Fortnite Mythic Weapons and Exotics Chapter 4 Season 3 Guide

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Fortnite Mythic Weapons and Exotics Chapter 4 Season 3 Guide

This guide covers how to find each and every one of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythic weapons and the Exotics.

There are tons of exciting weapons in the current loot pool, but for a few Chapters now the best guns have often been the Fortnite Mythic weapons. These are unique entries to the game. They aren’t part of the normal loot pool that you grab in chests and elsewhere. Instead, players will have to hunt down the Fortnite exotic weapons, with them and the Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythic weapons only spawning in a few set places.

Grabbing the Mythics and Exotics this season is a bit more complicated than last time. In Chapter 4 Season 3, Epic has decided to split the Mythics up with completely different unlock requirements. Then there are the exotics. These are actually showing up in fewer places than ever before thanks to an increased loot pool for certain categories.

Grabbing these guns can be vital to win games in Fortnite. It’s easiest if you can memorize all of these Fortnite Mythic weapons locations, so you can always drop in and grab one in every game.

All Fortnite Mythic Weapons in Chapter 4 Season 3

The most OP guns are the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythic weapons, at least when it comes down to how Epic ranks things. This season’s Mythics live up to that too. The Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythic weapons are some of the best in the game, they’re key items that a lot of players might want to grab every game. There are a few of these which even spawn in more than one place. These are each of the Fortnite Mythic weapons in this season and how you can get them.

Flapjack Rifle

Fortnite Mythic Weapons Chapter 4 Season 3

The Flapjack Rifle is one of the newer weapons added in this season. It’s a marksman rifle that fires out spinning rounds. It does decent damage and some players have even had some luck using it as an SMG replacement. It’s also the most accessible of the Mythic Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 weapons.

To pick this one up, you’ll need to take out High Card and get inside one of the Fortnite vaults. There are usually three that can be found in each game, so in some rounds, there might be more Flapjack Mythics than Fortnite exotic weapons.

The Drum Shotgun

Fortnite Mythic Weapons Chapter 4 Season 3

The Drum Shot is the new entry in the Fortnite Mythic weapons for close combat this season. It’s a pretty effective gun, but you can’t get it till later in the game. On top of that, it’s a bit of a gauntlet to actually claim. We’ve got a full guide on how to get the Drum Shotgun in every game here.

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Cybertron Cannon

Fortnite Mythic Weapons Chapter 4 Season 3

The last of the Fortnite Mythic weapons is one of the promotional items added in alongside Optimus Prime in Fortnite Chapter 4. It’s a pretty useful pick out of the weapons this season, but for a Mythic, it’s kind of a weird set-up. This is just in the general loot pool. There isn’t any trick to unlocking it, unfortunately!

Unlock the rest of the Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythic weapons, you’ll relying on pure RNG here.

Relik’s Cloaked Gauntlets

Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

Relic’s Cloaked Gauntlets are a new Mythic added in the first update, the 25.10 patch. These gloves allow you to turn invisible with a kinder cooldown than in their normal loot counterpart. These are a mythic unlocked in the traditional way. You’ll just need to track down Relik and take him out!

That is a little easier said than done though. The boss is wandering around the new Jungle biome. He isn’t easy to pin down. Since he doesn’t have a specific spawn spot, you’ll just have to hope you luck out.

Relik’s Mythic MK Alpha Assault Rifle

Fortnite V25.10 Patch Notes

The second of the Relik Fortnite Mythic weapons this season is the MK Alpha. This is a new tier version of the AR. It’s the best AR in the game right now. It has the amazing site and speed of the standard MK, but Relik’s version has increased stats to make it even more lethal.

This is another weapon you can only pick up by finding Relik. His Jungle spawn will vary. It might be easiest to move around the rim of the jungle area and look out for him, his health bar tends to be visible further away than it should be. Although, your draw distance will depend on what Fortnite settings you’re running.

All Fortnite Exotic Weapons in Chapter 4 Season 3

That’s how to get all of the Fortnite Mythic weapons, but what about exotics? These are the next tier down. Not quite the most impressive one of a king gun. However, they still have some major benefits. These are each weapons that add an extra level or mechanic on top of the base weapon, which already has the stats of a high-tier gun, they each have their own special function too. Some of these are found in some odd places though, this is how you can find all of the Fortnite exotic weapons in Chapter 4 Season 3.

Accelerant Shotgun

Fortnite Mythic Weapons Chapter 4 Season 3

The Accelerant Shotgun was originally added in the Most Wanted event and has just stuck around for two chapters! This gun is a Maven Auto Shotgun, however, each shot gives you the speedy rush boost. With Chillis still vaulted this is the only way you can get this boost at the moment.

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You can find this gun in the holo chest lock boxes. It’ll take two keys to unlock though, so you might want to consider going for the keymaster Fortnite Augment. It’s still partially down to RNG of finding the right chest though, so it’s less reliable to pick up than the Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythic weapons.

Breacher Shotgun

Fortnite Mythic Weapons Chapter 4 Season 3

The Breacher is the other Shotgun in the Fortnite Exotic weapons. This one has the power to destroy builds quickly and does a lot of damage in one shot, it has the drawback of a lower speed though. Like the Accelerant it’s a gun that’s available only in lockboxes. It isn’t in any vaults like the Fortnite Mythic weapons.

Run N Gun SMG

Fortnite Mythic Weapons Chapter 4 Season 3

The Run and Gun SMG might be among the very best Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 weapons, for the first two weeks of the season. Before Shockwaves arrived this was pretty much the only bit of mobility in the game outside of vehicles. It’s an SMG that lets you infinitely run. When combined with something like soaring sprints it can be really useful. This is another gun only accessible from holo-chests.

Chug Cannon

Fortnite Mythic Weapons Chapter 4 Season 3

The Chug Cannon is the weirdest of the Chapter 4 Season 3 Fortnite exotic weapons. It’s the only one dedicated to healing, working like a bandage bazooka. It lets you fire off chug splashes with just a short cooldown. A great utility item, especially in team games. It’s available from two sources.

The first is the Chug Gunner Fortnite Augment. That instantly grants one. The second is the Llamas that still roam the island. Find a Llama, take it down, and it’ll drop a Chug cannon for you. Like the others, there’s still RNG, so not as easy to zero in on as the Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythic weapons, but between the two sources, it’s easier to find.

Shadow Tracker

Fortnite Mythic Weapons Chapter 4 Season 3

The Shadow Tracker is the last of the Fortnite exotics weapons in Chapter 4 Season 3. This one has a bit of a different system for unlocking though. You’ll have to track it down from one of the Fortnite NPC locations in Chapter 4 Season 3.

You can get the Shadow Tracker from Peely. He’s located just north of Shady Stilts. This is a new spot for him after his old home got taken over by Jungle!

Future Fortnite Mythic Weapons in C4 Season 3

Those are all of the Fortnite Mythic weapons locations so far. It likely won’t be all of them at the end of the season though. Lately Epic has been bringing in extra Fortnite exotic weapons and Mythics with mid-season updates. We’ll likely see more of these getting added throughout the season, so keep an eye on Fortnite news for more patch notes as we get more Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythic weapons.