Fortnite V24.30 Patch – New Mythics in Mega Update

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Fortnite V24.30 Patch – New Mythics in Mega Update

This is everything new in the Fortnite V24.30 patch, a huge update to the game.

The latest Fortnite patch has just hit the game today, with some huge updates. This is definitely the biggest update we’ve gotten so far in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. The new content is built around a brand-new crossover, more Star War. It’s not just a few returning skins this season though, this is one of our biggest crossovers to date.

The new Fortnite V24.30 patch has introduced tons of new Mythics, unique items, and even a separate Battle Pass to run alongside the event. This is much more expansive than our normal Star Wars content. It’s even bigger than what we saw in the Fortnite X Star Wars leaks recently.

The latest update is making huge changes to how everything works in-game. Some of these new items might even hit competitive in the future. It’s more akin to the huge Most Wanted update that dropped last season.

The new content features some of the most unique items we’ve seen in Fortnite. If you want to stay on top of the game, then you’ll need to know how all of the new content works. This is everything that’s been added and what you need to know about it.

Everything New in Fortnite V24.30

Find the Force in Fortnite V24.30

The new update is so big Epic’s even given it a subtitle, Find the Force. There’s quite a bit of new content with this part of the update. New items, skins you can buy, and even free Fortnite skins. These are all of the changes:

Rewards and Battle Pass in Fortnite V24.30 Patch

The event for Find the Force is going to feature a separate Battle Pass running alongside the mainline pass. This rewards tracker offers two different tiers. There’s a free tier, and a paid tier.

Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force - Free Fortnite Skin Clone Trooper

Over on the free tier, you can find a free skin. This is of a standard Clone Trooper! The rank-and-file combatants of Star Wars’ Clone Wars.

Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force - Darth Maul

On the paid side of the tier, there’s even more rewards. The big headline prize for players on this track is Darth Maul. The villain of Star Wars Episode 1 is coming to the game. When you purchase this track, you’ll also receive the Coruscant Guard outfit for the clone trooper.

Also on the rewards pass are other upgrades for your trooper outfit. There’s Wolf Pack Trooper, and Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper. Like the others these have slightly different armor.

Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force Tracker

Through the rewards tracker there’s more prizes too.  You can unlock these by completing special Find the Force quests in the Fortnite V24.30 patch.

Fortnite V24.30 Patch Star Wars Item Shop Skins

That’s how you can unlock some of those elusive free skins. As usual though, Epic has held back some of the coolest Fortnite skins for the item shop instead! Here you’ll find a few new characters.

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Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force Anakin

These include Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. The two leads of the prequel trilogy are being introduced into Fortnite, along with more outfits for the clone trooper. You can find the 501st Trooper and 212thBattalion Trooper.

Get a Free Glider in the Fortnite V24.30 Patch

The Fortnite V24.30 Patch has a few different ways to get cosmetics, but there’s another free reward in the game too. You can grab yourself a free Sith Infiltrator Glider! This is unlockable by completing 12 quests in all three separate branches of the quests.

Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force - Sith Infiltrator Glider

The quests will come online gradually between now and May 12th. A final track will be added on May17 too.

These Aren’t Exclusive Items

Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force - Trooper Variants

Those are all of the in-game cosmetics and reward you can grab with the Fortnite V24.30 update. Epic has included a caveat that it might be important to know about this time though, these rewards aren’t exclusive to this event.

In the future, they’re going to be able to sell the rewards for v-bucks in the store. For the free ones, this will likely mean it’s your only chance to grab them for free! On the paid side, it’s likely that all these cosmetics will eventually have a higher price in the store. If you want to grab all of them that you can, this is probably going to be the cheapest way of doing so.

This isn’t normally how Epic does things for quests rewards. With this being licensed content though, it’s the rights holders wanted to make more money from this than a one-time release would allow.

Free Discord Wrap

Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force

Yet another new free item in Fortnite V24.30 is the Coruscant’s Pride Wrap. You can grab this by using the Go Live function connected to Fortnite and Discord.

In-Game Star Wars Items in Fortnite V24.30

Lightsabers and Force Upgrades in v24.30

Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force - Lightsabers

The Fortnite v24.30 patch has introduced some in-game items, as well as new skins. There are quite a few new items. The first is a returning one, the lightsabers. These work the same as they have done in the past. You can grab the new lightsabers in-game and use them as a melee attack weapon or to harvest mats quicker and knock down buildings.

While you’re holding a lightsaber, you get access to a couple of Force powers immediately. These aren’t separate items. Instead, they’re an upgrade to the entire way you play. You’ll be able to use the force to sprint faster and even double jump. These powers are accessible whenever you have a lightsaber equipped.

The Double Jump especially is a fun one. That’s been kicking around the files for quite a while. Players had thought it was coming as one of the Fortnite Augments, not a Force Power. However, we might see it make a return there eventually.

The other new item added in Fortnite V24.30 are Force Powers. These are quite a few separate Mythics, each is tied to a different character in-game. These are:

Force Push

This allows you to push things and players away from you. This could irritate with those players that have insane evasion skills.

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You can pull objects and players towards you. Ironically this is going to be the Force power that works the best for pushing. Yank everyone around you up close, and use the Havoc Double Pump to take them out.


You can also use the Force to throw objects! For some reason this is where Epic is drawing the line between the dark and light sides. Moving things via a push or a pull is perfectly fine, but throw it and you’re suddenly evil.


Another new in-game item is going to be the DC-15 Blaster! Even as the lootpool is full of crazy items like the Fortnite Kinetic Blade, magic powers, and laser swords, there’s still some old-fashioned guns here too. The new weapon is the DC-15 Blaster.

Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force Blaster

You can find the Blaster in special Republic Chests. These are new rifles that have decent accuracy and work well at longer range engagement.

Other Changes in Fortnite V24.30

The Star Wars event is the bulkiest part of this update, but it’s not the only new content we’re getting. These are some of the other changes that are being introduced.

New Augments in Fortnite V24.30

  • Tracker’s Armory – Get a Flare Gun and Shadow Tracker pistol
  • Desperate Reload – Pistols will reload faster if you’re entirely out of ammo
  • Steady Hands – Marksman Rifles have reduced recoil
  • SMG Sign Off – Last three bullets in an SMG magazine deal bonus damage
  • Returning Augments – First Assault, Bush Warrior, Forecast, and Mythic Munition are back.

Fortnite V24.30 - Augments Marksman

Auto Confirm Edits

If you try and use the best Fortnite settings, there’s a change you’ll need to be aware of. The “Confirm Edit on Release” setting has been replaced with “Auto Confirm Edits”.

Mobile Changes in Fortnite V24.30

A few changes have game to the mobile version of the game. These mainly deal with touch enabled mobile players. There are new settings which should help them play a bit better by simplifying the control scheme.

Competitive Changes

The new content isn’t going to be involved in competitive right off the bat. As usual with the more fun updates, Find the Force isn’t going to be part of the competitive side of the game. The lightsabers, force abilities, and blasters won’t be arena in Fortnite V24.30

This should simply things for the FNCS and for the Fortnite Solo Cash Cups. Epic has hinted they might include some of these items in competitive once the FNCS is over though. We might get lightsabers in tournaments for the later Cash Cups this way. Usually, Epic likes to keep all the crossover content out of comp. It’s been a while since Arena had the wackier loot pool.

Hopefully if they do get added, we’ll still avoid a repeat of the lows of the Infinity Blade in competitive.

Alongside all those changes, there’s been the normal bug fixes included with the Fortnite V24.30 patch! It’s a lot to play through though. The quests alone are going to take up a lot of time. We’ve still got the ODM Gear and AoT Fortnite crossover content in the game too, so the current Chapter is going to be a bit of a fun mish-mash for a few weeks.

Fortnite V24.30 Patch – New Mythics in Mega Update
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