4 Effective Overpass Strats To Use On The CT-Side in Counter-Strike 2

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4 Effective Overpass Strats To Use On The CT-Side in Counter-Strike 2

Here’s a list of 4 Overpass Strats for CT-Side that effectively win rounds in Counter-Strike 2

As time continues to pass, the community members of Counter-Strike 2 continue to develop more effective and intricate tactics and game plans. A mixture of the old tried and tested strategies from CS:GO and newer methods due to the changes of mechanics and maps in CS2 is starting to form in the game. Even though it has only been about a month since its release, casual fans to pros, all have been working to establish the meta for the new game and optimizing the previous tactics.

With the completion of the first major CS2 tournament, the IEM Sydney 2023, a standard has been set for CS2 strats that are most effective. As seen from the plays of the pros, things aren’t very different from the old days. Some of the strats on maps like Nuke and Dust2 have been more or less the same.

But the new utilities and mechanics have certainly affected the big picture of CS2 strats. With the tactical side of the game having its very first steps through this tournament, it can be said with confidence that CS2 is not far from establishing new strats and tactics to evolve itself from its predecessor.

To help players perform better from a tactical point of view, we will be discussing Four strats on Overpass CT-side in Counter-Strike 2.

Four Overpass Strats Usable In Counter-Strike 2

Overpass is an interesting map considering the wide range of playstyles it allows. From CS:GO to CS2, the mixture of aggressiveness and slow tactical approach has been equally effective on this map. It can be won by having really good and team-based utility setups. It does favor the T-side on most occasions as the angles are more beneficial for there but with some very simple and basic strats in mind, winning rounds on the CT-side can be a piece of cake too.

A-Site Strats

The Toilets and A-Long Dual Hold

This hold for the A-site is different from the regular ⅔ player holds because it is far more aggressive and uses the long-range advantage that the CT players can utilize. Especially on the A-site, the long angles and positioning from Long and Toilets can be very difficult to deal with. Even though the Terrorists can counter this using utility, if a team can move fast enough, they can go all the way inside Connector for an aggro play.

But for this strat CTs must commit at least 2 players to A, preferably 3. Two will run down Long and one will Push toward Toilets. The Toilets player can cross any kind of Smoke and Molotov that the T-side throws and hold an angle towards Connector entrance. Meanwhile the other two peek at Upper Tunnels through Playground. This way both entrances will be covered by the CTs. If the T-side pops up through Connector, then the Toilets player will spot him.

It is advised to have a Smoke or Molotov to deny or slow down the entry. After the engagement, the player should fall back or hold a more passive angle while the long players wrap around for a flank through Fountains or through Toilets for a 3-man hold. If they come in through Upper Tunnels, then the Long players will hold them while the Toilets player advances to support.

This way a solid and very aggressive hold is established on the A-site, one the Terrorists have no way of expecting it. If the team works quickly enough then they can react to any form of push and defend the site. They can also fall back and still hold the site while waiting for rotations and support.

B-site To A Aggressive Lurk

Compared to the B-site, A requires more of an organized push and more ground coverage. So it is normal for the T-side to pull all players to the outside of the A-site before entry. This opens up the avenue for the CT players from B to go for a flank and lurk behind them. We’ve seen Lotan “Spinx” Giladi from Team Vitality go for similar plays on Overpass.

The lurk should be initiated with about 40 seconds in hand and the player should go through Graffiti then Connector to the A-site. Usually, the Terrorists won’t expect the flanker as they will be preparing for the push towards the site. Then the lurker can head to A-Short, Toilets, or even A-Long to push the T-side. If the timing and trigger discipline are good, then the flanker can find more than one kill and tear apart the push. Even if the player can’t find much impact or kills, they can slow down or weaken the enemies by taking away the bomb or reducing the man count.

If the CTs in site can coordinate their reaction then they can pincer the Terrorists from two angles. This strat can end win-out rounds in a single gunfight. There is a lot of timing involved, but if executed correctly it can change the flow of a game.

B-Site Strats

Graffiti Boost Towards Sandbags

This is a boost used by CS legend, Dan “apEX” Madesclaire. It needs two players and is near the bottom of B-Heaven stairs, on the other side of Graffiti. With a simple two-player boost anyone can peek above the wall and spot anyone in B-Short. As the player will be positioned in a different direction compared to the regular boost spots, it is unlikely players will spot him immediately.

From this position, the player can provide intel to his team, about the potential of a B-site hit and how many there are. He can also throw supportive utility to help out teammates peeking Short from Sandbags or Pipes if a teammate pushes Monster aggressively. But more importantly, it is a prime spot to snatch away a couple of kills. As players won’t be clearing out the angle or watching over it, it is quite easy to pop your head and steal a kill. If possible coordination with a player on Sandbags to peek out to trade can find impact as well. This is also effective in killing lurkers and snatching away weapons.

Double Monster Hold

This strat doesn’t have any nuances or special tactics like boosts or timings or positioning. It just involves two players holding Monster with the right weapons. As most teams have flash-in through Monster using a long-range flashbang, CTs from Pillar, Site, and Heaven get blinded and are forced to fall back. But if a player holds from close range, say with an SMG, Shotgun, or high-fire rate weapon, they can find heavy impact.

That is why many teams run in strat where they position one player to the left side of Monster entrance and one at Barrels to support and trade from a strong position while also covering Sandbags. Short can be held by a Heaven player or A-site CTs pushing up to the stairs and looking through the windows. If the coordination between the two players is good, it is very easy to stop a full 5 man push with full buys.

Just the weaponry and teamplay are the key factors here. Supporting utilities from teammates can be effective too. But teams like FaZe Clan have shown how strong this play is in the recent IEM Sydney 2023. They’ve tried this at least once every time they’re on Overpass. The Terrorist sided players just don’t expect it

Make sure you check out our articles on CS2 to stay updated on the game and its esports scene. Check out our utility and line-ups guide on Overpass to improve your tactical performance on the map.

4 Effective Overpass Strats To Use On The CT-Side in Counter-Strike 2
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