Nightingale Hope Echo explained – Puzzle Cores

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Nightingale Hope Echo explained – Puzzle Cores

Many people want the Nightingale Hope Echo explained because they’re not sure what it is and how to get it. Well, we are about to find out.

Nightingale is a unique game that became available on February 20. The game has a lot to offer, such as resources, but you can also find things called Puzzle Cores. The latter are spread across different realms, and they are basically musical devices that have rewards. 

In this Nightingale Hope Echo explained guide, we will show you how to get your hands on his item. The latter becomes available once you solve the specific Puzzle Cores, so we’ll also see how to do that.

Puzzle Cores – What are they?

As mentioned, the Puzzle Cores are basically musical devices that you can solve to get different rewards. We’ve seen a couple of them and they usually glow, so it is hard to miss them. The tricky part is that they are not easy to solve, and people who don’t know how to do it will have problems.

Before we reach the Nightingale Hope Echo reward, you need to know that the Puzzle Cores have specific glowing spires that chime in a pattern. This pattern is important because each of the spires is a specific puzzle. You will have to follow the display in the order of display, and this will cause a reaction, resulting in unlocking a special room.

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Nightingale Hope Echo Explained

If you manage to solve the puzzle, you will receive a lot of different rewards. One of them is the Favour, which will grant you unique abilities. For example, you will be able to jump higher for a shorter period of time.

Aside from that, you will also get the Hope Echo. If you decide to release the latter at the altar, you can get access to a crafting recipe.

There are many different Pulzze Cores around the map and some may provide even better rewards than others. They glow in different colors, so keep an eye on everything while exploring the new world.

Nightingale Hope Echo explained – Puzzle Cores
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