Nightingale Crafting Guide

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Nightingale Crafting Guide

Not sure how crafting works in the game? Look no further than this Nightingale crafting guide

Inflexion Games’ latest entry into the gaming industry has just released on early access, and it’s definitely making a mark on gamers with its procedurally generated worlds and multiplayer accessibility. Nightingale keeps the survival genre fresh and alive, with a magical world that’s beautifully crafted and a Victorian-esque steampunk setting which all players are sure to enjoy.

Just like all survival games, Nightingale has its own crafting system and understandably, people who are new to this genre might be unsure of how it works, just like we all were when we first started playing Minecraft! That’s why we prepared this article for you, in hopes to clear any confusion about the crafting system in nightingale, and a few tips and tricks here and there to help you understand how the system works through and through.

Nightingale Crafting Explained

Nightingale Crafting Guide

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Crafting is a tantamount process that you must learn to do in order to upgrade your weapons and gear, or just get them in general. The process itself is very similar to other games as well, and you must have a crafting bench available in order to start crafting weapons/armor/augmentations etc.

Crafting Benches

Unlike other games, however, Nightingale has tiers and different levels of quality when it comes to resource materials. Each tier will let you craft more and more higher quality weapons, with increased damage, defense, or other stats, depending on what you’re making.

There’s also different types of crafting benches available for you, each serving its own unique purposes and letting you make different things pertinent to its criteria, and each of them having three tiers of quality as well. The most basic one (and the one you’ll be using the most) is the workbench, which will allow you to create and craft tools and weapons. The first tier will let you create Simple tier weapons, while upgrading it will let you craft higher quality ones, like Refined and Ornate.

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Nightingale Crafting Guide

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Then we have the Smelter, which after fully upgrading to the third tier, lets you use the Blacksmith’s Hearth. Using this bench will allow you to craft ingots and other materials that are required for you to craft higher tier tools and weapons. Refinement materials are very important in survival games and is something you should always keep an abundance of in your inventory, to make sure all your armaments are properly upgraded and at the top of their potential. These benches are the perfect catalyst in ensuring that.

There’s also other benches like the Stove or Chemical Boiler, which lets you cook foods or potions that enhance your stats, usually for a short period of time. It’s important to note that these benches must also be crafted, and you’ll find the recipe for them in the world, scattered around for you to find and retrieve.

Now, one might think that upgrading the benches will speed up the process of crafting the materials, but that’s not the case. Upgrades only open up new materials for you to craft and have nothing to do with the process itself. If you want to decrease the amount of time it takes for you to make something, you’ll need Augmentations.


Nightingale Crafting Guide

Augmentations are enhancements that you can put into your crafting benches to speed them up, or open up additional materials for crafting as well. In the early access, there’s not many augmentations out there for you to find, but the ones available are definitely handy and you should consider picking them up to optimize your work stations’ output levels. Here’s a short list of all the augmentations available in the game and what you’ll need to craft them:

  • Cannon: 2x Lumber, 3x Ingot, 2x Carved Wood, 1x Gunpowder
  • Globe: 4x Carved Wood, 2x Ink, 2x Paper
  • Construction Press: 2x Lumber, 1x Stone Block, 1x Mechanical Gear, 1x Ingot
  • Crude Coat Rack: 1x Bones, 1x Lumber
  • Crystal Ball: 1x Bones, 1x Lumber
  • Jaunty Bicycle: 3x Alloy Ingot, 2x Mechanical Gears, 1x Leather
  • Magnifying Transmitter: 4x Etched Ingot, 2x Motor, 4x Copper Wire
  • Shield: 2x Bones, 1x Brass Ingot, 2x Carved Wood
  • Vial Display: 1x Carved Wood, 1x Glass
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Each bench has a set amount of Augmentation Slots that you can fill, and some will have more than others. In the early access, it’s possible for you to completely fill up the slots in the workbench, whereas it’s not plausible for the smelting benches.

And that concludes our comprehensive guide for crafting in Nightingale. Crafting is pretty much the crux of every survival game, and the same can be said for this one as well. It allows you to make weapons, materials, armor, gear, enhancements and many many more, so understanding the nooks and crannies of such a tantamount feature will get you miles ahead of the game in terms of survivability. We hope this guide helped you in understanding that, and if you want to check out more Nightingale articles, then take a look at how to get resources in Nightingale or Twitch Drops for Nightingale.

Nightingale Crafting Guide
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