Lethal Company v50 Patch Notes: April 13 Update Adds New Forest Moon, Multiple Changes

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Lethal Company v50 Patch Notes: April 13 Update Adds New Forest Moon, Multiple Changes

The Lethal Company v50 Update Patch Notes reveal a list of changes to Jetpack, while adding a new forest moon, and more.

Lethal Company v50 Patch Notes: Full List of Changes and Adjustments

The content additions in the v50 patch of lethal Company are extensive, and theres a new forest moon called Adamance added to the game. Din, gets the exterior reworked through and through, and the sole indie developer Zeekers has also added a list of new Easter Eggs which can be thrown. The game also features two new suits in the rotating shop, and allows the player to slide and run down slopes faster than previous updates. the game also adds a new ‘lethal’ weapon at close range, a kitchen knife that you can grab from the Butler enemy, which is a new type of opponent introduced in the v50 version update.

The new map is interesting, and the time lapse feature will show you what kind of enemies to expect on this map. And while the map features a list of overwhelming enemies, it is a ‘profitable’ map in the game to queue up with your friends on. Lethal Company game developer ‘Zeekers’ intends to allow fans to experience the new monsters in the map added with the latest v50 update, and while the spawn rates fpr each enemy on Adamance, AKA the new map are undisclosed, the game features a list o

New Additions

  • A new forest moon, Adamance
  • Reworked Dine's exterior
  • Two new entities outdoors, one new entity indoors
  • Added Easter eggs which can be thrown.
  • Two new suits in the rotating shop + a disco ball
  • You can now run down slopes faster.
  • A new hazard/trap indoors


  • The bell now makes chimes when dropped (which will alert enemies within a large radius.)
  • Baboon hawks now spawn in groups of two, have 4 HP instead of 6, and do less damage when stabbing the player.
  • Various small changes to the scrap output and spawn rates in moons, with the goal of making more moons rewarding to go to.
  • It's possible to bounce off walls when hitting them at a steep angle.
  • Slightly increased the weight of the shovel, to make each player less of a self-sufficient killing machine.
  • Fixed crouchsprinting; previously, pressing the crouch button while sprinting would cause you to crouch and then uncrouch at the same time; when spamming the key, this made it possible to sprint without making noise.
  • Falling out of bounds no longer teleports you to the main entrance of the facility
    • I know this kind of change might seem antagonistic to speedrunners, etc. But these made it possible to bypass Lethal Company's design and mechanics without requiring any more skill or strategy; I guess it would also make speed runs of Lethal Company less accessible to people who don't want to (or can't) spam a button very fast on the regular.
    • As a side side note, I had targeted the jetpack's crazy efficiency for this same reason (safely bypassing part of the game), but I've realized it has an irreplaceable purpose as the most wacky gimmick item, so I will respect that.
  •  Since the  layouts are generally more spread out than the facility layouts,  will now always generate smaller when loaded. This was mostly an issue on Titan, which had a significant chance to generate absurdly large
    • To compensate, the size multiplier of indoor levels in Rend and Dine have been increased, which should result in them feeling the same as before. Dine now has the same size as Rend.

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