Fortnite Vaults C4 Season 3 Guide – Locations and Loot

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Fortnite Vaults C4 Season 3 Guide – Locations and Loot

There are some new and altered Fortnite vaults in Chapter 4 Season 3! This is how you can access all of them.

Fortnite has tons of locations to loot on the new map but one spot always attracts players, the Fortnite vaults. These are some of the best spots on the map. They’re full of high-level Fortnite C4 S3 weapons, new Mythics, and even tons of gold. Visiting one of these in a game can completely set you up to dominate. You’ve got to be able to figure out where the Fortntie Chapter 4 Season 3 vaults are though. The Fortnite vault locations have changed this season, although there are more of them than ever.

Fortnite Vaults have had a few changes this season. For one thing, there are way more of them. The game now has multiple types of vaults. You can use some to get a specific mythic, others just to get high-level loot, and some to get tons of gold on top of the rest of the loot. In the new biome along there are tons of hidden secrets. Although, these have a higher fee to get inside.

If you’re dropping in hoping to find the old High Card vaults and loot, there have been some big changes. There’s a new element of RNG to these vaults this time around. This guide will run you through how everything changed and how you can get back inside the Fortnite Vaults in Chapter 4 Season 3.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Vaults

Fortnite Vaults chapter 4 Season 3

The Fortnite Vaults in this Season can be divided into two categories. There are the High Card vaults which you’ll need to take down a boss for. Then there are new special vaults inside the ruins. These are in the new POI that’s the biggest map change in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 patch notes. This is how to get into each of the Fortnite vault locations and the big changes.

Ruins Fortnite Vaults in Chapter 4 Season 3

Fortnite Vaults chapter 4 Season 3

All vault locations in Chapter 4 Season 3 include a few new ones. These are different styles of vault. You don’t need a key card to get in anymore, but you’ll still need to make an offering.

These vaults are behind a sealed door that you have to talk to. They’ll ask for an offering. This can be any relatively rare weapon. The easiest solution is a Boomerang, which is good since they spawn heavily in the Jungle biome.

Giving the door it's offering of a boomerang or other decent weapon will open the door to the Chapter 4 Season 3 vaults. Depending on the size of the vault, you’ll find the rare chests with high-level weapons inside! Some of these vaults have three of these chests and some only contain one. You’ll likely know by the size of the chamber. These vaults aren’t heavily advertised on the map compared to the others. However, if you did the early Aura’s Chalice questline to get the free emote, you’ve already run into one of them. These are all of the locations for these Fortnite Vaults or hidden Ruins in the season:

  • In the center of Rumble Ruins, a single building with a door to interact with.
  • Bottom right of the jungle, just before the landscape switches back to Japan biome. A single room with an interactable hut on either side.
  • The connecting spot between Cheeky Compound and the Citadel, a cave in the wall out of the jungle with an interactable door, before a wider chamber, and a second offering door before the Fortnite vault locations.
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Fortnite Vaults chapter 4 Season 3

High Card Fortnite Vaults in Chapter 4 Season

Fortnite Vaults chapter 4 Season 3

The major other type of Fortnite Vault this season is the High Card ones. At first appearance, it might seem like these are returning from last season but there are actually some big changes.

The first is the number. There’s more. However, there aren’t more versions of High Card wandering around though. Instead, these vaults no longer have a 100% rate for spawning a key. From now on, each game will only have High Card spawn close to a few of these vaults. These are the Fortnite vault locations he can appear at during the game.

  • Western Watch – The outpost building to the northwest of the Citadel, connected to the control point by a zipline.
  • Brutal Bastion – Same place as last season.
  • Mega City – Same place as last season.
  • Shattered Slabs – Same spot as last season.
  • Secluded Spire Vault – In a farmhouse just outside of the slappy shores.
  • Meadow Mansion – In the large farmhouse outside of Frenzy Fields

If you get lucky in a game and run into High Card, you will need to take him down to get inside of these Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 vaults.

How to Get into Fortnite Vaults – Get the Keycard

This style of Vault requires a specific keycard to get into. To get this, you’ll need to take down High Card. He’s a boss character who rifts into games a few minutes while after the second Fortnite Augment round. He has the standard two health bars and two henchmen guarding him. You do have some advantages in this fight though.

The first is that High Card is a friendly NPC for some reason. If you don’t mess with him, he won’t mess with you. This means you can casually line up a sniper shot on him setting yourself up for an easy take down. If you want to go with one of the new guns like the thermal DMR, he isn’t the hardest to take down. The second real advantage is Fortnite’s terrible boss AI, which should make the fight simple provided you do have enough luck enough to avoid third parties.

That’s the preliminary steps to get inside the Chapter 4 Season 3 Fortnite vaults. There’s more RNG now, but the payoff is still sizeable.

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How to Open the Fortnite Vaults

Fortnite Vaults chapter 4 Season 3

The Fortnite Vaults in Chapter 4 Season 3 that are throughout the map can be opened by using a key card. Once you’ve taken down High Card, he’ll drop this card. Grab it and run over to the vault (you’ll see on-screen directions). Once there, there is a terminal that you can access.

Interact with the terminal and it’ll consume your key card and pop open the vault!

There’s been another change to this step this season too. The key cards now work on any vault. If you’re in the storm and don’t think you’ll make it, you can take the key card to another vault and still open it now.

What’s in These Fortnite Vaults Locations?

Fortnite Vaults chapter 4 Season 3

These Fortnite Vaults have had their contents changed since last season! There’s no more Mythic Havoc Pump. That’s been replaced with the Mythic Drum Shotgun for Season 3. There is still an exclusive Mythic in here though.

The Vaults contain the Mythic Flapjack Rifle! This new gun now only spawns in these vaults. Since there are multiple High Cards in a game, more than one player can grab one. Having so many of these Fortnite Vault locations means you can have a few of them active in the game.

Beyond the mythic, you also get the Slurp Juice healing item which is basically mandatory for the late game right now. At least if you want to win games of Fortnite. There are also the rare chests and other loot items.

One thing in these chests you shouldn’t ignore, even in the early portion of the season, is the gold. The giant stacks of bars are actually harvestable! These can drop loads of gold. For some of the vaults, the floor is destroyable and you can quickly harvest all the gold in the room.

Fortnite Vaults chapter 4 Season 3

The Floating Island Vault

The last of the Fortnite vaults for this season is the Floating Island Vault. This one is located on the rift in loot island POI. Head down the mine shaft, and you’ll find a vault at the bottom.

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The Chapter 4 Season 3 vaults technically have a third kind with this one. Although, it’s pretty much just the same as the High Card ones with a few items missing. This one is actually unchanged from previous seasons! It’s got the same stuff in it as previously. Although, obviously what comes out of the chests will vary with the new loot pool.

This one of the Fortnite vault locations doesn’t need a key card either. It opens just with two keys that you use on lockboxes.

Those are all of the Fortntie vault locations for this season. These are your key to the best weaponry, meds, and stacks of gold. With so many around it doesn’t hurt to go for one in every game. Even if the new RNG to High Card means there is more trial and error.

Fortnite Vaults C4 Season 3 Guide – Locations and Loot
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