Fortnite V25.11 Patch Notes – New Explosive Weapons

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Fortnite V25.11 Patch Notes – New Explosive Weapons

Fortnite V25.11 patch notes have added weapons like the Explosive Repeater Rifle but also made some changes to competitive. This is what’s different.

The Fortnite v25.11 patch notes are here! This is a smaller update coming just ahead of the kick off of the Summer event. After a huge patch fairly recently in Fortnite V25.10, it makes sense to be a bit smaller. We have still gotten fun new weapons and more Reality Augments though. That’s along with some bigger changes to the balance of the game and other weapons available. You’ll need to stay on top of these changes if you want to keep performing well in Battle Royale.

Alongside the brand-new weapons, the loot pool has been changed around too. One of the best Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 weapons has actually been removed from the game. In part due to the new Augment which would have made it a bit too powerful. Even if you’re missing that gun though, the new additions include some similar weapons which will keep things interesting. These are all of the Fortnite V25.11 patch note changes.

Fortnite V25.11 Patch Notes 

Explosive Repeater Rifle

Fortnite v25.11 Patch Notes - Explosive Repeater Rifle

We’re only a little bit into the season, but so far Epic has been dropping big new weapons with pretty much every patch! The latest is the Explosive Repeater Rifle, another mid-range weapon joining the recently returned MK-Alpha in Fortnite. This is a new weapon which uses some similar mechanics to what we’ve seen before but with a unique twist.

The Explosive Repeater Rifle is a marksman rifle which fires special rounds. Once a bullet impacts against an opponent or the environment, it will explode. This means it deals damage to opponents even if it doesn’t directly connect! The gun will help make the rifle more useful to every player, even if their aim isn’t entirely perfect. The gun will also help out with taking on players with great building skills, or even those hiding in a bush!

You can find the Explosive Repeater Rifle in a few spots, but it won’t be part of the general loot. It’s available in Rate Chests, Holo Chest, and you can purchase it from Nia. That’s a new Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 NPC location added in with the Fortnite V25.11 Patch Notes

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The Explosive Repeater Rifle is similar in some ways to the Heisted Explosive red dot. That was removed from the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Mythic and Exotic weapon loot pool recently. The explosive rounds here seem to be doing more damage in the general area though. So, it might prove a bit more useful than that weapon was. It’s also similar to the Boom Sniper which was always fun.

With two different marksman rifles that feature unique mechanics though, the Fortnite V2.251.0 patch notes have had to clear a few things out to make room.

Sniper Vaulted in Fortnite V25.11

Fortnite V25.11 Patch notes

To make some extra room for the Repeater Rifle, Epic has done away with the Heavy Sniper Rifle for the season! Coming after the gun got its recent buffs reversed and the introduction of the Thermal DMR, this isn’t too surprising. The whole season it’s felt like Epic was adding different items which are less powerful than the sniper to wean players off of it for a bit.

The Sniper likely won’t be gone forever. Epic will probably reintroduce it at some point. The Sniper cycling in and out is pretty normal at this point, but it’s always a shame to see it leave. Part of the reason why it’s going. might be some of the new Fortnite Augments that have been added in Fortnite V25.11, which would specifically power the gun up.

New Reality Augments in Fortnite V25.11

The new Fortnite Augments have been added in the recent patch, there’s two which specifically help you out with marksman rifles. These are Augments which power this gun up, but also other weapons that use the same ammo. These are the new additions here.

Heavy Headshots

This new Augment increases the Headshot damage for weapons that use heavy ammo! It’s a powerful Augment if you’re particularly accurate. It’ll apply to the Explosive Repeater Rifle. However, the Thermal DMR actually uses medium ammo so players won’t get the same bonus on that gun, unfortunately. This would have applied to the sniper, which might be part of why it’s been vaulted.

Heavy Ammo Acquired

fortnite V25.11 patch notes

A little more boring Reality Augment, it’s another Ammo one. This one gives you instant Heavy ammo when you select it. After that point, you’ll always receive more heavy ammo when you open up any containers, similar to previous Splash and Slurp Augments. Heavy ammo is in short supply right now so it’s nice to get a boost.

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Competitive Changes in Fortnite V25.11 Patch Notes

Along with the new additions, there’s been a few tweaks to Fortnite epsorts with the V25.11 update. Specifically, they’ve added in some of the newer weapons.

Wildguard Relik, Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets, and Relik’s MK-Alpga Assault Rifle have all been added to tournaments. Mythics in tournaments are always a bit controversial but players are going to have to adjust to addition. This might mean players have to realign their pick of Chapter 4 Season 3 landing spots to stay competitive. Although, this is a more unpredictable boss spawn than others we’ve had in the past. This means there is even more RNG behind this boss, which is going to be a bit unpopular in some areas of the competitive Fortnite community.

Other Changes in Fortnite V25.11 Patch Notes

Those are the major changes, but on top of that, we’ve seen a big bug get fixed. If you’re regularly winning games in Fortnite, you’ve likely noticed this one. Victory Crowns have not been appearing in your inventory which then stopped players from dropping them when eliminated. This has now been fixed and we’re back to having properly working crowns!

When’s the Summer Event?

Those are all of the big changes in the Fortnite V25.11 patch notes. It’s surprising to get a brand new Mythic weapon just after the last Boss and two Mythics were added. However, with the Fortnite Summer update right around corner, it’s possible this all has to be in before that hits. We’ve gotten official confirmation of when we can expect the Fortnite event to come too.

The Summer Fortnite event is always a highlight on the calendar, with last year’s No Sweat Summer having a lot of activities for players. This year’s Summer event starts up on July 4! Usually, these run for two weeks, but we’ll have to see how long Epic decides to keep it going this year.

Until the Summer event starts, this is likely our last update. Hopefully, the new items and changes to the loot pool work out well since Epic’s summer break is now fast approaching.

Fortnite V25.11 Patch Notes – New Explosive Weapons
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