, we recommend changing some of those options until you find what works best for you. 

If you do not want to copy someone in Valorant, you can also compare your playstyle and result to someone else’s. The only problem here is that this can consume a lot of time, so unless you have at least 2 or 3 hours dedicated to Valorant per day, you will have problems.

Focus on winning more instead of spamming more

Throughout the many years during which our team has played Valorant, we found that there are two types of players. Some of them are called “spammers” because they are playing all the time and are trying to rank up by devoting more hours per day. There are also players who spend a lot less time in the game, but do everything they can to win their matches.

Since you are reading this and are wondering how to rank in Valorant without spending countless hours playing, you should focus on the second aspect. Instead of spending tons of hours and getting burned out, you should focus on winning. 

People who do everything they can to win and don’t play all day are actually a lot more motivated. They won’t risk getting burned out, so it’s something to consider.

Final thoughts

The term “less is more” is valid when it comes down to playing Valorant or any other game and trying to rank up. It is true that some people who play all the time can become much better than the rest. However, there are a lot of exceptions to this rule because some people who spend a lot of time in the game get burned out and are actually less effective than those who play casually.

Ideally, you must find the perfect balance and use it to your advantage. Assuming you don’t have enough time, we believe the tips here will come in handy.

Best Ways To Rank In Valorant Without Spending Countless Hours Playing
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