Fortnite V25.10 Adds New Cloak Gauntlets and Big Crossovers

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Fortnite V25.10 Adds New Cloak Gauntlets and Big Crossovers

Fortnite V25.10 has arrived with some big new additions to the game, this is everything that’s changed in V25.10.

The Fortnite V25.10 Patch notes are out! This update might be our first alteration since Chapter 4 Season 3 started, but it’s been hotly anticipated. Early Fortnite leaks made it clear Epic has something big planned.

This is by no means a small update Epic’s definitely pushed the boat out for the first patch. Rather than polishing what’s here, they’ve added loads of new content. There are big new items, a new Boss, a crossover, and even more skins. This whole update goes a long way to fixing Chapter 4 Season 3’s issues and it’s only a week into the actual season.

If you want to keep winning rounds, you’ll need to make use of some of the newer weapons and mechanics added in the Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes – What’s New?

New Boss – Wildguard Relik

Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

The big new feature for Fortnite V25.10 in-game is a brand-new boss and Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythicsassociated with him. This is the Chapter 4 Battle Pass skin Relik. Here he’s in a green version of the skin as Wildguard Relik. He will be a new Boss character on the map.

Players can find him wandering around the Jungle Biome. If you can take him down, you’ll receive higher-powered versions of two of the new guns for the Fortnite V25.10 patch.

Cloak Gauntlets

Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

The Cloak Gauntlets are the brand-new item added in Fortnite V25.10 patch notes. These are gloves that you can equip to gain the power of invisibility. With them on, you can turn invisible for a brief period. There’s a cooldown on this so you can’t do it all game. It works similarly to the Fortnite Predator crossover item in the past.

The standard version of these is available on the map in the Jungle Area from general loot. However, tracking down Wildguard will reward you with his Mythic Cloak Gauntlets. These are a Mythic version of the weapon that uses a shorter cooldown, so you can spend more time invisible.

Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle

Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

The second of the new guns is Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle. This is a new Mythic version of the MK-Alpha that’s returned in the last week. It’s a similar item to the Foundation’s MK7. It’s probably the most powerful AR in the game right now so it might make Relik a boss that you have to take down each game too.

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Flare Gun Returns in Fortnite V25.10

Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

The next big addition this season is the Flare Gun! This device was available in various Chapter 2 and 3 seasons. It’s a weapon which launches out a firework. Fire it into the sky and it performs a recon scan that highlights other enemies on the map.

 Unfortunately, the mud will mask you from the scan which makes it an item that can be outplayed. If it hits structures or players it will also start fires, similar to the fireflies. It’s the recon effects that are the most powerful here though so consider saving your flare gun charges for those final circles, especially with invisibility items in the loot pool again.

Shockwave Grenades

By far the biggest complaint with the Chapter 4 Season 3 loot pool so far has been mobility. We haven’t quite gotten the ODM Gear or Fortnite Web Slingers back, but in Zero Builds something has been added, Shockwave Grenades.

These grenades have been missed since Chapter 4 started. They’re only back in Zero Builds though. That’s a pain for those in Battle Royale still lacking mobility. It’s possible we will get something else soon which might make both sides of the game more mobile. Especially considering how the number of people in Fortnite in each mode breaks down.

Reality Augment Changes in Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

To keep winning this season, you’ll need to stay on top of the Reality Augments and ensure you’re picking up the best ones.  There are a few additions in the Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes, along with a general change to how the Fortnite Augments work. These are the two brand new Augments just added in.

  • Mud Warrior – While covered in mud you’ll automatically regenerate health and shield.
  • SMG Extended Mag – SMGs have an increased Mag size.

Both of these are pretty effective Fortnite Augments. There’s also Tracker’s Armory coming back, which grants a Flare Gun and a Shadow Tracker instantly. That’ll save you from having to track down the Fortnite NPC locations to get that weapon.

Another change this time has been the Reality Augments auto-unlocking. You won’t need to unlock each new or returning Augment individually anymore. Now they’ll just be in the general loot pool.

Other Changes in Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes 

One of the chickens from the new Winterfest challenge in Fortnite Chapter 3 appears against a festive red background

Along with the big new content, there are quite a few other changes in the game. Most notably Epic has cut back on wildlife for some reason. An odd change. However, given how little use the wildlife has had since Chapter 2 Season 6, it’s not a big loss. These are the main changes in the Fortnite V25.10 patch notes.

  • Chickens vaulted
  • Sky Jellies vaulted
  • Wolves and Boars population reduced
  • Fishing Spots won’t be as common anymore.
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Fortnite Ranked Mode

We’re still in the experimental Season Zero of the Fortnite Ranked Mode but we’ve had some changes. Epic is just now resetting the ranks. This isn’t for the start of Season 1, instead, it’s just a test of resetting ranks for some reason. You’ll have another chance to get a preliminary rank here.

The quest competition is carrying over though. At least for the rest of Season Zero. Players have a bit longer to try and grind through all of those before the actual first season of Ranked mode begins.

Extra Styles in Fortnite V25.10

Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass has had some changes with the latest patch too. There are now super styles which head up through Level 125! If you’ve gotten through the Battle Pass really fast, then you’ll be able to start unlocking those stretch skins now. It does look like Optimus Prime in Fortnite won’t be getting any more alternative styles though, outside of the battle-worn one. This is disappointing, but common for Battle Pass skins with characters like Darth Vader getting the same treatment in the past.

Fortntie X Nike

A new crossover has launched with the latest V25.10 patch notes, Fortnite X Nike Air. This isn’t starting immediately, but the outfit and other aspects have been leaked as they’ve been put into the game with the Fortnite V25.10 patch.

The crossover is going to come with a new skin which seems to be a block single color, wearing Nike Airs. It’s likely this skin could end up being one of the sweatiest Fortnite skins as it’s useful for getting camouflage in the game.

Competitive Changes

Fortnite Ranked Mode

Lastly, the Fortnite V25.10 Patch has altered Competitive a bit. You won’t be able to find Wildguard Relik or any of his Mythics in tournaments. However, the Ranked mode will have these items active in general ranked matches, frustratingly. This will at least keep them out of Fortnite epsorts, even if there isn’t a dedicated mode to practise that playlist anymore.

Epic has also made some changes to rank requirements for entering tournaments. There’s now a tiered approach. Players only need to be in Platinum to compete in big events like the FNCS. Cash Cups, Solo cash Cups, and others now let you compete in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, depending on the size of their prize pool.

Those are all of the big Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 changes. With new mobility and mythic, there’s a lot more to be playing through in the season now.

Fortnite V25.10 Adds New Cloak Gauntlets and Big Crossovers
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