Best Fortnite NPC Locations – Chapter 4 Season 3 Guide

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Best Fortnite NPC Locations – Chapter 4 Season 3 Guide

These are all of the Fortnite NPC locations for Chapter 4 Season 3, where you can find all of the characters including the hireable NPCs.

Every season of Fortnite updates the map and the weapons, but some of the coolest items are always tied to specific Fortnite NPC locations. Tracking down each of the Chapter 4 Season 3 NPC locations early can set you up for a much stronger season. These characters can provide some of the best Chapter 4 Season 3 guns along with other extra perks.

 Between the hireable NPCs and the special weapons, you can unlock, knowing where everyone is can save you a lot of time. Since the last season of Fortnite, we now have two types of NPC. One provides the traditional services like future storm circles, buying special weapons, and more. Although, the other kind of specialist NPCs have become much more useful. These become an extra teammate which can actually perform functions that you can’t get anywhere else. Some players can even win only using NPCs.

If you’re to track down all of the Fortnite character locations, we’ll cover how to find each of them here. 

Fortnite NPC Locations – Chapter 4 Season 3

Fortnite NPC Locations Chapter 4 Season 3

The new season of Fortnite has brand-new NPCs. A lot of them have stuck around since last season. Although others, like Spider-Gwen, have been vaulted. If you want to keep being able to find all of the Fortnite character locations without needing to stop and search them out every single time, we’ll run through each of their locations.

NOCs are roughly divided into two different camps. We’ll start with the rarer NPC Fortnite locations, the hireable NPCs.

Hireable Fortnite NPC Locations

A new type of character in Fortnite is the hireable NPCs. These are characters which you can pay in gold to join up with your team. Once they’re a part of your squad, you can use pings to give them instructions. Each hireable NPC falls into these four categories,

  • Medics – These NPCs are healers. They will periodically throw chug splashes on you! Good for healing, it’s not something you can time out too well but it’s always nice to have someone throwing extra shield on you in a fight.
  • Supply – These NPCs drop things that you need. There’s ammo and matts in builds. Not the best in Zero Builds but can come in clutch for the normal Battle Royale.
  • Heavies – These NPCs have explosive weapons which they use to attack enemies with you. They can cause a lot of problems in later circles.
  • Scout – These NPCs are snipers. They will ping enemies and perform recon scans of the surrounding areas.
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Fortnite NPC Locations Chapter 4 Season 3

As you can tell, these characters have much better powers than just following you and shooting. It’s made some of the Chapter 4 Season 3 NPC locations much more useful than others. The recon scanning NPC achieves something you don’t get with any other item, always worth having with you. Others are less useful in all game modes, like the NPC that drops mats. However, they’re all another target and someone helping out in fights.

It is definitely worth trying to hit one of the Fortnite NPC locations in each game for these extra benefits. If you want to organize your Fortnite drop spot around this, then these are the locations where you can find each of these Fortnite character locations.

  • Remedy (Frenzy Field) – Medic
  • Triage Trooper (Slappy Shores) – Medic
  • Kitbash (Breakwater Bay) – Supply
  • Beastmode (Drift Ridge) – Heavy
  • Insight (Rumble Ruin) – Scout
  • Longshot (Eastern Watch) – Scout
  • Munitions Expert (Fallow Fuel) – Supply

All Fortnite NPC Locations

Fortnite NPC Locations Chapter 4 Season 3

Those are the brand-new Fortnite NPC locations, but there’s another type of Fortnite character location this season too though. There are still some of the traditional Fortnite characters walking around the map. These are the guys you can talk to and get one of a few services from them. It’s often where you’ll see the Battle Pass skins pop up in-game.

These are all of the NPCs in this season and what you can get from them.

  • Fennix (Royal Ruin) – Combat SMG and Firefly Jar
  • Volpez (Hall of Whispers) – Furniture Disguise and Submachine Gun
  • Innovator Slone (Southern Ruin) – Flapjack Rifle and Grenade
  • Aura (Hitches and Ditches) – Thermal DMR and key
  • Nia (South of Steamy Springs) – Heavy Sniper Rifle and Tactical Pistol
  • Guardian Amara (Brutal Bastion) – Kinetic Boomerang and Small Shield Potion
  • Trace (The Apparatus) – Thermal DMR and Tactical Pistol
  • Peely (North of Shady Splits) – Shadow Tracker and Banana
  • Purradise Meowscles (Sunswoon Lagoon) – Havoc Pump Shotgun and Shield Pistol
  • Remedy (Frenzy Field) – Med Kit
  • Triage Trooper (Slappy Shores) – Med Kit
  • Kitbash (Breakwater Bay) – Maven Auto Shotgun
  • Beastmode (Drift Ridge) – Drum Shotgun (Purple tier, not the Mythic Drum Shotgun)
  • Insight (Rumble Ruin) – Future storm circle reveal
  • Longshot (Eastern Watch) – Future storm circles
  • Munitions Expert (Fallow Fuel) – Upgrades
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Fortnite NPC Fortnite Character Locations Rates

Fortnite NPC Locations Chapter 4 Season 3

That’s where you can find all of the Fortnite NPC locations in Chapter 4 Season 3. However, there is a bit more to think about here. They don’t have a full 100% spawn rate. That means not every NPC will be in every game! Instead, only around 2/3 of them will spawn in each round. Which one’s spawn is completely random! Although, the game does seem to manage to avoid spawning any two characters with a close Chapter 4 Season 3 NPC location spawning at once.

There’s no way to know which of the NPCs are going to spawn each game! You’re basically just going to have to land and see how it all goes. Most of the cool Fortnite weapons in Chapter 4 Season 3 are available outside of the NPC too though like getting the new MK-Alpha. While you might have to search things out, you don’t have to skip your favourite exotic gun just because of how the spawns for Fortnite character locations haven’t activated that game.

That’s how you can track down all of the Fortnite character locations in Chapter 4 Season 3. Utilize these NPCs to get special weapons, see future storm circles for easier rotation, and even gain a teammate. Making the best use of the hireable NPCs is a great way to improve how often you win in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, and eventually start getting those Crown Royales.