How to Get Nightingale Wood Bundles

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How to Get Nightingale Wood Bundles

In Nightingale, you will have the opportunity to hunt for different resources that you will need during your adventure to build many things. One of these resources is the Nightingale Wood Bundles that you will be able to see around the game map. This resource is very useful, as it is indispensable for several purposes, so it is important that you know how to obtain it. In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you need to know about it.

How to Get Wood Bundles in Nightingale

There are essentially two ways to get Wood Bundles in Nightingale: you can farm them or you can buy them. Based on the moment in which you need it, you can decide completely independently which of the two options is the best one for you. Let's see both together so that you know how to behave in both cases.

Nightingale Wood Bundles

How to Farm Wood Bundles in Nightingale

To get Wood Bundles, chop down Trees and Logs in different spots in Nightingale. You need an axe to get Wood Bundles, unlike Sticks or Plant Fiber. You can make a simple axe called the Makeshift Wood Axe with three Rocks, three pieces of Wood, and six pieces of Plant Fiber. It helps cut down trees faster for Wood to build things. Later, you will get better tools that last longer and do more damage. Use these tools to clear the forest by cutting down trees for Wood Bundles. Always bring a friend or a survivor to help carry things while gathering resources so you won't get too heavy.

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How to Purchase Wood Bundles in Nightingale

If you don't want to explore the world game, you can also buy different things, like Wood Bundles, from Essence Traders in different Realms. Find one of these NPCs and talk to them to see what they're selling. To buy stuff from them, you will need Essence Dust. You need to spend 10 Essence Dust to get Wood Bundles from Essence Traders.

How to Get Nightingale Wood Bundles
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