How to Locate Aura’s Chalice and Get 1 Free Aura Emote

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How to Locate Aura’s Chalice and Get 1 Free Aura Emote

This guide covers how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite and complete the questline to get the free Aura Emote!

The latest Fortnite season is here. There are new areas on the map, guns, and everything that makes a new season what it is. Buried in those early questlines to try out new stuff though, is a particularly in-depth Fortnite quest. Rather than going with the standard, use new weapon, use new mechanic, Epic has delivered a kind of weirdly in-depth quest for Week 1 players. If you’re wondering how to locate Aura’s Chalice and deliver it, it’s a bit of a journey.

Compared to most weekly quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, this is a big one. The questline starts out small. Interact with things on the map, go here, etc. But in the last few steps, it takes a complete return. If you’ve not delved all the way in yet, the final stage for how to locate Aura’s Chalice has you progress through a series of puzzles in an Indiana Jones-style dungeon. That's before transforming into Orelia, and delivering a cursed chalice over to a different NPC.

At the end of the questline for how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite, you do get a free emote! The Aura emote in Fortnite is tied to this specific quest, so there’s a good reason to jump in. This questline is more intensive than even the one to get the Indiana Jones skin in Fortnite, so it makes sense there’s a little prize.

In a live BR game, those puzzles can get irritating. If you want to proceed a bit smoother, this is how you can locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite and get the free Aura emote at the end of the questline.

How to Locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

Before you can start the journey to locate Aura’s Chalice quest in Fortnite, you’ll need to progress through this specific questline. There are a few early challenges first. These are largely self-explanatory though. You’ll just need to head to different locations on the map and interact with things.

Once you hit the locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite quest though, it gets quite a bit more complicated.

Once you’re in this questline, you’ll be pointed towards a specific spot on the map, getting here is only the first step though. There’s some loot you should grab beforehand to save some backtracking.

Step 1 – Get the Loot to Locate Aura’s Chalice First

Land somewhere near the Cheeky Compound at the start of a game or team rumble. The first step is precuring enough loot to make it all the way in. Standing between you and the Chalice is going to be a few doors which will require offerings, usually of loot.

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how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

If you just want the chalice, you’ll only need one. If you want to explore this cave fully though, you’ll need to secure a couple of pieces of purple or higher loot. Lucking out with one while landing will get you part of the way there. Then you can hope for, or reroll to get, the Exotic Grab Bag Augment.

Now, you’re ready to actually head towards the spot marked from your quest.

Step 2 – Find the Caves

The next stage in how to locate Aura’s Chalice is to head to the marked spot on your map, this will lead to caves heading underneath the cliffs in the new Jungle biome. There is a simple entrance to these caves, but you’ll be faced with a door demanding an item as an offering. This is where your loot comes in.

Chose whichever loot you got that is on the lower side of rarity and offer it up. If it’s good enough for the door’s discerning taste, you’ll get access.

how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

Step 3 (Optional) – Making a Series of Doors Happy

Your next job is to make some doors happy! This comes down to handing them the loot that they want. This might leave you pretty empty-handed for after you’ve finished with the quest. However, if you proceed forward (a little off the track for the path of how to locate Aura’s Chalice), you’ll eventually find more doors which want loot with a kind of Fortnite Vault behind them. These aren’t necessary to get the Aura emote, but they’ll help you out for the rest of the game and the last step of the quest.

how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

In here you’ll find enough loot to get kitted up once again, and have the weapons to defend yourself in the rest of the game! You’ll want to proceed directly ahead, through the next door requiring another offering.

Step 4 (Optional) – Fire

As you regress through these caves, you’ll also run into a room which has a puzzle involving fire. The door doesn’t want items this time though, instead, it wants fire?

This is a bit of a puzzle, but the solution won’t take long. Move around the room and turn off the lamps. You’ll then be able to head through the door and find all the loot.

how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

With the semi-vault now looted and you prepared for the final stage (which relies on staying alive for a mad dash across the map) you can head forward to find Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite.

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Step 5 – Locate Aura’s Chalice

how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

Once back in the main chamber, just down into the cavern below where you first entered. Here you’ll find a few rocks blocking off other parts of the cave. Destroy the rocks, and head through the opening on the wall at the side of the room.

Follow this path round to find a large empty chamber, with some stone plinths. On top of one is a box which you can interact with. It demands another offering! This time it only wants gold though. Give it the 100 gold it needs, and it will drop the Chalice!

That’s how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite. Once you pick it up, you’ll have it. It isn’t the end though. You’ll likely notice there’s more to this story as when you pick it up, you’ll instantly transform into an entirely separate skin! One from the item shop a few seasons ago.

how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

In your new form, you’ll have to get the chalice all the way over to the Aura NPC.

Step 6 – Get to Aura

how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

The final step to complete the quest is to move the Chalice over the Aura. She’s located in the trailer park that’s opposite the gas station, just outside the route coming out of the Japan biome.

The process of getting over there is fairly simple, but it is made difficult by the lack of mobility. There are tons of cool weapons in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 weapon loot pool, but little to get around quickly at the moment. You’ll have to make use of ascenders, ziplines, and hopefully, be able to grab a lucky motorbike spawn along the way.

how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite

Once over to the NPC, just talk to them to finish off the questline. That’s every step for how to locate Aura’s Chalice in Fortnite.

Getting the Free Aura Emote for Completing Locate Aura’s Chalice

The Aura emote is a great way to finish off some more XP and start grinding through those Fortnite Chapter 4 Battle Pass tiers. It has its own reward though.


Once you’ve completed this quest, you’ve finished the questline and can actually get a free emote for the season! It’ll unlock the next time you head into the game. Or when you return to the lobby after finishing the locate Aura’s Chalice questline.

This was a bit of a bigger questline for the opening of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3! It’s always fun to have some extra ways to earn XP though. The door offerings are a surprisingly common part of the Ruins area on the map, so this quest is a great way to get players used to how they work and how giving up a higher-quality weapon can help you get something even better later in the game.

How to Locate Aura’s Chalice and Get 1 Free Aura Emote
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