Nightingale Difficulty Explained

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Nightingale Difficulty Explained

Nightingale is a survival game in which you will have the opportunity to create your character and try to survive by facing the threats that are present in the game world. However, not everyone has the desire or ability to play a difficult game, and that is why the developers have decided to make the gaming experience as suitable as possible for every type of player. In fact, it is possible to choose the Nightingale difficulty, so that you can create a gaming experience that is suitable for you. However, the difficulty in Nightingale works a little differently than usual. Let's see together what it is.

Nightingale Difficulty Accessibility

The developers have always emphasized how they wanted to create a game that was accessible to all players. Introducing an option that is able to satisfy (almost) all players is certainly a very important thing that should be underlined. Anyway, we mentioned that Nightingale difficulty works a little differently than we're used to, but why? We'll explain it to you right away.

First of all, it seems obvious to us to say it, but by now you should have understood that it is possible to select the difficulty level in Nightingale. But you won't have a simple selection; rather, you will have the possibility to select the difficulty for several things. In fact, you will have the possibility to choose the difficulty every time you have the possibility to open a portal within the game. And what will this affect? The creature hit points, damage, and level of resources provided. So, based on how you intend to tackle this adventure, you can choose the difficulty.

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As for the difficulty levels themselves, there are two: starting loadout difficulty and realm powers difficulty. Starting loadout difficulty allows you to determine what type of equipment you will start your adventure in Nightinagale with. You can choose to be completely without any piece of equipment, or already have a respectable arsenal with you. The choice is up to you. Realm powers difficulty, on the other hand, is used to determine the health and damage of enemies. Here too, you can choose between easier enemies to tackle or more difficult ones.

In short, these two different difficulty selectors allow you to shape an adventure that is in line with your tastes and your abilities. In fact, you may want to start the game with a character who already has good equipment but faces strong enemies, or you can opt for a character with nothing or almost nothing who will have to face weaker enemies. Or you can think of all the other combinations you have the ability to create. In this case, it is worth saying that you truly have your destiny in your hands, so choose well.

Nightingale Difficulty Explained
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