Upcoming Survival Title “Nightingale” To Hold a Server Stress Test This Friday

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Upcoming Survival Title “Nightingale” To Hold a Server Stress Test This Friday

Inflexion’s gaslamp survival fantasy title ‘Nightingale’ is holding a server stress test for a limited amount of players this Friday.

Developed by Inflexion Games, Nightingale is a gaslamp survival crafter with neo-victorian elements in a ‘vast open world’. Players would be able to travel between multiple in-game worlds AKA ‘Realms’ through the involvement of magical ‘Portals’. 

Each player in the game is labeled a Realmwalker, and Realmwalkers will have about three hours to test the game this Friday before the full early-access release on Steam. 

Inflexion Games earlier revealed plans for a stress test in November 2023, allowing players to register for the playtest before the game launches on early-access in February.

The playtest will allow fans to enter a tailored version of the game, skipping the basic tutorial with recipes and gear of ‘10 hours worth of progress’ made in-game. This will allow fans to get a glimpse of what the game has in store for them, rather than crafting gear from scratch.

Inflexion’s Nightingale Server Stress-test to Last for 3 hours

Nightingale Patch 0.1.2

Inflexion explained that the main intention behind the short 3-hour duration of the playtest was to assess the capacity of the servers, to load the game servers to the maximum in the shortest duration possible. The data gathered during the server stress test will allow the team to perfect the game’s servers before launch. 

The playtest will begin on February 16, and will run from 6pm to 9pm GMT.

Fans who have pre-registered would be able to install the game starting from 5pm GMT, an hour earlier before the playtest begins at 6 pm. 

The server playtest won’t be guarded by an NDA or an embargo agreement, meaning content creators can record their experience of the game during the stress test. 

Fans who have pre-registered on Steam should check their email early on if they’re in. Nightingale's dev team also suggest refreshing the game’s Steam page at 5pm GMT on February 2.

Players note that developers will grant access in ‘batches’, and most of the batches will be selected at random.

‘Nightingale’ is set to launch on Microsoft Windows via Steam on Thursday, February 22.

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