How To Win The Late Game in Dota 2 (2024)- Proven Tips & Tricks

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How To Win The Late Game in Dota 2 (2024)- Proven Tips &  Tricks

How to win the late game in Dota 2 is an interesting question asked by a lot of people. Well, you are about to find all the answers you need.

After we’ve learned how to dominate in the early game and ensure you will have a great mid-game, the next important thing to talk about is the late game. Not every Dota 2 match reaches this state, but once it happens, every mistake can be fatal. Whether you choose to carry, offlane, mid-lane, or support, you need to know what to do, so we’re about to learn everything. 

What is the Dota 2 Late Game?

How To Win The Late Game in Dota 2 - Proven Tips &  Tricks

The Dota 2 late game is when the match reaches a stage where most heroes are at max level. There is no definition of a late game, but in most instances, Dota 2 matches that are over 40 or 50 minutes long are considered to be “late game”.

How to win the Late game in Dota 2?

Winning the Dota 2 late game is definitely not an easy thing to do. Every role has specific “do’s” and “don’ts”, and we are about to take a look at them.

Dota 2 Late Game as a Support

Being a support in the Dota 2 late game is probably one of the most frustrating things. In most cases, you are a “walking ultimate” whose job is to use your abilities before dying. Considering that the enemy team’s core players are usually six-slotted, they can die in a matter of seconds.

Besides casting their ultimates, some support heroes also need to use their CC abilities on the right targets. CC is incredibly overpowered in the late Dota 2 game and can be the difference between winning and losing, so make sure you use it right.

Of course, supports also have to ensure the team has enough vision, and they have to try to deward. The latter sounds easy, but rewarding in the late-game is Russian roulette because almost anyone can one-shot you.

Dota 2 Late Game as an Offlaner

How To Win The Late Game in Dota 2 - Proven Tips &  Tricks
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Offlaners are usually not as valuable in the late game as they are in the mid-game, and for a good reason. Most heroes that take this rule provide incredible utility and pushing capabilities, but those things aren’t always that useful later on.

Of course, there are many exceptions here, especially when we take a look at some of the heroes with the big ultimates. Enigma, for example, is one of the best late-game offlaners you can have because of Black Hole. The same is true for Tidehunter and Magnus, both of whom have insane ultimates.

If you are playing one of these heroes, you are under a lot of pressure because the big ultimates will make a difference during team fights. Also, you should be very careful not to die because once that happens, the enemy team can run over you and win the game.

Dota 2 Late Game as a Midder

How To Win The Late Game in Dota 2 - Proven Tips &  Tricks


The mid-laner is the second-most important unit in the late Dota 2 match and for a good reason. Depending on the hero, he can be the main damage dealer or the hero that allows the carry to shine.

The main thing to focus on as a midder in the late game is not to get caught. Dying for no reason and wasting your buyback (more about this in a bit) are among the worst things that can happen.

Other than that, you should try to work together with your team and punish your opponents when they are out of position. The latter is a common issue among inexperienced Dota 2 players, so take advantage of it. Some midders, such as Storm Spirit and Ember Spirit, allow you to be a lot more aggressive, but before going in, evaluate the risks. Do your opponents have a disable? What can you do against it?

Dota 2 Late Game as a Carry

How To Win The Late Game in Dota 2 - Proven Tips &  Tricks

The carry (position 1) is the hero who needs to make a difference in the late-game. Unless you are using a very specific hero for a given draft, you will be the strongest hero on your team. 

While it’s incredibly fun to play carry in the late-game, it is also incredibly hard because every mistake you make is usually fatal. Dying for no reason, wasting your buyback, not helping your team when needed, overextending, and so on are just some of the potential problems you need to be aware of.

As a late game carry, you need to be able to pick the right target. Depending on the hero and items, you may be able to one-shot some targets, so use this to your advantage. 

You also need to be very careful about which items you are and when you are doing it. Black King Bar, for example, is one of the strongest items during this part of a Dota 2 game, so use it wisely. 

Dota 2 Late Game Winning Tips

After sharing some info about each role, it’s time for some of the most important Dota 2 late-game tips. We’ll include each one in a separate heading so you can keep track of everything.

Save money for buyback

One of the most common mistakes people make across all Dota 2 skill brackets is related to buyback. This is probably the most important thing you must have in the late game because every death counts. Having enough gold for buyback is crucial, so ensure you have enough before buying any item.

Do not attempt risky maneuvers unless it is necessary

As mentioned throughout this article, taking unnecessary risks is one of the worst things that you can do in the late game. The risk can come in a variety of forms, but the most common one is the risky maneuvers that some players take.

Things like farming on the lane alone, trying to get a solo kill, or pushing a tower are something that you should not do unless it is necessary. The risks of dying and not having buyback or dying and forcing you to use your BB are really high, and this could be game-breaking.

Reconsider your item

Depending on your role, you will have different items in the Dota 2 late game. That said, this is the part of the game where you may want to reconsider your item choice and buy items that will help you win.

There are many examples of such situations, so it really depends on the game. Some people who want to know how to win the late game in Dota 2 will often decide to get things like Abyssal Blade, Aeon Disc, Scythe of Vyse, and more.

Roshan is very important

Roshan is one of the most important things in Dota 2, but when it comes down to the late game, this unit is on another level. The team that has the Aegis is in a much better position to win the match because one of their heroes will have a 2nd life. In fact, teams usually decide to push a given lane when they have the Aegis, so keeping an eye on Roshan's spawn time is key.

How To Win The Late Game in Dota 2 (2024)- Proven Tips &  Tricks
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