How to Fast Travel in Nightingale

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How to Fast Travel in Nightingale

Here’s a complete guide on how to fast travel in Nightingale

Inflexion Games released their new survival game for early access on February 20 titled, Nightingale. The game is set in a gaslamp fantasy world during the Victorian era. The game is said to have single-player and multiplayer modes with some RPG and exploration elements. A large community has already formed after the recent release.

Since there are multiple levels in the Fae Realms and numerous combinations of Realm Cards, players have been having a hard time going from one spot to another quickly. Since there are a few methods of traveling in Nightingale quickly, we have compiled all of them and will show you how to use them efficiently.

How to Fast Travel in Nightingale

Nightingale features numerous ways that make traveling and working the map quite easy. Aspects like Realm Maps and Custom Waypoints are very helpful if used wisely. These make traversing outside the Respite Realm quite easy and quick. Besides that, you can make our own portals according to your convenience. Each of these steps is described in detail below.

Fast Traveling

In order to fast-travel in the game, you will definitely need the Estate Carin. This is a structure that you can craft at your settlements and set it as a Respite, making that spot your respawn point if you die. It will also signify your main settlement as you can only have one Respite in each game across all reams. You can fast-travel using these points across all your bases. A Carin requires only 20 Rocks and 5 Stone Blocks to craft.

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How to Fast Travel in Nightingale

Credit: Inflexion Games

If you do decide to change your Respite to a different Estate Carin, it is wise to have a Portal to your previous one, this allows you to still access that realm. Details about building portals will be explained further below.

Making Portals

To build portals in Nightingale you will need the Synchronous Lotus. These are available at the highest level of the Fae Towers inside chests. If you want to build multiple portals, it is wise to collect many at once.

To build a Crude Portal, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 1 Synchronous Lotus: Inside Chests at the Top of Fae Towers
  • 7 Ingots: From Smelter using Ore
  • 3 Wires: From Brazier using 2 Ingots

You will also need the new Major Realm Cards which can be obtained by completing the Sites of Power in the Abeyance Realm. These have numerous puzzles and enemies to overcome. Each of the Major Cards will have the destination of the Realms. You can set the theme by using the Biome cards, which are Forest, Swamp or Desert. A Minor Card will also have environmental changes to the biomes.

How to Fast Travel in Nightingale

Credit: Inflexion Games

After unlocking the new Realm Cards, you can create them at an Enchanter’s Focus and put them into a Realm Card Machine beside a Portal. You can also rename your portals while interacting with them, which can be quite handy in remembering where each one goes.

Other Ways to Travel Quickly

Each realm will have a Fae Tower which you will have to get on top of and defeat multiple hordes of enemies to unlock. After you are done with that, every point of interest will appear on your map, so it is wise to check those out. These will allow you to explore the map more easily across every realm.

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You can also you the World Beacons to move around. Nightingale has these custom waypoints that can be placed on your map by right-clicking on the spots you are interested in and selecting the option from a drop-down menu. This makes traversing the multiple Fae Realms a little easier, especially if you haven’t conquered the Fae Tower yet.

Stamps are also available in the same drop-down menu on your map and can be used to mark resources that you plan to collect later on.

Nightingale Fast Travel Guide

Credit: Inflexion Games

The Umbrella is another effective way of moving around quickly in Nightingale. It can be looted or crafted in your inventory. By assigning a hotkey you can whip it out quickly. Other than providing shelter from the heat in the Desert Biome, the Umbrella also allows you to glide down from heights. It is important to be wary of your stamina meter here as running out of stamina will make you plummet below. If you run out of stamina mid-air, then you can put the Umbrella away and open it up a few seconds later just before hitting the ground when your stamina bar fills up.

The game also has a dodge mechanic you can use for movement as well as combat. It allows to you get out of complicated situations safely and fast.

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How to Fast Travel in Nightingale
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