Nightingale Umbrella Guide – What Does It Do and How to Get One?

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Nightingale Umbrella Guide – What Does It Do and How to Get One?

In this Nightingale Umbrella guide, we will highlight what this unique item does and illustrate the steps you need to follow to get one for yourself

Nightingale is a unique open-world survival game made by Inflexion Games, a studio consisting of former Bioware devs. Regardless of what people may think of Bioware now, the studio was a creative powerhouse back in its heyday. Nightingale is a clear example of that creativity as it blends magic, mystery, and mechanics in its world like no other survival game.

One such aspect of Nightingale is how players use Umbrellas. It is a key item in your inventory and allows you to traverse the different realms easily. So, without giving away too many spoilers, this Nightingale Umbrella guide will teach you about the basics of this item and how you can get one for yourself. Let’s get into it!

What Does the Nightingale Umbrella Do?

Nightingale Umbrella Guide - What Does It Do and How to Get One?

The Umbrella in Nightingale acts as a glider for the player. It also helps to protect the player from adverse weather conditions. While the gliding aspect is nothing new as games like The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild have already perfected the mechanic, it stands out because there aren’t any survival games out there that use umbrellas to float through the air.

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In most survival games, jumping off a cliff means an instant death. However, in Nightingale’s case, you can simply soar through the sky and gently land on the ground by holding the jump button. This makes traversal a lot more enjoyable as you can reach points of interest without worrying about how to get there. Do keep in mind that you will only be able to glide for as long as your Stamina bar allows it. If it is depleted completely, then you will likely take a nasty fall.

How to Get an Umbrella in Nightingale?

Nightingale Umbrella Guide - What Does It Do and How to Get One?

You can get an Umbrella in Nightingale early on. But you will need to know where to look as the game will not tell you or indicate in any way where it is. Here’s the breakdown:

When you start your playthrough of Nightingale, you will first need to complete a set of tutorials given to you by an NPC called Puck. Once you have accepted the quest, you will need to first go to a desert and then to a swamp. When you finally reach the swamp area, you will see a set of towers near your objective. Before you go to the objective marker, make sure to spare some time to explore the towers.

You will likely come across a few enemies around the area that you can defeat by using your axe. Also, be careful when passing through water bodies as they can rapidly increase your Disease status which can lead to a game over. After overcoming those challenges and arriving at the tower, search every floor for as much loot as you can. Once you have reached the top, you will see one final treasure chest that you will need to open to get the coveted Umbrella!

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Avoid making our mistake and immediately jumping off the tower with the Umbrella equipped. You won’t be able to glide very far as you only have a tiny pool of Stamina at this point in the game. Instead, jump off the tower, and right before you are about to land, deploy the Umbrella for a smooth landing. Otherwise, you are likely to share the same fate as us and take a huge chunk of fall damage.

What to Do if You Missed the Umbrella From the Tutorial?

As we’ve mentioned before, the game does not explicitly tell you the location of the first Umbrella. So, there is a chance that you may end up missing it. But fret not, you can easily get one from an Essence Trader by purchasing the Umbrella recipe for 30 Essence Dust.

That about wraps it up! Now you know what the Umbrella in Nightingale does, how you can get it, and what you need to do in case you missed it!

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Nightingale Umbrella Guide – What Does It Do and How to Get One?
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