How to Solve Puzzle Core in Nightingale

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How to Solve Puzzle Core in Nightingale

In Nightingale, you will not only have to worry about gathering resources, creating portals, or facing enemies, but also solving puzzles. In fact, scattered throughout the game world, you will find Puzzle Cores that you have to solve in order to obtain rewards. Be careful, though: if you fail to solve them, the consequences could also be disastrous, so that's why you need a guide that explains how to solve these puzzles.

Nightingale Puzzle Core Solution

You cannot fail to understand that you are faced with a Puzzle Core in Nightingale, as they are characterized by an appearance and a type of sound that are not comparable to anything in the game world. As a result, finding these puzzles is not at all the difficult thing to do. The difficult part is having to reach a solution that is the correct one in order to grab the rewards that lie behind these puzzles (sometimes very inviting). So, let's see together what steps need to be taken in order to proceed.

The first thing to pay attention to are the glowing spiers around them that chime in a specific order. This is the key to being able to solve the puzzle correctly. Each of the spirals is practically a piece of the puzzle that you will have to solve. So, pay attention to the pattern and interact with the various pieces in the exact order they are shown. If you do everything correctly, the entire structure will shine and unlock the door behind it. However, if you don't interact with the puzzle pieces correctly, it will reset and you will have to eliminate enemies before you can try again.

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When you figure out the puzzle, you get lots of good stuff! The first thing you get is the Hope Echo. You can let it go at the special place, and then it gives you a recipe for making things. The second thing you get is the Favour. It's in a room that's locked up tight. This Favour is like a little present that gives you special powers, like being able to jump higher, but only for a little while. For this reason, make sure you use these powers carefully.

When you solve a puzzle, it's done forever. You can't solve the puzzle again. But don't worry, you can still find more in the Nightingale map! Just look around while you're exploring. Your map will show you where the puzzles are. So, if you're not ready to get the prizes yet, you can always come back later and give them a try.

How to Solve Puzzle Core in Nightingale
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