Len’s Island Roadmap Reveals Quest Update, Multiplayer, and Frozen Lands Area

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Len’s Island Roadmap Reveals Quest Update, Multiplayer, and Frozen Lands Area

Len's Island Roadmap has revealed the game's plans for 2024, and it's going to be bringing some major content with it.

As Len's Island heads towards a late 2024 1.0 release, we now have a clear idea of what we can expect before that drops. While we'll need to wait till the full release to get co-op multiplayer, in the mean time we'll be getting a number of other exciting new things added to the game.

Len's Island Roadmap 2024

Len's Island Roadmap

More Content is Coming

At the time of publishing, we've just got the Questing and Camera Orbiting Update. We have the final pre-release update in May bringing the final new world to the game before we see the full 5 chapters of the game fully released. We know a fair bit about the new update already, so let's take a look at the details we have.

Last Content in May, 1.0 in June?

As you can see above, our final bit of Len's Island content before 1.0 comes in the form of the Frozen Lands update at the end of May. This would see a fairly consistent trend towards the game dropping updates at the end of each month of the year. So, could we see the 1.0 update drop in June or might the team wait it out till August to make sure the 1.0 is fully cooked?

What is Len's Island?

  • Procedural World Exploration: Discover Len’s Island with its expansive, procedurally generated environment, featuring a variety of detailed and handcrafted islands to explore
  • Roguelike Adventures: Engage in roguelike dungeon crawling beneath the island, battling numerous foes and bosses. Experiment with diverse weapons and combat techniques to overcome the challenges
  • Creative Building: Unleash your creativity on Len’s Island with a modular building system that lets you construct your dream home, making anyone feel like an expert designer. It's like the Sims meets Rust
  • Survival Through Crafting and Farming: Utilize local resources to craft essential items and weapons. Develop a prosperous farm for food and cultivate exotic flora for trade with villagers
  • Character Progression: Gain strength by exploring, completing quests, and defeating enemies. Level up to unlock potent abilities, don wearable gear for special powers, and befriend animal companions for assistance in combat and resource collection


Len's Island is available on Steam Early Access. The full 1.0 release is planned for Q3 2024, so keep an eye on ESTNN for more news about the titles as we approach the full release.

Len’s Island Roadmap Reveals Quest Update, Multiplayer, and Frozen Lands Area
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