Dota 2 Enigma Guide (Tips and Tricks)

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Dota 2 Enigma Guide (Tips and Tricks)

This Dota 2 Enigma guide will reveal the secrets behind one of the game’s most interesting heroes. 

There are a lot of unique heroes in Dota 2, but one of them is usually above the rest, and its name is Enigma. Known as one of the top supports/offlaners in professional play, Enigma is a hero that people pick when they want to win games. This explains why we can see the hero in almost every meta.

Before diving into other important details in this Enigma Dota 2 guide, it is worth knowing that Enigma is a universal hero with 44-50 attack damage, 3.3 armor, and 290 mobility. A lot of things are special about this hero, including its ultimate, so we will take a look at int his review. 


Before checking the Dota 2 Enigma build you need to focus on, here’s a preview of the hero’s abilities.

  • Malefice – This ability stuns a target for 0.9s 3 times and equals 100 damage on each stun. Keep in mind that each instance is 2s apart.
  • Demonic Summoning – Enigma can summon three minions with up to 240 HP and deal up to 47 damage each with a point-targeted ability that has 400 range, but they will cost 150 HP in addition to the mana to use. Once these Eidolons attack 6 times, they can multiply.
  • Midnight Pulse -This strong ability deals 11% of the enemy heroes’ HP per second for 12s if they stay inside it. It is an AoE spell.
  • Black Hole – Enigma’s signature ability deals 200 damage per second for 4s and traps all enemies inside it for 4s. During that time, they can’t move, attack, or cast any abilities.

If Enigma decides to get an Aghanim’s Shard, it will have the chance to upgrade its Malefice. The latter will increase the stun duration by 0.35s and will create one Eidolon per stun. As for Aghanim’s Scepter, the item will allow Enigma’s Black Hole to do more damage and do a non-interrupting pull towards it in a 1200 AoE at a rate of 175.00.

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After analyzing the Enigma Dota 2 skills, the next important thing is to check the hero’s talents.

  • Level 10 – Black Hole will deal 50 additional damage per second or Eidolon has +10 Attack Speed
  • Level 15 – Malefice deals +35 damage per instance or the hero gets +250 HP
  • Level 20 – Eidolon has +40 damage or Midnight Pulse’s Radius is up by 200
  • Level 25 – Demonic Conversion spawns +5 Eidolons or Malefice has +4 instances

Dota 2 Enigma Guide – Tips

Whether you’re interested in the Dota 2 Enigma voice lines or something else about the hero, there is no arguing that it’s unique. Of course, the thing that makes it so special is Black Hole and the fact that this is a game-winning ability. 

Black Hole can pierce every spell immunity in the game, so a well-used ultimate can win fights. Although landing that perfect Black Hole is never easy, the fact that this ability is in the game is enough to make Enigma very dangerous because the enemy team has to be on edge and stay away from it.

Speaking of the ultimate, you do not need to land the perfect Black Hole. Instead, use it wisely, even on single targets that are important to die.

In terms of how you play, Enigma can be a support or offlaner, but the hero’s job is to farm. She can easily do that in the offlane, but if Enigma is a support, she has to farm the Jungle. Speaking of the devil, this is among the best junglers in Dota 2, so don’t be surprised if you see the hero there.

Enigma is also a solid option for pushing. If you check the Enigma Dota 2 pro tracker, you can see that most games with the hero do not last that long because of the Eidalons and their damage output.

Enigma Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons


The Enigma Dota 2 voice lines are just one of the perks of using Enigma, but the hero has a lot of other perks.


  • One of the strongest ultimates in Dota 2
  • The hero does not need that much farm to be effective 
  • Enigma can lane well against almost anything
  • Good for pushing
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  • Fairly fragile
  • A lot of things counter Black Hole

Dota 2 Enigma Guide – Items

When it comes down to the Enigma Dota 2 items, there are a few must-haves, regardless of your position.

Starting Items

The starting items for this hero include Clarity potions, HP regen, and Mangoes. Some people also get one or two Branches for extra stats.

Early game

Enigma’s early game items should include Magic Wand and Boots of Speed. That said, some people will start focusing on a Hand of Midas, so they will get Gloves of Haste.

Mid game

If we put the Enigma Dota 2 item Hand of Midas build, people will want to get a Blink Dagger as soon as possible. Enigma can also get Arcane Boots, Mek, and so on, depending on the game.

Late Game

The best late-game items for Enigma are Black King Bar and Refresher Orb. However, if the game is going well for the hero and there is time, we can also see things like an Octarine Core and an Aghanim’s Scepter. The latter can work really well with some of the Dota 2 Enigma skins.

Dota 2 Enigma Counter

Regardless of the Enigma Dota 2 build, the hero has some big counters that are hard to play against, so players must be careful.

  • Silencer – Global Silence can cancel Black Hole, and it can be used anywhere, which can make the ultimate feel useless.,
  • Rubick – One of the best Enigma Dota 2 counter hero can steal Black Hole and use it against Enigma’s teammates.
  • Storm Spirit – Storm’s ability to jump on top of Enigma and kill the hero before using the ultimate makes it a good option.

Final thoughts

The Dota 2 Enigma comic is as interesting as the hero itself, which explains its popularity over the years. Enigma is among the few heroes that are popular regardless of the mete because of its power. Even though the hero is not easy to master, Dota 2 players who know how to use Black Hole can make a difference.

Dota 2 Enigma Guide (Tips and Tricks)
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