Top 3 IMBA Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

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Top 3 IMBA Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR

Here is our pick for another set of top 3 most broken Dota 2 laning duo Hero combos that will ensure you dominate your lane for some easy MMR

If you have been playing Dota 2 for long enough, you know that winning the lane is the first step to winning the game. Choosing the perfect combination of Heroes to create the ultimate duo will help you secure farm, map control and dictate the game’s tempo. With smart choices and cheesy combos, you and your duo will ensure your lane paves the path to victory.

So without further ado, let's head into some tried and tested Hero duos that you can abuse to secure some easy MMR and climb the rank tree with dominating vigor.

Top 3 Dual Hero Combos

Here are our picks for some of the most potent and unstoppable Hero duos that will dominate any lane.

1. Spectre and Phoenix – The Unkillable Alliance

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Spectre is a tanky Agility Hero known as a hard-carry, meaning she needs farm to come online. Her Spectral Dagger lets her phase through terrain to flee or chase down enemies, and her Desolate and Dispersion are powerful passives that help her take down lone enemies and tank high damage. Her Haunt ability lets her unleash her terror globally, allowing her to teleport next to any enemy Hero on the map.

Phoenix is a tanky Universal Hero capable of healing allies and doing massive damage over time to enemies. Its Icarus Dive and Fire Spirits can be used to heavily damage enemies and flee or initiate by diving in or slowing attack speed with well-timed spirits. Finally, its Sun Ray and Supernova lets it heal allies, damage enemies from afar, and reincarnate itself as brand new.

  • Dispersion + Fire Spirits – Spectre’s Dispersion makes her naturally tanky, and paired with the severe attack speed slow from Fire Spirits, make it near impossible for enemies to harass Spectre’s farm effectively.
  • Dispersion + Sun Ray – Dispersion helps Spectre tank and return damage to her enemies when under attack. With the help of Phoenix's Sun Ray, she can be healed from afar, and any enemies too close will get hit by the damaging beam.
  • Spectral Dagger + Desolate + Icarus Dive – What is worse than being alone? Being hit by Spectre’s Desolate, which does extra damage to lone enemies, and being slowed by her Spectral Dagger and Pheonix’s Icarus Dive, you cannot run away.
  • Dispersion + Super Nova – The Dispersion of Spectre and Phoenix's Super Nova’s damage-per-second auras combined deal massive amounts of damage in a teamfight. With the natural tankiness of both Heroes, Phoenix can cast Sun Ray twice to its rebirth resetting cooldowns.

2. Tidehunter and Riki – Dagger and Fishbone

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Tidehunter is a tanky Strength Hero who is difficult to nuke down and is excellent in teamfights. His Gush and Anchor Smash are great disables and debuffs, and his Kraken Shell helps him survive fights with more ease. His ultimate Ravage lets him massively disrupt teamfights with its large Area of Effect (AoE) disable.

Riki is a high physical damage-dealing Agility Hero who can become invisible and wreak havoc with his ninja-like abilities. He can put enemies in a small AoE under his Smokescreen, which allows him to silence and blind them. He can close the gap with Blink Strike and backstab them for significant physical damage. His Cloak and Dagger lets him go invisible, and his Tricks of the Trade lets him quickly dish out damage in an AoE.

  • Gush + Blink Strike – Tidehunter’s Gush slows any targeted enemy severely and reduces their armour severely. This enables Riki to Blink Strike and backstab the enemy with extra physical damage. With the amplified armour reduction from Gush, this is a powerful combo.
  • Gush + Anchor Smash + Smoke Screen – With Smoke Screen, Riki causes enemies to miss and silence their attacks. With Anchor Smash reducing their physical damage, they have trouble hitting the duo. Furthermore, Gush’s slow forces the enemy to stay longer under the Smoke Screen.
  • Ravage +  Smoke Screen (Aghanim’s Shard) – With the Aghanim’s Shard upgrade, Smoke Screen also disables enemies from helping their allies put under the smoke. This stops any enemy Ravaged from being Forced out, Glimmered, etc, to safety.
  • Kraken Shell + Cloak and Dagger – With the invisibility of Riki scouting out the enemy movements, Tidehunter can easily farm dangerous lanes with his Kraken Shell. With a simple Ring of Regeneration, Tidehunter can become nearly impervious to attack damage from creeps.

3. Primal Beast + Skywrath Mage – Beastial Magic

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Primal Beast is a spellcasting Strenght Hero capable of nuking down enemies with his melee combos. He can close the gap by charging in with his Onslaught, stomping down enemies with his Trample. His temper builds up his Uproar, giving him positive buffs. He can grab an enemy and slam them to the ground incessantly to damage enemies in an AoE with his Pulverize ability. 

Skywrath Mage is a powerful spellcaster Intelligence Hero who can silence, slow and burst down enemies in mere seconds. His Arcane Bolt does immense damage, and his Concussive Shot can be fired long distances to slow down enemies. His silence Ancient Seal also amplifies all spell damage dealt and can be combined with Mystic Flare to burst down enemies in seconds.

  • Concussive Shot + Onslaught – Skywrath Mage can easily slow down enemies from a long distance with his Concussive Shot, creating an opportunity for Primal Beast to close the distance by charging in with his Onslaught.
  • Trample + Ancient Seal – Trample does much magic damage but needs time to channel fully. This might be difficult to pull off if the enemy has disables or means of escape. But with Skywrath Mage’s Ancient Seal to silence them, Primal Beast will not fear being disabled during the channel time and landing his abilities.
  • Trample + Concussive Shot – Concussive Shot is a perfect initiating tool to maximize Primal Beast’s Trample damage because it causes enemies to be slowed and unable to escape from his Trample. This also lets Primal Beast close the distance with ease.
  • Pulverize + Mystic Flare – Mystic Flare needs enemies to be disabled to be damaged for the entire duration, and Pulverize is the perfect ability for that. Primal Beast also deals AoE mini stuns and damage to enemies around the target’s AoE, stopping them from saving their allies before they are burst down.

Stay Tuned For More Broken Laning Duos

In Dota 2, duo combinations are vital and can significantly impact the game. Winning the lane is critical to success, and the suitable Hero Duo helps control the map and game tempo.

The “Unkillable Alliance” pairs Spectre and Phoenix, blending tankiness and healing. “Dagger and Fishbone” unites Tidehunter and Riki for tactical disables and scouting. “Beastial Magic” teams Primal Beast and Skywrath Mage, mixing strength and magic for explosive nukes.

Try these combos in your games! Master their strengths and enjoy the rewarding impact. Try out different Hero Duos and stay tuned for more combos, as we'll be posting them soon for you to experiment with.

Top 3 IMBA Dota 2 Laning Duo Heroes For Easy MMR
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