Nightingale Essence: How to Get it

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Nightingale Essence: How to Get it

Since Nightingale is a survival game, one of the focal points of the entire gaming experience is resource gathering. Collecting resources is essential to being able to build various types of tools and equipment. An example is the Nightingale Essence. This resource is important for buying schematics and repairing your gear, therefore, as you can imagine, you cannot do without it. Although it is not excessively difficult to find, you may have some problems, especially at the beginning of the game, so in this article, we will tell you where to go to find this resource.

How to Get Essence in Nightingale

There are essentially two ways to obtain Nightingale Essence: the first is to break down the items that are present in your inventory, while the second is to collect Essence Bundles from the Sites of Power or Vaults. However, the second option will not be available from the beginning of your adventure, and you will have to continue a bit to be able to do so. For this reason, the first option is the one you should focus on as soon as you start the game.

What you have to do, in practice, is collect everything that is present in the game and then break it to obtain this type of resource. You can break old pieces of gear or rely on other resources, such as sticks and plant fibers. The latter are very common in Nightingale, even at the beginning of your adventure, so you won't have any problem finding them around the map.

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Nightingale Essence

Once you have these materials, all you have to do is right-click on them in your inventory and select the option that allows you to extract the Nightingale Essence from them. Once this is done, you can go to the Essences tab to see how much is in your inventory, so you can adjust for what you need.

As we said previously, this resource is very important because not only does it allow you to have a resource available in your inventory that is able to repair your gear (and trust me, you will definitely need it, especially when you progress in the game), but it also allows you to purchase new schematics from the Essence vendor. In short, it is an indispensable resource without which you absolutely cannot continue the game.

Nightingale Essence: How to Get it
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