Is There a Nightingale Solo Mode?

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Is There a Nightingale Solo Mode?

Can you play Nightingale solo? Here's what we know about the game's single-player mode.

Nightingale‘s gaslamp world comes with thrills of adventure, danger, and whispered secrets. Inflexion Games invites you and your friends to team up amidst the vibrant landscapes and battle the lurking threats in its upcoming survival title. But can you forge your path alone? Here’s everything we know about the Nightingale solo experience.

Can You Play Nightingale Solo?

Is There a Nightingale Solo Mode?

Credit: Inflexion Games

The developers have confirmed that Nightingale's solo play will be possible. Even though survival games are often enjoyed best as a shared adventure, players can choose to try Nightingale alone if they want to. The solo mode is the default mode of the game. You have to open up the game manually to other players if you want to share the experience with others.

Nightingale Solo: What to Expect?

In a recent interview with Game Rant, Inflexion Games CEO Aaryn Flynn and lead designer Bjorn Taylor provided insights on Nightangle’s solo gameplay.

The game is meant to be able to be experienced as a solo player. Some content may be very difficult, but everything is possible. To help players, they can acquire a NPC companion, which will help in combat, and resource gathering. We also have our social hub, where they can meet other Realmwalkers to potentially share their adventures,” Taylor said.

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“Playing solo gives you complete control of your world. Playing with friends will allow you to play more challenging realms earlier. If you work together, your rewards will also be increased as you each get your own rewards for encounters. A great thing about Nightingale is no decision is permanent. If you ever decide to go it alone or join up with your friends, that is well within your abilities via permanent portals to friends realms, or simply moving your estates into the same realm.”

Flynn, on the other hand, shed light on how the NPC companions will shape your Nightingale solo adventure.

“You’ll be able to recruit an NPC who will help you gather resources and help build your blueprints, which is a huge boost especially when you’re playing solo. We don’t want base building to be overwhelming to players who don’t want to focus on that, so we offer ample gameplay opportunities to players to find resources and build into existing structures. That said, players will still need to invest in their crafting benches and stations by gathering more resources.”

Is There a Nightingale Solo Mode?
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