Dota 2 Primal Beast Guide

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Dota 2 Primal Beast Guide

Unleash the untamed fury and take control of the battlefield by mastering the abilities, strategic gameplay, and itemization with our Dota 2 Primal Beast Guide

Primal Beast is the embodiment of raw and wild energy, bringing chaos and disorder to the battlefield. With his crowd-control abilities and commanding presence, this Hero can easily turn the tide of a battle in your favor. 

Primal Beast (PB) is a Strength Melee Hero known for his robust starting HP of 692 and an average Mana pool of 267. He has a decent movement speed of 310 and can dish out 62-64 damage per hit. His starting armor stands at 4.5, providing him with a decent measure of physical resistance. 

Primal Beast is mainly played as a core. Along with his unique abilities to wreak havoc and control battles, he is indeed a force to reckon with on the battlefield. His specialty lies in disrupting enemy lines and creating opportunities for his team with his powerful abilities. 


Dota 2 Primal Beast Guide

Primal Beast's abilities synergize well together, allowing him to control the battlefield effectively and disrupt his enemies.

  • Onslaught – Primal Beast charges at an enemy, dealing damage and stunning them. The damage increases the further he has traveled before impact. This ability is great for initiating fights or chasing down fleeing enemies. It can be canceled at any time with the Stop command. Onslaught can cover a max distance of 2000 units while dealing 95 damage at level 1 and 380 damage at max level. Onslaught also stuns the target for 1.4 seconds at max level.
  • Trample – Primal Beast stomps the ground, dealing Area of Effect (AoE) damage and slowing all enemies hit by the shockwave. Trample excels at controlling groups of enemies and can significantly impact team fights. PB is disarmed for the duration of the ability. Trample Lasts for 5.5 seconds, and the AoE damage is 230.
  • Uproar – The Beast's temper grants passive bonus damage. Furthermore, for every instance of 50 damage or more dealt by enemy Heroes, PB gains stacks of Uproar. When cast, he lets out a roar that slows nearby opponents and offers the Beast extra attack damage and armor for 7 seconds based on his current Uproar stacks. This ability can turn the tide of a battle, making it an essential tool during team fights.

    • Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade – When PB activates Uproar, he unleashes 3.0 waves of 2.0 projectiles in a circle around him. Projectiles deal damage and break enemies. Each projectile splinters in two after a short delay.
  • Pulverize (Ultimate) – Primal Beast directs his wrath, grabbing the target enemy and relentlessly slamming them into the ground, damaging and stunning any enemies trapped in the AoE. Each consecutive hit deals bonus damage. It lasts for 2.3 seconds. The AoE radius for Pulverize is 600, and stuns for 0.2 seconds. The hit damage is 125 at level 1, which increases to 225 damage at max level. Also, bonus damage per hit is 20 at level 1 and 60 at max level.
    • Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade (Rock Throw) – PB launches a rock towards the target area that stuns and damages enemies. The rock cannot be thrown within his minimum range. After landing, the rock fractures into three pieces that land behind the initial target area. Rock Throw has an impact radius of 225 and deals 325 damage. It also stuns enemies for 1.4 seconds and grants an Uproar stack per each enemy Hero hit.
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  • Level 10 – +25% magic resistance during Trample or +90 Onslaught damage
  • Level 15 – Beast dispels himself when activating Uproar or -5s Trample cooldown
  • Level 20 – +7 Uproar armor per stack or +20% Trample attack multiplier
  • Level 25 – +100% Pulverize duration or cannot be slowed or rooted during Trample

Dota 2 Primal Beast Guide – Tips

With his powerful abilities, Primal Beast becomes a strong Hero as the game advances. Use Onslaught to initiate fights or secure kills on fleeing enemies. Trample provides excellent control in team fights, slowing and damaging groups of enemies. Use Uproar when you are getting attacked to maximize its effectiveness. And, of course, cast pulverize on an enemy Hero to completely destroy him.

PB can be played in the mid lane or offlane because of his tanky nature and crowd-controlling abilities. Use your abilities to control the battlefield and disrupt the enemy's positioning. Join fights often, as your abilities can significantly impact the outcome. You will be ready to fight and rotate as soon as you hit level 6.

Like most Heroes, PB needs both experience and farm to be effective. His item build often revolves around enhancing his tankiness and crowd control capabilities. He usually buys items that make him tankier and also increase his damage output. Buying an initiator item is also useful in many games. PB’s primary role on the battlefield is to disrupt enemy formations with his crowd control abilities and initiate team fights, enabling his allies to follow up with their high-impact abilities. 

Dota 2 Primal Beast – Pros and Cons

Like all Heroes, Primal Beast has his own set of strengths and weaknesses.


  • Strong initiator
  • Excellent crowd control
  • Boosts the team's combat abilities
  • High impact in team fights


  • Requires good positioning
  • Reliant on effective use of abilities
  • Lack of built-in sustain

How to Play Primal Beast

Now, let's explore the details of how to play Primal Beast in every stage of the game.

Starting items

Before the match starts, make sure to purchase a Quelling Blade, Healing Salve, and a set of Tangoes. A Gauntlet Of Strength will give you the additional sustain that you need. It can also be upgraded into a Bracer later on. These items will set you up effectively for the laning phase.

Early Game 

Your primary focus during the early game should be on farming and gaining experience. Utilize your Onslaught ability to not only secure last hits but also to harass your opponent. By doing this, you can ensure your lane dominance, making it more difficult for your opponent to farm efficiently. If you're faced with a particularly aggressive opponent, your Trample ability can act as both an escape mechanism and a form of counter-aggression. 

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Upon reaching level 6, try to have one point in each of your basic abilities and your ultimate, Pulverize. Pulverize can be a determining factor in early game fights, offering high damage and a stun that can catch enemies off-guard. You can also rotate to other lanes to gank at this point. For your first major item, aim for Phase Boots. A Magic Stick is a must-buy if the enemy is casting a lot of spells. Upgrade your Gauntlet Of Strength into Bracer. For a mid PB Bottle is recommended.

Mid Game 

The mid game marks the beginning of team fights and skirmishes. At this point, your role shifts from a lane controller to a team fight initiator and disabler. Coordinate with your team and look for opportunities to engage with Onslaught. The stun and damage from this ability can give your team the edge in fights. Follow up your Onslaught initiation with Trample for AoE damage and slow, and remember to use Uproar to buff your attack damage and speed.

For items, Blink Dagger is a crucial pickup. It enhances your initiation capability by allowing you to blink into the enemy team and unleash your combo of abilities. After Blink Dagger, consider purchasing Black King Bar (BKB). This item will ensure that you are not interrupted when initiating, allowing you to land your combo consistently.

Late Game 

In the late game, you become a formidable force in team fights with your ability to disrupt and control enemies. Continue to focus on initiating fights for your team with Blink and Onslaught. Your Pulverize ultimate becomes even more critical in this phase. Try to hit as many enemies as possible to maximize its effect. Don't forget to use Uproar when needed to increase your team's fighting capabilities.

To enhance your durability, consider buying Heart of Tarrasque or Assault Cuirass. Kaya and Sange can be your next item for increasing magic damage output. Shivas Guard is also a good item to boost your armor and tankiness. Get a Refresher Orb to reset all your spells and items cooldown. Finally, upgrade your Blink Dagger to Overwhelming Blink.

Dota 2 Primal Beast Counter

Some Heroes can challenge Primal Beast effectively. Let’s look at some of his best counters.

  • Outworld Destroyer – Outworld Destroyer's Astral Imprisonment can save the target that Primal Beast charges with Onslaught or potentially disrupt his Pulverize.
  • Silencer – Silencer's Global Silence is a potent counter to any Hero reliant on their abilities to have an impact in team fights, and PB is no exception. By using Global Silence right as PB initiates with Onslaught or starts channeling Pulverize, Silencer can render him essentially useless.
  • Abaddon – Abaddon's Aphotic Shield can remove the stun from Onslaught and the slow from Trample, reducing Primal Beast's control over him or his allies.
  • Winter Wyvern – Winter Wyvern's Cold Embrace can save an ally from PB’s onslaught, and Winter's Curse can potentially turn PB’s own team against him.


We hope this Dota 2 Primal Beast guide helps you understand the Hero better and improves your gameplay. Watch out for more guides to come for your favorite Heroes.

Dota 2 Primal Beast Guide
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