Nightingale Gathering – How To Get Resources

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Nightingale Gathering – How To Get Resources

Nightingale is out, and with it, players have a lot of different questions. The Nightingale gathering mechanic is one of them, so here’s what you need to know.

There are many unique things about Nightingale, one of which is the crafting system. Unlike other types of survival games, where you have to find the needed sources, this one is different. Thanks to the Nightingale crafting system, you have to look for higher-item options that will improve your basic ones.

Some users might be confused by the Nightingale gathering system and everything related to it because it has its specifics. Fortunately, you are about to learn everything here.

Finding Higher Tier Nightingale Resources

One thing we found is that the higher-tier resources in Nightingale usually come once you increase the challenge levels. Speaking of the devil, these are the tiers you need to be aware of:

  • Crude – This is where you get the basic stuff
  • Tier 1:  Here, you can find Provisioner, Astrolabe, and Antiquarian
  • Tier 2: The latter consists of Gloom and Herbarium
  • Tier 3: Apex Hunts, Ascended Reams, The Watch

Another thing we have noticed is that certain creatures that drop the items you need will spawn in some areas more than others. This is also true for crops, plants, and specific materials. The idea is to make the Nightingale Gather experience unique and more challenging.

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Speaking of this process, there will be cases where you can find higher-level resources in lower-tier worlds. What’s different about that thing is that you will need to have a specific item level before you can harvest them. 

Nightingale Gathering – Essence Traders

If you are not a fan of getting the resources yourself by roaming around, there is another thing you can do. There are things in Nightingale called “Essence Trader”, which will allow you to get different tiers of materials. From our experience, they are available in many realms.

Regarding prices, we have found that a Tier 1 item will usually require you to have a T1 essence, as well as Essence Dust. The same is true for the other tiers, but you must have a higher-tier essence.

You may not always find the item you are looking for, but there are cases where you will save a lot of time. 

How to get Nightingale Gems?

Another important thing we want to mention in this Nightingale gathering article is how to get gems. Those things are important early on, and the good news is that you can find them once you start playing.

What we found is that you can get gems as soon as you start playing if you decide to mine the Quartz nodes. Just remember that you will need to have a pickaxe. The Qurtz nodes are available in the Abeyance realm, and you can find them in many different areas.

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Regarding some of the more interesting gems, such as Rubies or Sapphires, you will need to look for loot chests. Once you find some, try smelting them after going to your crafting station.

Lastly, we have Amber. This material is usually found in caves, which are spread around the map. While there, you can also expect to find other types of materials, including coal. Magnesium, and so on.

Those were just some of the Nightingale gathering tips and information you need to be aware of.

Nightingale Gathering – How To Get Resources
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