CS:GO: Overpass Guide for Beginners

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CS:GO: Overpass Guide for Beginners

We break down the best tips and tricks for begginers to try on CS:GO's Overpass map.

Everyone who wants to play CS:GO must know that some maps are more popular than others. Whether you play with your friend or decide to search for a competitive match, you will come across a couple of maps.

Most people know things like Mirage, Dust 2, and Inferno because these maps are often included in tournaments. The same applies to Overpass because this is one of the game's most interesting and balanced maps.

Aside from being easy to understand, Overpass also helps you play aggressively, which is good news for those who want to take advantage of it. Sadly, many new players have no idea how to take advantage of the map and everything it offers. Therefore, we will look at everything you should be aware of before you start playing.

Playing from the T side

Even though the CT side is usually more interesting, some people are happier when they have the chance to attack. Hence, they prefer to play from the T side and try to catch their enemies off guard.

While it is true that Overpass is not the most “T-friendly” map out there, there are a couple of things you can do to make it work. If we take a look at the A-site, you should try to take control of the toilets because this will put you in a better position when the other CT players come ot defend.

Generally speaking, the A-site is the better option on this map because CTs usually have problems defending it. In an ideal situation, you should try to get the bomb without trading frags. However, trading kills with the CT is usually in favor of Ts, so don’t worry too much. Just make sure you don’t die without killing anyone.

You have to adapt to the CTs style 

One of the advantages of playing on the T side is that you can punish every mistake. Depending on who you go up against, most people do not have a clear idea of how to play on the CT side, especially on Overpass. Hence, they often play too aggressively and die for no reason.

Of course, you should try to take advantage of this and stay in a location where you can kill at least a few opponents. For example, many people focus too much on short, which means you can rush from the other side and kill him in seconds. 

The B site as a T

Even though the A site is usually the better option, some people prefer to focus on the other one. Taking over B against people who know what they’re doing is easier said than done unless you throw enough utilities. In other words, you and your teammate should throw enough Smokes and Flashes so that you can get in and plant the bomb.

Although you can use your utilities in numerous ways, ideally, you should try to secure the pit because this is the most important place on the bombsite. Failing to do so will usually cause you problems, so keep that in mind.

Playing from the CT side

As mentioned earlier, many people prefer to play on the CT side because it is fun and more rewarding (at least for some people). Overpass is a map that allows the CT time to have different configurations and setups, depending on what’s needed. Every professional CS:GO team knows what to do, but casual players often have problems finding the right spots.

Usually, the CT team should send two players to the A site and three to the B site. Of course, this could be the other way around, depending on the Ts activity. Speaking of the devil, one player who holds B has to be ready to rotate when needed.

Those who have to play in the A site will have a lot of problems unless they know what they’re doing. Preferably, the two people should try and prevent the Ts from taking mid and long. Once that happens, their opponents should be able to take the bomb site fairly easily.

The bad news is that holding mid on Overpass is not easy, even for professional players. You can get killed from a couple of places, including party and long. So, unless you are an amazing aimer, you will most likely die if your opponents rush you from all sides.

Since defending this place is easier said than done, many people do not pay much attention to it. Sure, scoring a few kills there will help a lot, but you should try to survive. In other words, don’t defend this place at all costs.

The aggressive plays near the A site

If you don’t want to be a sitting duck and wait for your opponents to kill you, you could decide to play more aggressively. There are loads of things that can help you catch your opponents off guard, such as pushing from the toilets or even flanking from long back. 

Although pushing as CT can be extremely rewarding, if you fail, you will die without having any impact on the round. So, only do this if you feel confident in your skills and know you will get at least a couple of kills.

Defending the B site as a CT

Unlike the A site, where things can get “ugly”, B is usually more relaxed. This is definitely the easier bombsite to defend, especially if you have three people there. However, unlike the other one, pushing here is usually not worth it because you won’t be able to do much. Sure, you may land a kill, but if your opponents rush, they will kill you in seconds.

An important thing to remember when defending this bomb site is that you will probably have problems if the enemies use all of their utilities. Throwing good smokes can make a huge difference, so always be careful when playing. In fact, we recommend waiting for their utilities to drop before you start attacking.

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CS:GO: Overpass Guide for Beginners
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