Powerful MK7 Returns – Where to Find the MK7 in Fortnite

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Powerful MK7 Returns – Where to Find the MK7 in Fortnite

The MK7 assault rifle is back in Fortnite Chapter 4! This is where you can find the MK Alpha in Fortntie and the changes since it was last here.

Fortnite has had tons of crazy weapons over its lifespan, but some of the ones that have become the most missed are just simple guns. The hunting rifle, the OG Pump, and more recently the MK7. This was a gun first introduced in Chapter 3 of Fortnite, and then it vanished. It was too strong to stick around in the loot pool. We’ve been making do with the MK’s inferior cousin, the red dot assault rifle, but that’s about to change. The gun has returned to Fortnite as the MK Alpha.

The new gun has been quietly re-enabled in the game. You won’t find it in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 patch notes. There hasn’t been an update pushing back into the game. However, it is here. We’ve found the Fortnite MK Alpha Assault Rifle in the current season. It’s had a few changes. It also seems like this is on the rarer side of the Chapter 4 Season 3 weapons. However, you can find the MK7 in Fortnite once again.

Where to Find the MK7 in Fortnite Chapter 4 – MK Alpha

Fortnite MK Alpha - Where to Find the MK7 in Fortnite

The K7 AR is back in Fortnite, with a slightly different name. Where exactly can you track down the new version of the gun though? It’s available in standard loot locations in lower rarities like chests and the floor. However, there’s one place we’ve discovered it in a higher rarity. However, by the type of loot that it is, this is also likely to pop up randomly in a couple of other places too.

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The first place we’ve hit to find a high-rarity version of the MK7 in Fortnite Chapter 4 has been lock boxes. These are the chests you need a key to open, situated at smaller non-named locations throughout the entire map.

The new version of the Assault Rifle has been popping up in these chests over the last day or so. We might not have gotten a new update on Tuesday, but it seems like the gun has been quietly re-enabled in-game as the MK Alpha.

The gun is one of the items that can randomly spawn from a lockbox in-game at Purple and Gold tiers. You might have to scout out quite a few of them if you want to track it down. With the new Mythic shotgun in the loot pool though, you can safely save your keys for hunting down one of the best assault rifles in Fortnite. That’s once you know how to find the better MK7 in Fortnite

Fortnite MK7 Spawn Locations

We know for a fact that it spawns in lockboxes, but what about elsewhere? If the MK is anything like the other loot exclusive to these boxes, you stand a low chance of finding it in these places.  These are the known locations for where to find the MK7 in Fortnite.

  • Rare Chests – Usually skewed towards snipers and DMRs for some reason, but with all the Fortnite vaults you might be able to grab one.
  • Claiming Loot Island Capture Point
  • Lock Boxes
  • Future NPC – As this is only an Epic tier gun, it makes sense there would be an NPC selling the item in the future.
  • Chests – In lower rarities, it could be in some chests.

Those are the Fortnite MK Alpha Chapter 4 locations at the moment. Although, more might pop up in the future for the MK Alpha.

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What is the MK7?

The MK7 Assault Rifle was one of the new weapons added for Fortnite Chapter 3. Along with a revamped SMG, it took over. These two weapons introduced what was called a spray meta. Something that, while a lot of fun in pubs, did happen to infuriate a good amount of Fortnite epsorts players. It received a few changes in the next season but was eventually taken out. As it was tied to the Foundation characters in-game, it seemed like it was gone for good.

Fortnite MK Alpha - Where to Find the MK7 in Fortnite

That was until it was rediscovered in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. It still boasts its insane fire rate, useful red dot, and great utility at different ranges. The game hasn’t been as AR-focused lately, but the MK7 making a return might change that.

There have been a few changes since the last time it was around, but the gun seems as powerful as ever this season.

What’s Changed with the MK Alpha?

The new version of the Fortnite MK7 Assault Rifle has a few differences. First is the name. it’s now the MK Alpha Assault Rifle. This is a bit of a different classification compared to its MK-seven name. Outside of that, it’s quite similar to before.

It has a slightly slower fire rate than last time. However, it does deal more damage. This puts the focus on accuracy a tiny bit more. However, compared to Red dot Assault Rifle it’s a massive upgrade. The tiny speed for power upgrade hasn’t made a dent in its time to kill.

This is one of the top weapons around at the moment and it’s a welcome return over the red dot assault rifle. Pairing the MK Alpha with one of the high-level shotguns might be the OP combo to win games in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3.

Powerful MK7 Returns – Where to Find the MK7 in Fortnite
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