Dota 2 Phoenix Guide – Tips and Tricks

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Dota 2 Phoenix Guide – Tips and Tricks

This Dota 2 Phoenix guide will show you why this is one of the unique heroes in the game.

Dota 2 has a lot of interesting heroes that players can pick from, and Phoenix is one of them. The hero may not seem that interesting at first, but he has unique skills that set him apart from the rest. Once an Intelligence hero, Phoenix is now among the Universal heroes, making him even more popular.

If you preview the Phoenix Dota 2 guide, you will learn everything about this hero and why he’s so popular. His starting stats are not the best at 1 armor, 280 movement speed, and 44-54 attack damage, but he can be an amazing option in many situations. That’s why we will learn more information about him.


Starting with the Phoenix Dota 2 skills, let’s learn more about this hero’s unique abilities.

  • Icarus Dive – This ability costs 15% of the hero’s HP to use, but it allows him to dive up to 1400 distance forward, dealing 75 burn damage per second for 4s to all targets it goes through. The ability also slows down enemies by 25%, and the hero will return to his original position unless he casts Supernova.
  • Fire Spirits – This ability lets the hero summon 4 Fire Spirits, each of which deals 80 damage per second and removes 140 attack speed for 4s. It costs 20% of his HP to use.
  • Sun Ray – This is a channeling ability that deals 32 base damage per second + 6.3% of the target's HP. The ability also allows Phoenix to heal his allies for 16 + 2% of their max HP per second, but it costs 6% of the hero’s HP per second to use. The ability will also apply a stackable 2% miss chance debuff when it does damage.
  • Supernova – One of the most interesting Phoenix Dota 2 Skills allows him to turn into a Supernova that requires 10 attacks to destroy. It lasts for 6s, deals 12 damage per second, and if the enemies do not destroy it, it will stun everyone in a 1200 radius for 2.4s. Also, Phoenix will go out of the supernova with full HP.

The shard allows the hero to be cast Sun Ray during Supernova, and it will slow them down by 12. Aghanim’s Scepter, on the other hand, increases the number of attacks to destroy Supernova, and it allows the hero to “grab” an ally inside.




The next thing to check in this Dota 2 Phoenix build is the hero’s talents.

  • Level 10 – +6% Spell Amplification or +25% Icarus Dive Slow
  • Level 15 – 500 extra HP or Fire Spirits will deal +20 damage per second
  • Level 20 – Supernova stuns for 0.4s longer or Sun Ray deals +1.5% max HP damage 
  • Level 25 – Icarus Dive gets +1000 Cast Range or Supernova requires +3 hits to be destroyed

Dota 2 Phoenix Guide – Tips

If you check the Phoenix Dota 2 stats, you can see that this is a very interesting hero capable of filling in two roles – offlane and support. Even though most of the professional teams will use him as support, the hero can be a solid option for the offlane in the PUB meta.

What is very interesting about the hero is his ability to do damage. A lot of people underestimate him, but after Valve made him a Universal hero, he became much s stronger. 

Phoenix has the ability to control the lane because he can harass and farm the lane itself, as well as the side camps. However, since he has no disables, the hero is not that good for land kills unless he is paired with someone.

Generally speaking, Phoenix is a hero that works well in the “wombo-combo” scenarios, where there are at least a few other heroes with AoE abilities. The hero’s ultimate is definitely the best part of him because he can easily win any team fight. Moreover, people who get an Aghanim’s Scepter can use the ult to save allies from danger, so it’s no surprise we’ve seen some sick plays over the years.

Phoenix Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons


In addition to the Phoenix Dota 2 Reddit, where you can find info about the hero, here are a few of the pros and cons you should keep in mind.


  • A lot of damage
  • Harder to kill than most supports/offlaners
  • Works really well with other heroes with AoE abilities
  • Aghanim’s Scepter allows the hero to save allies


  • Not knowing how to play means you will die more often because the abilities take a percentage of your HP

Dota 2 Phoenix Guide – Items

The essential thing in the Phoenix Dota 2 build is the items for this hero, so here are a few things to keep in mind.

Starting Items

Most Phoenix players start the match with HP regen and a Ring of Protection because it allows them to get Tranquil Boots and get additional armor.

Early game

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In the early game, Phoenix should have Boots of Speed or Tranquil Boots and Urn of Shadows.


Depending on the situation and the hero’s position, you can find things like Mechanism or Veil of Discord. Some players will even try getting things like an Eul’s.

Late game

The best late-game items for this hero are Shiva’s Guard and a Scythe of Vyse. That said, some players will like to get Radiance, especially if they are in the offlane and need to do more damage.

Dota 2 Phoenix Counter

The Phoenix Dota 2 Pro Tracker reveals that the hero has some pretty good counters, so let’s go through them.

  • Huskar – Huskar’s magic resistance and insane attack speed make him a solid option against Phoenix because he can destroy the egg much faster.
  • Ursa – Again, the hero’s impressive attack speed makes him a solid pick against Phoenix.
  • Anti-Mage – Every Manta Style builder with a lot of attack speed is highly effective against Phoenix, and AM is not an exception.


We have to say that Phoenix is a unique hero in many ways. Even though you won’t find any Dota 2 Phoenix skins, the hero is fun to play and offers a lot of things. No wonder he’s often on the most popular list.

Dota 2 Phoenix Guide – Tips and Tricks
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