Fortnite Solo Cash Cups – How to Enter Fun C5 Solo Cash Cups

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Fortnite Solo Cash Cups – How to Enter Fun C5 Solo Cash Cups

This is everything you need to know about the Fortnite Solo Cash Cups running at the moment. The different rules and how to play in the Chapter 5 Solo Cash Cups.

Fortnite runs loads of tournaments in each season. Although, for a lot of players the Fortnite Victory Cash Cups are special. These are chances to play against other players and walk away with cash, all without getting involved in a massive esports ecosystem.

These are Solo events, where you can compete without having to get together with a whole team. Even the Ranked Cups push solo players into a queue to find a team, but this is a format where you can win cash totally solo.

They’re regular tournaments that anyone can enter for a cash prize. Epic has brought back the older Duo format for Cash Cups, but these Victory Cash Cups events are still a great way to complete alone.

Now there are multiple tournaments for Zero and Builds, it’s a more open format than ever. If you fancy your chances, this is one of the easiest ways to get a shot at Fortnite esports glory.

These events are still accessible to pretty much everyone playing and have cash prizes for a single day of competing. No matter what platform you’re on, you can take part. There are just a few conditions and they’re pretty much the same as the rest of Fortnite esports. This is how the Fortnite Chapter 5 Solo Cash Cups and Zero Builds Cash Cups have changed and how you can compete each week.

Fortnite Victory Cash Cups

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

Most Fortnite Seasons are divided up into a few big events. There are the FNCS, the regular Cash Cups, and the Victory Fortnite Solo Cash Cups. The Victory outings are the only solo Fortnite tournaments in Chapter 5.

These are events where players can jump into a single-day tournament. They are individual cups. Each week sees a new one held. There’s no ongoing leaderboard or commitment that you’ll need to make outside of the two rounds.

There is still a cash prize though, as the name kind of points out. The format is the same for Builds and Zero Builds Cash Cups.

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Fortnite Chapter 5 Solo Victory Cups Format

The Time Limit

The Fortnite Chapter 5 Solo Victory Cup events are limited to 2 3-hour sessions, played over a single day. There are 10 matches in each round.

If you place high every time, you likely won’t be able to fit in all 10 games. However, if you drop out early enough times, you might have time to spare while everyone else continues collecting points. Even if you land on Fortnite mod bench location and have the best kit, you’ll need to finish fast. The pace of games has slowed with the dominance of snipers, so this time limit is even more important.

The format of the Fortnite Chapter 5 Cash Cups is Solos, so you jump in on your own and nobody is on any teams. Although, that’s just for Battle Royale. The Zero Builds tournaments are Duos.

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The game is played with the tournament playlist. This means that the loot pool is different from casual play. It’s even different from the loot pool in the Fortnite Ranked Mode. Cars and clingers aren’t in these events, but more items could be excluded from the Fortnite Solo Victory Cups in the future.

A lot of players are making the case that medallions don’t belong in tournaments. However, they stuck around last season so we can probably expect them to stay for Chapter 5 Season 2 as well.

Fortnite Victory Cash Cups

Prizes and Rules for Fortnite Solo Cash Cups and Zero Build Cash Cups

The Chapter 5 Fortnite Victory Cash Cups use the same rules and point-scoring system as the rest of the tournaments. If you’re not familiar with them, though, there are some quirks to the scoring to keep in mind. The points for extra objectives are back this season too.

There’s an emphasis on placement here over kills in scoring. However, only Victory Royales will get you a cash prize. This is how it all breaks down.

  • Victory Royale – 30 Points
  • 2nd – 25
  • 3rd – 22
  • 4th – 20
  • 5th – 19
  • 6th – 17
  • 7th – 16
  • 8th – 15
  • 9th – 14
  • 10th – 13
  • 11-15th – 11
  • 16-20th – 9
  • 21-25th – 7
  • 26-30th – 5
  • 31-35th – 4
  • 36-40th – 3
  • 41-50th – 2
  • 51-75th – 1
  • Eliminations – 1 Point
  • Secure Forecast Tower – 3 Points
  • Capture Loot Island POI – 15 Points

There’s a big boost this season for capturing the loot island. This is worth keeping in mind when trying to qualify for round 2. While easy to miss right now, the island and forecast towers are actually both still in the game.

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They don’t really offer the same advantages anymore, but they’re good for getting some mid-game points without risking a fight.

Who Can Play in Chapter 5 Season 2 Solo Cash Cups?

Fortnite OG Victory Cash Cups

The rules for entering the Fortnite Victory Cash Cups are pretty simple. Fortnite is one of the most open esports. Pretty much anyone can take part. You need to have 2-factor authentication enabled on Fortnite to compete for cash, but that’s fairly standard at this point.

Players will also need to be in Gold I or higher for your region in the Solo Victory Cups. This isn’t too big of a jump though; most players are going to be there already. It’s not the lowest rank, but Bronze and Silver are very easy to climb out of.

Can You Win Cash in Fortnite Victory Cash Cups?

In the Solo Victory Cups, there are still cash prizes on offer. However, it won’t be awarded to everyone. Players actually only get cash for winning a Victory Royale in Round 2 of the tournament.

Unfortunately, only the last player standing in each of these games gets cash in the Fortnite Chapter 5 Solo Cash Cups and Duos Zero Build Cash Cups.

Zero Builds Cash Cups

Fortnite Arena Mode Points System

A new addition sticking around for both C5 seasons is Zero Builds Cash Cups! Now everyone can play in their preferred roles. Although, Zero Build is limited to Duos rather than Solos.

Otherwise, the tournament is organized the same. It has the same scoring and rules as Solo Victory Cash Cups for who gets a payout. It has got the same loot pool too, the best Fortnite weapons might differ without builds though.

When are the Fortnite Solo Victory Cups?

When can you jump in and get involved over Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1? The competitive season is taking a few weeks to gear up since we have the Christmas break. However, you can play in a few early tournaments even before we get the full schedule in the new year. This is when you can catch each of the Fortnite Victory Cash Cups and Zero Builds Duos Cash Cups.

  • 24 April
  • 1 May

While original Cash Cups are returning, these Victory Solo cash cups are still your only chance to get involved as a Solo player. There will be more added to the calendar in May too, as we get passed the Ranked Cups.

Fortnite Solo Cash Cups – How to Enter Fun C5 Solo Cash Cups
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