How to Recruit Nightingale Survivor NPCs

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How to Recruit Nightingale Survivor NPCs

In addition to having the chance to encounter powerful enemies and solve puzzles, during your adventures in Nightingale, you can also meet other characters who can help you. The Nightingale survivor NPCs, in fact, are characters that you will be able to add to your party so that you can venture into the game world in the company of someone, which can be useful, especially in certain situations.

How to Recruit Survivors in Nightingale

As you're no doubt guessing, you can't just add these characters to your party. In order to do this, you will first have to complete a task that they will ask you to complete, so it means that you will have to dedicate time to each of them if you want them to be part of your party. Let's see together what you need to know about these NPCs so that you can hire them to help you during your adventure in Nightingale.

You will encounter these NPCs while traversing the realm of Nightingale. Engage in conversation with these figures to delve deeper into the intricacies of the world. Should they have a task for you, completing it often leads to them becoming allies. Each NPC presents a unique quest. Some are relatively straightforward, and upon fulfilling their request, a modest reward awaited. Subsequently, the option to recruit them became available after conversing once more.

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Nightingale NPC

When you hire a survivor, you can control what they carry. You can swap their items or ask them to hold things for you while you explore Nightingale. If you don't want the survivor to be part of your party anymore, talk to them again and choose to let them go. When you do this, they won't follow you anymore. But if you change your mind, you can hire them again. You don't have to do any extra tasks for this. You can do it whenever you want while playing Nightingale.

But why should you hire them? What's the point of all this? These survivors are super helpful when you want to explore all by yourself or with just a couple of friends in a big game where lots of people are playing. They're like your reliable buddies, always there to join you on your adventures and make them way more fun and thrilling. With them by your side, exploring new places is easier, especially when you need to go to areas where there are strong enemies or weather conditions that are not that good.

How to Recruit Nightingale Survivor NPCs
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