Biggest Changes From CSGO to CS2

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Biggest Changes From CSGO to CS2

Here are some of the biggest CS 2 changes we expect to see once the game becomes available.

We are literally a few days away from the CS2 release we’ve all been waiting for. Valve’s new game should be available really soon, which means we will see tons of action. After covering things, such as the CS2 minimum requirements, it’s time to show you the biggest changes from CSGO to CS 2. When discussing CS2 changes, we will list all of the things we are currently aware of, but keep in mind there could be even more new options and features.

As you can expect, Source 2 will change a lot of things about the game as we know it. Besides the many visual improvements, there are also key gameplay changes, so let’s go through the CSGO vs CS2 comparison.

New Smoke Mechanics

There is no arguing that one of the biggest changes from CSGO to CS2 is the addition of the new Smoke mechanic. The new Smoke Grenades are known as “dynamic volumetric objects”, and they interact with the environment, as well as other things. For example, they can react with things like gunfire, grenades, lightning, and more.

The first thing that you will notice when comparing the CSGO vs CS2 smoke is that the latter allows you to see through it in specific situations. For example, bullets and grenades can briefly allow you to see through the smoke.

Another important thing regarding the CS2 smoke is that it will expand naturally and interact with the terrain. In other words, you can see them through doors, windows, and other objectives.

Finally, the new smoke in CS2 will also react to lightning. What’s even more impressive is that their color will change depending on when they are thrown. This will allow players to determine how much time is left until the specific smoke expires. 

The fact that Smokes in CS2 are different means that we expect to see a lot of new tactics and creative ways of using the new system. 

Better looking maps

The next thing we want to talk about in this CSGO vs CS2 comparison is related to the maps. In fact, the first thing that players will notice once they open Counter-Strike 2 is that most maps are brighter and look better than the rest. In fact, Valve divides the maps into three categories:

  • Full Overhaul
  • Upgrade
  • Touchstone

The first group consists of maps that are completely new for CS 2. Naturally, they are a lot more attractive because they use the new Source 2 to the fullest. The Upgrade options are also interesting, but they are not ground-breaking. Instead, they use CS 2’s new engine to provide better lightning effects and look more modern.

Lastly, we have the Touchstone maps for CS 2, and they feather the least changes. In fact, these maps are the same as in CS:GO, but they come with slightly better graphics and lightning, allowing people to have a better experience.

Better UI and models

As mentioned earlier in this CSGO vs CS2 comparison, the new game will use Valve’s new Source 2 engine. Naturally, this option will improve a lot of things, including the UI and the models we are used to.

Judging from the beta, CS 2 has better textures, a cleaner and better-looking UI, and much better object models. To sum up, everything looks better, has more interesting animations, and 

When talking about UI, we also need to mention the new Loadout system. Although some people may not like it, it definitely seems more interesting.


Of course, when addressing the biggest changes from CSGO to CS2, we need to point out the skins. This is the elephant in the room because the CS2 skins look much better than those in CSGO. They are brighter, have better design, and just seem a lot more modern.

Although some people are not fans of the way the new darker skins look, overall, it’s safe to say that the CS2 skins are better. We are not surprised that Valve focused on this part because the company knows that skins are one of the reasons why the Counter-Strike franchise is so popular.

Better Servers

One of the big problems that many CSGO players have been struggling with over the years is related to the servers. Even though we do not expect Counter-Strike 2 to resolve all of its issues,  there is no arguing that the new game services are much better. In fact, one of the new things with CS2 is that servers do not compute the tick rate. Instead, it uses a new sub-tick that is much more efficient. The results are impressive because pretty much everyone seems to like the servers a lot more because they are way more responsive.

You can jump throw without needing any binds

Every CSGO player knows that the so-called jump throws are incredibly important. However, not everyone was able to take advantage of this mechanic in CSGO because there were different binds they had to use. Fortunately, one of the biggest changes from CSGO to CS2 is related to jump throws, which means that we no longer need to use binds or anything else to do that. This makes CS2 easier to play for people who are new to the game.

Some commands are no longer available

When talking about the CSG vs CS2 comparison, it’s worth knowing that certain console commands in CSGO are no longer available. This includes options like cl_righthand, cl_bobamnt, r_dynamic, r_eyegloss, muzzleflash_light, mat_queue_mode, and so on. Most players will probably not notice them, but since a lot of people have in-depth CS knowledge, they may consider this to be one of the biggest changes from CSGO to CS2.

Gameplay changes

In addition to everything else mentioned so far, some of the biggest changes from CSGO and CS2 include various new gameplay elements. People will be able to play in an MR12 format, have different sound effects when shooting and using certain weapons, and experience new kinds of jumping mechanics. 


Overall, the CS2 vs CSGO comparison shows that there are tons of new things about the game. We are probably missing out on some of them, but we will make sure to provide you with more CS2 content soon. So, make sure to follow us for more information.

Biggest Changes From CSGO to CS2
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